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  1. I went through a similar process, it seemed the more I tried the less I knew. The problem is, unless you can watch the match and figure out what's going on (I can't) it's very hard to know what effect a change had. I have found a measure of success by using the instant result feature repeatedly, making a small tweak then re-running the match a few times. Eg result gives lots of possession but no shots on goal? Try switching a DLP to a CM, repeat. If I am repeatedly getting a particular result but no idea why, I can try to watch the full match. This is where looking for things like players with no passing options comes in. A similar approach might be to rush through a bunch of games in a row, like half a season, then do some analysis and make some tweaks. But I am a long way from having the understanding of the game engine and the player roles to be able to specifically counter my opponent, and I have had a lot more success since I moved away from trying. In summary, my advice - get lots of data, think about what could be going wrong, then iterate small tweaks to try to fix it.
  2. I also would be interested in general principles for how to play defensively when you are completely outclassed. Ie a review of team comparison has you 21st-24th in all stats. Eg formation to use, I guess more in defense / mid, only 1 up front? Style to use, perhaps Defensive? Direct or short passing? Train attacking set pieces?
  3. Hi all Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but it is a feedback thread :-) I played a bunch of CM & FM, from 97-98 through to 2007. Then I gave up because too many clicks had to be spent on things which to me were 'unfun' (press conferences, etc). I was sucked into trying again this year by FM classic. However I didn't realise there is a *MINIMUM* of 3 leagues selected, which runs too slow on my machine. So I had to play the full sim, press conferences and all. I picked a Blue Square South team, intending to level my way up as per previous versions of the game. However after 72 hours played (according to Steam), I have NFI what I am doing. I got relegated with my first team - they were not great, but better than last. place. I picked a new team, and am last again despite having players better than this. I have tried following the assistant's advice. I have tried constructing tactics based on my team's strengths, and based on advice on the tactics forum. I have tried changing my tactics every match based on the opposition. I have tried watching full matches. No matter what I do with tactics & team talks, my team under-performs their talent level. Perhaps the problem is that I haven't played enough FM in the last few years, so I don't properly understand the impact selecting Man or Zonal marking will have, or the difference between CM-defend and BWM-defend. Perhaps the problem is that being in Australia and not having pay TV, I don't get to watch enough football to understand the game well enough. Perhaps I am just too old, too stupid, or have some other intellectual defect. Regardless of the reason, this game is too hard for me, and I quit. :-(
  4. Through random stuffing around it seems like the Clear Ball To Flanks shout encourages my defensive players to hoof the ball long, but I don't know how to make my forwards get in position to receive the ball.
  5. My wish is that 20 percent of your effort should drive towards the imperative: "Perfection is achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." For example, get a bunch of people and watch them play FM. See what works for them, what they overlook. Compare the difference between (a) previous FM version experts, (b) football experts but new to FM, © little knowledge of either, etc. Actually watch over their shoulder, see what they click, etc. I say this because I feel there is a lot of assumed knowledge in playing FM13, far more so than the last version I played FM07. I have never been relegated in an FM before! I feel like it should be possible to muddle along in mediocrity even when you don't know what you're doing, eg by following the assistant's advice, in a way which seems fun. Then all of the awesome cool complexity you have created (tactical depth, match analysis, etc) can be revealed to the player when they choose - when they feel they understand the game well enough that it can help them. For example in Starcraft 2, a good player will not only click on his units to control them, they will also sometimes click on his opponent's units to see what upgrades they have. But when playtesting with newbies, this just made them confused about which were their units vs their opponents. So for the new version (HOTS), they will have this switched off by default (the player can only click on their own units), but with a gameplay option to turn it on which advanced players can use. As a feature request, I think it's a bit silly that you say we should use the tactic creator and shouts to build our tactics, but we can't save the shout as part of the tactic. It would be good if we could do this. Actually I thought I could, until halfway through the season I realised I was just saving a list of pre-prepared shout groups for use in the match, and they weren't included in my tactic unless I selected them each match. This goes back to my first point ;-)
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