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  1. Looking to strip the squad down in 1st window and add some quality youth players by selling the following Mustafi, Sokratis, David Luiz (possibly), Cedric, Kolasinac, Elneny and maybe Lacazette. If you have had success selling these in the first window can you indicate who they went to, the fee etc.
  2. How much did you manage to get for Ozil ?? Had real difficulty trying to move him on ... Napoli seems to be the only team that buys him
  3. Did well selling Cedric for £20mil, did you list him or just receive a bid in and who bought him. See Ozil being an issue in this game.
  4. 34" or 43" version ?? Need to get a new computer and screen as mine is playing up
  5. Will start with playing as Arsenal, only real plan was to sell a few extra players to bring the squad size down so Ozil Sokratis Saliba can be selected for competitions. Only signing depending on ratings on there ratings could be to bring in Mario Mandzukic on a free
  6. Currently the only finances that can be effected in game are the transfer funds/wage bill slider and would like further options. Player clauses are able to be bought before financials come out to reduce the amount being taxed. Loans/debts can be paid off completely, reduce payments or reduce term length. When requesting board for improvements or extra staff and the board refuses the option to use transfer/wage funds towards it. (ie staff on 1k a week offered a year contract will take 52k from funds) Ability like Man City to buy clubs as feeder clubs. On subj
  7. It was beginning of January I believe that I got the initial reports of quality of intake … not sure if it is end of feb/march when they generate
  8. I have done every upgrade the board has allowed me to do so with both training and youth facilities state of the art. Had great centerback come through potentially Saliba level talent according to scouts and signed a similar level one from ManU. The two wingers (one each side) I had come through potentially could be Saka/Nelson levels. Early report is an excellent intake this year but only at end of January so will have to let you know what I get comes out. (Promising fullback, promising centerback, attacking midfielder to keep an eye on and very handy winger)
  9. I lucked out in my current game by managing to sell Mesut Ozil to Manu in the first season for £47.5mil with no wage contribution with selling Mustafi to Brighton so was able to bring in a number of top players over 3-4 year payments from the start. By selling them I was able to bring in Ruben Dias, Florentino, Verschaeren, Haaland in as first teamers with Pellegri, Gravenberch, Bellingham, Camavinga, Marco Kana, Kenneh, Vazquez, Hickey, Kotchap, Armini and Gasparini into u23. For 500k/month loan deals Mavropanos went to Derby and Gouiri went to West Brom. January window brough
  10. My profile is set up with high determination that helps with arguing with the board for upgrades and feeder clubs. In 1st season (started Brazil date in May) and have gained 4 feeder clubs to date in Feb. QPR in championship with 1st option and loan deal, added scouting knowledge. Sunderland in Division1 1st option and loan deal, added scouting knowledge. Vallecano second division in spain but going to get promoted. Great for loaning some of my non eu players as 2 years to get nationality. Frontale in Japan to boost merch and scouting knowledge. Colarado is good
  11. Nice pull, interesting to see what you get when the players turn up. Had similar youth intake preview with terrific group of golden generation coming through. Had a lot of fullbacks coming through with promising CB, very handy winger … could be great but really wanted a goalie.
  12. Did loan John-Jules to Hull for £200k/month and Balogun to Vancouver for 100k/month. Have forgotten but does the loan fees get added to wages or to transfer funds ??
  13. Continued my save last night and bought in a couple more players leaving my transfer budget down to £10mil. Have commited spending of £60m for 2020 and 2021 and £37.5m for 2022 so going to need to sell players end of season. Good start to season with 2-1 away win at Aston Villa and 2-1 comeback at home to Liverpool although my Defence is looking ropey to long through balls
  14. I don't think Hurtado for £18m is worth it, would rather stick with Nketiah. Try unsettling a few of these ..
  15. Once Rennes accepted the offer it took several attempts before he accepted. Did make interest public which was a risk and think I ask Guendouzi to back the move
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