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  1. That is like me then . In this season they improved my training facilities and youth. Also gave me 230 million transfer money. I dont know who to buy now, I gave 80 mill for Pogba but they keep rejecting
  2. Hahaha you were not so lucky like me then
  3. Hi, In my Newcastle game there was a board takeover in the third season. I first got 58 million so I spend it all. Then I asked more and they gave me another 55 million. After 2 weeks they said the club was doing very good financially and increased the 55 million to 85 million. Did I get lucky here or does this happen a lot on FM2014 to other people?
  4. So your tactic works fine? I noticed if my attacking wingers mark tighter that the defence is better. So you suggest I play narrow with fast tempo and look for the overlap?
  5. Only Kakuta has the ppm shoot from distance. So you think I should change the control or the push higher up?
  6. Mostly in space with a trough ball thats why its so frustrating. I dont have any inmatch videos. If you can tell me witch team instructions I can change for a better preformance I can try it.
  7. Mostly my inside forwards as they get the most chances in a game. And with the striker it happens also but not that much. Could you tell what I can try to change?
  8. Hi, So I created this tactic after reading some things online and after downloading some tactics from other users. I like how I dominate games with possession and chances but the problem is that my players miss to much chances infront of the goal. I have to many games like you see in screenshot 3. The players get to a trough ball and mostly shoot into the side netting or at the keeper. A lot of people tell me that it is the tactics. So now I ask someone to help me improve this tactic so my team makes chances that they finish. The 2 first screenshots is my team and tactic and you can see the team instructions. For player instructions I did not change a lot because the player roles already have instructions in them. See the player instruction screens. I hope that someone can see why the tactic is not fully working and can help me with it. Tactic and team instructions example game Player instructions
  9. Ok, I will try to put something up tonight. Hope to see you there for help.
  10. Ok, I want to understand and I want to make it work. So why dont you explain what I have to do to fix this. Then I will try it and if it works I will come back here and congrat you.
  11. Yes they do. Thats why I observed for 15 games and ik keeps happening. Every game I am the better team and almost every time they snatch a draw or win by only 1 or 2 chances.
  12. Why dont you tell me what it is then genius! Everything is good. Wel played out chances, more ball possession and the moral is good. And still they shoot in the side netting and at the keeper. Even the players with good composure and finishing.
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