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  1. I'm using the grid system 41113.. I have the players for the 3 positions up front: van persie, walcott, podolski, gervinho, giroud, chamakh, bendtner. What would be my SCR, SC, SCL?????
  2. Send me 2 please i will give u feedback..
  3. Decent ? Okay not many ccc's but its a stronger team, they have only 3 shots. Looking forward
  4. But some good results? Is it worth waiting????:o
  5. How is it going mr hough? Some screens maybe?
  6. 1-0 with 7 ccc's is good enough for me .......
  7. Just woke up with a thought the tactic will be out right now
  8. With a media prediction of 24th and you win the league...? I Sayyy release itt
  9. nice tactic ! But why are my players so tired after a match? Below 65%!!!! Their stamina is ok...
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