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    Huge Liverpool fan! Season ticket holder, attend home and away games! Studying Accountancy and Finance at Liverpool John Moores University, part time football manager ;)

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  1. Beta in UK to Official Release in SA

    Anyone know where I can still pre-order in order to get tomorrow's beta?
  2. You got a link for this tactic, cant seem to find it on fm base
  3. In-Game Editor

    I am trying to purchase the in-game editor however when i press checkout, it says in the bottom right corner I need to allow universal access in system preferences. Does this mean system pref in steam, fm or on my macbook?
  4. FM14 Data Editor Tool

    Very good point that Just find it so hard to get into during the transfer window, find it so frustrating
  5. FM14 Data Editor Tool

    I'm sure SI could create such a tool that works well
  6. One suggestion for FM 2014 I have is to make the data editor tool an in game one, so you dont have to start a new game each time you change something in the editor. During the January transfer window and the summer window (whilst waiting for the release of the new game) I find it so hard to get into a game because transfers are constantly happening. By having an in game editor it would allow us to update the game and then being able to continue with the save game
  7. what you on about "it could be youve not got the new version" ... im writing in this thread because ive got the update you muppet, if i didnt have the latest version why would i write in here
  8. still too many goals too, just played against norwich, a game i should be winning the final score was 6-5
  9. players just dont tackle on this game whether standing tackle or slide tackle theres just no attempt from defenders or defensive midfielders
  10. Match engine still unplayable, arguably worse! Goals still coming from crosses, players not listening to tacticss/ instructions, more errors including players standing still and then just getting tackled! Other than the match engine, i love the game, just unplayable until all bugs are fixed or the fm12 match engine is implemented in the game
  11. screenshot of sale of downing for 20m please cus i dont believe ya
  12. superb! lets just hope its sooner rather than later! COME ON SI
  13. ye i have done that and now its in my library on steam, but has it been confirmed that we will have access to the beta version even though we didn't purchase through steam? i may be being stupid lol
  14. just received my code from GreenMan Gaming, but has it been confirmed that these will be releasing the beta version or is it just if you purchased through steam???