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    Name's Siepe, I'm a fun-loving guy in his mid twenties and I'm from Holland. Been playing FM since 2001/2002 and am in love with the game (sorry hun, you come in second). Try to play as much as possible in between work, study and familiy life, so challenges tend to take some time to complete :-)

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    Bloke in his mid twenties who tries to game whilst also earning some money... Hard ain't it ;-)


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    Gaming, reading, soccer, speed cycling

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  1. I had this in Brazil as well, flagged it in the forum as a bug. It's an existing rule, but it's not mentioned in FM anywhere (Rules screen, Transfer Offer, Contract Offer)...
  2. So, my last update goes back to the 5th of December... Just couldn't find the time to write things up, but haven't been sitting still. So, here goes: Season 8 (2027/2028), Season 9 (2028/2029) & Season 9 1/2 (2029) My last update saw me at Napoli and Holland in the summer of 2027. I got two offers for a club change, one from Liverpool and one from Bayern Munchen. I picked Bayern, because who wouldn't want a Transfer Budget of 500 million? My Transfer Summer was pretty... insane: That's north of 600 million worth of players... Never ever did this before, it's compl
  3. Thanks for the link, happy with online translators once again since my Portuguese is non existent . Agree with you that it should be mentioned on the Rules page at the very least. I would mention it on the both the Transfer- and the Contract Offer-page as well, just like my Copa Libertadores restriction... basically I can't use this player now at all... glad I have a save game a few days back. --- So basically this means Brazilian clubs can be stripped of their best players by European clubs during the entire month of August, without being able to replace the player properly due
  4. First time managing in Brazil, so not sure if this is a bug, or if it is just very poorly flagged in-game. Playing with Corinthians, just bought a player from Athletico Paranaense on the 24th of August. I can register the player for the Serie A no problem, but even after registering the player he has a "Ine"-icon. The pop-up says: "Ineligible for team due to having played 7 or more matches for another team in this competition". I've checked the Rules-page: no mention. I checked the offer-page (for another player who played more than 7 matches for another team): no mention (only for t
  5. I'm in 2028 at the moment and have noticed that Zidane is still in control at Real Madrid. Which wouldn't be so weird, if he had won anything in the last 8 years.... 2 Copa del Rey's and 2 Supercopa de Espana's... I think you'll agree with me that he would have been fired 20 times over in the last 8 years after failing achieving at least a Championship or a Champions League Win. He finished 2/3/4/2/2/3/4 in the League, is currently 5th and just got thrashed 8-1 (!!!) by Man Utd in the Champions League... This should have been enough to get him fired, or at least got his position to 'Insecure'
  6. Season 7 (2026/2027) My first full season in charge of Napoli. After finishing 6th in my first season, I was aiming for Champions League qualification, meaning a top 4 finish. I broke the club transfer record bringing in a 19-year old wonderkid very offensive right back for 58 million. We started of great, topping the league after 10 matches with a 5 point lead on Juventus. However, Juventus then went on a winning streak, not dropping a point between the 1st of December and the 10th of April... I managed to keep up, dropping 'only' 12 points, which meant I trailed them 7 points when
  7. Season 6 (2025/2026) So, my second season in charge of Crystal Palace. Didn't really want to stay, because I think the club just doesn't have the 'overall build' to enable winning the Premier League anytime soon (as compared to let's say Everton or Tottenham). But, since I got a few interviews and no takers, I decided to give it a go. Spent my entire transfer fund strengthening my defense, buying a new DC, DL and DR for a grand total of 60 million. Managed to hold on to all my key players of the previous season, so was actually pretty pleased at the start of the season. Didn't h
  8. Season 5 (2024/2025) So, my first full season in charge of Crystal Palace. I used my transfer window well, bringing in no less than 9 players featuring in my First Team over the next season. During the pre-season, I won all my friendly matches, including matches against AS Monaco, Villarreal and Schalke 04, so I was quietly optimistic about my chances of steering clear of the relegation battle. I told my team (and the board as well) the I would try to save us from relegation, and everyone was content, so I could play without the pressure. The first 10 matches saw me win 5 and lo
  9. Whoa... Congrats mate! Hoping to emulate that one day myself... Enjoy the feeling!
  10. Thanks for that mate - it was a ridiculous win really, don't think I've ever been this happy with a FM-win in my life - and I've been playing this beauty since 02/03 . Congrats on checking off the Domestic side of the challenge - surely, South Africa should be able to win the ACON? Good luck!
  11. Congrats on your first trophy (well, the first one that counts for the challenge at least)! Difficult choice, staying for the cup or leaving - what's your reputation like? Would you be able to attract some nice teams?
  12. Funny that you state about the tactics you show half-way "We normally played a less aggressive formation, this was just chasing the game late". I can tell you: exactly that formation is my base formation I've used so far on every team - yes, even with Venezuela, although admittedly I changed to a 4-1-2-2-1 (changing a ST for a DM) after the group stage, which is the formation I use when I think I'm really going to be outclassed. Congrats on the new job in China, those budgets are looking mighty fine - hopefully you'll be able to pick up a league or a cup!
  13. Thanks, completely amazing indeed - one of my most surprising wins ever in FM. Regarding Palace: difficult... I'm not expecting them to pull any strings really, definitely don't think they will be ready for a Premier League challenge anywhere in the coming 3-5 years at least. If one of the top 5/6/7 teams would become available, I would be tempted to apply for sure - not sure they'd take me, but I just got my Continental C License, so who knows...
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