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  1. what do you mean they dont need too?just give me a clue or a reason for them not being in game then ill be happy and wont ask about it again.What is the issue?
  2. i like to have all the players as per the real team and then make my own decisions from that point but as it stands at the moment my opening squad will be short of 2 players unless i edit them in i wish they would explain why they wont include these type of loans surely it takes away the realism if it doesnt reflect the real team
  3. its a pain when it doesnt reflect the actual team and you have to mess arround editing players in
  4. Will short term loans be included in the database this year as my club Bham City signed 2 yesterday in the window but only till January will these players be included in the starting team at BHAM as in real life they are playing for the club so surely should be reflected in game.This has been an issue on previous versions but more clubs seem to be doing it now so will it be in game?
  5. just wondered if any date known yet as want to start a new save but will prob wait for patch if it due soon.thanks
  6. this wasnt in previous versions as ive allways been able to spend big wages on 1 player on all other versions or am i wrong
  7. on fm2015 it seems you cannot pay big wages for a star player you really want regardless of how much wage budget you have left.Playing as bham city managed to get wage budget increased and had almost 20k spare in wage budget but only able to offer player maximum of about 9or 10k why is this as i have the funds to do it is this a new thing this year to stop us getting a player in on much higher wages than the rest of the team.My highest earner in my current team is on about 6k please advise(hoping there is a way round this).thanks.
  8. I have played the beta version prior to todays release and today i got the boxed copy from shop and downloaded it but it still syas its the beat version after its downloaded and at no stage did it ask me for the steam activation code why does it still say its the beta i thought it would be the latest version on the boxed disk copy please advise
  9. Have been playing beta but when looking at taem reports it seems you can no longer compare your team against the next opposition by positional strengths with the bar chart comparison screen as in fm2014 i posted this earlier but it got moved and i never had a reply apologies for posting agian but would really like an answer has this feature been removed or is it there and i cant find it
  10. Been playing the beta but b4 games i normally look at the team comparison between my team and the opposition(fm2014) where it rates positions against the other team in the form of a bar graph type comparison page this doesnt seem to be there on fm2015 when you go to team comparison it only shows the oppositions stats and where they rank in the league am i missing something or is this feature no longer in the game.Thanks
  11. at present i load about 50000 players into the game and although computer performance is good game speed is only 2 stars can anyone recommend a pc that will allow everything to be loaded but still remain at a decent speed would a gaming pc be a good option if so which ones
  12. How do you manage at this level i would love to have a go but didnt think you could manage below skrill north./south please advise.Thanks
  13. is this possible as when you view squad in game players are not real scarborough athletic players might be a dumb question but if this is possible can somebody help and let me know how to do it thanks
  14. is it possible to play as teams from way down in the non league structure or is it only possible to play only down to blue square north and south level.Would really like to start a long term save way down the non league structure is this possible and if so how do i do it?.Please advise thanks.
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