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  1. Top 5 sales seem unrealistic unless you are spreading the fees out over several years.
  2. The way half the players have performed this season I would have got rid of more !! I buy some players to loan straight out to make money (Marin, Morilla, Soucek) Others are to replace and improve the first team like eg Tierney for Monreal. Finally I pad the u23 u18 youth teams with talented English players
  3. Ozil is next to impossible to sell due to high wages and imagine his demands don't drop even when on a free. Mkhitaryan sells normally to PSG or Inter Milan
  4. John-Jules in in first team as backup, regular in u23s and been doing well for me. In 3rd season and have loaned him to Blackburn in Championship where he is a key player. Saka played well in reserves but never progressed, left on free. Balogun switched nationality to become American, he didn't have a future so sent him on free to Colarado. Amaechi went on loan him for 2 seasons to Porto. They paid his wage for 2 seasons with 50k per month, added optional fee for £10mil which they picked up. Fleeced them
  5. Had managers complain about not giving their players enough playing time before but never had it turn into a "bad relationship" as a result of it. Will load up my game and have a look if there are any relationship changes with other managers.
  6. I'm just about to start my 3rd season and have overhauled the squad a great deal. Ozil is my starting Mezzala and playing very well its just he is getting to the point he will start to decline, is earning a stackload and is a "bad influence" in my training. Have sold a number players with Leno (constant moaning) Sokratis Mkhitaryan Xhaka but was gutting losing Pavon to Real. Did sign Pickford Lafont Upamacano and Bailey as replacements. Current 1st team Pickford Lafont Tierney Vagnonman Upamecano Holding De ligt Mustafi Mavropanos Bellerin Ravenbaek (high regen) Torreira Tonali Ozil Maitland Willock Milinkovic-Savic Ramsey Guendouzi Smith Rowe Iwobi Marin Bailey Nelson Aubameyang Lacazette Moise Kean Nketiah Arp Have signed around 10 regen wonderkids each year to date so u23 and u18s are currently loaded with talent. Will probably be selling Mustafi and Ozil if teams come in for them with decent offers as out of contract end of this season and they want too much to renew. Finding a top midfielder to replace Ozil is proving hard with many having already changed clubs, Asensio Arthur Paqueta are preferred choices. Have a healthy overall balance of £552mil, transfer funds of £252mil and 800k in wage bill remaining although I will need to offer a number of players new improved deals. More of a luxury then needed but have had offer on £43mil for Sancho accepted.
  7. When doing big transfers I do save the game and have a couple of attempts to gauge what the players are after wage wise, signing fees and bonuses wanted etc. I tend to lock out bonuses for appearances clean sheets goals and remove wage rise clause. Also where agents are greedy you can remove the signing on fee to player and add less to agents fee for same deal. Signed Lafont summer of 3rd season for £11.5mil after upsetting him. 80k per week rising to 100k after 30 games with no bonusses … trying to check but payed 3-4mil to agent only
  8. Towards end of second season and have just signed Bailey for £32.5mil after managing to upset him. Perfect replacement for Pavon who is going to Real Madrid for £98mil. (picked Pavon up for £10.25mil) Your transfer fees do seem very low to me but looks like your on the beta/old version as you managed to sign Paqueta.
  9. Guess it will come down to Ozil as a bad influence then with determination of 8, everyone else has rating of 12 or above
  10. My Players are improving at a good rate but have noticed their Determination is dropping in a number of players and trying to get to the bottom of this. I questioned my Assistant managers training but ratings are going up well, just determination dropping. Looked at mentor groups to see if any negative personalities but all are balanced or better. Any suggestions or help welcomed
  11. I play the same formation but cannot tell which roles/instructions you have set (only speak English) GK I currently have Leno as sweeper keeper but he is constantly moaning about a new contract so he is being replaced by Pickford. LB/RB are set as wingbacks on auto, I trust them to pick and choose when to go forward. CBS I use ball playing defenders with one on defend and other on cover (I find it reduces getting caught out by through balls). DM as deep playing on defend. CM one as advance playmaker or deep playing support, other Mezzala on attack. LW/RW one is a winger and other an inside forward with both on attack. Striker is set to advance forward attack.
  12. season 1 Aubameyang scored 50 goals, Lacazette got 26 with both playing 40 games each. season 2 Aubameyang scored 43 goals in 29 games, Lacazette 12 goals in 26 games. (just in march 2020) Arp with 7 in 12 games. Selling several of my team at end of year with Mbappe, Sancho, Arthur and Upamecano my main targets. Have several youth/regen players who will be pushing for starting spots next season.
  13. Aubameyang scores a goal a game for me, Lacazette one in three. Will probably sell them both at end of season and go for Mbappe with Nketiah Arp and Kean subbing in. I didn't want to sell Pavon but talked Real Madrid upto £98mil upfront but locked it until end of season
  14. That's correct can buy/sell players early once they have signed a pre contract with someone. In the case of Chiellini and Litchsteiner their stats were dropping fast, were on £130k and £75k per week respectively and didn't want to transfer list them as both leaders. To sell them on for a small transfer fee and remove their wages for me was a win win. For players I don't want to sell I lock transfer until end of season, doesn't seem to affect the fees I receive
  15. The offer looks locked but I would have delayed it until next window or end of season.
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