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    Name's Siepe, I'm a fun-loving guy in his mid twenties and I'm from Holland. Been playing FM since 2001/2002 and am in love with the game (sorry hun, you come in second). Try to play as much as possible in between work, study and familiy life, so challenges tend to take some time to complete :-)

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    Bloke in his mid twenties who tries to game whilst also earning some money... Hard ain't it ;-)


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    Gaming, reading, soccer, speed cycling

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  1. Well, my pc can barelu run the 3d, so sometimes text is all I have. Wouldnt be able to play without it.
  2. Have now just started my 19/20 season and I have something similar. All through 18/19 season the concerns were there about the 'lack of depth in the midfield area', but due to my awesome performance (finished 1st with Leeds in Sky Bet with 15 points on the nr. 2) it never really developed. Then, all of a sudden at the start of pre-season 19/20, the squad says they are not happy with the treatment of my team leader/captain Cooper. First of all, I never even talked to him about the concern, so I have no idea what 'treatment' is the problem. I start the talk and they tell me they 'share his concerns about the lack of depth in the defense area'. This is wrong, if anything they should share his 'midfield' concern... Anyways, lucky enough to finish the chat on a good note by telling them I want the 'youngsters to develop'. Surprise surprise however: back on the squad-screen, they still are all 'Spt' team-mate and in Happiness (Dynamics) I can see they are still not happy at all about this... I'll can upload my save game when I'm back home tonight if you guys still need it, let me know. Like Santimor says: this really is a game changing bug, because if my results fall short in my first few weeks in the Premier League or if I decide to sell on of my leaders, I might get into trouble because I'm already one down to begin with...
  3. Same issue here with Leeds United, Depth in Midfield stated as positive in my Team Report and still almost every single players has a pre-concern or a concern regarding the Depth in Midfield.
  4. Agreed, if I move from a League One Club to a Serie A Club I would have no use for the reports from the scouts from said League One Club. But what if I moved from say Man City to Barcelona and I used a scout at City to find under-20 talents - would love to have those reports... Has to be said though, regardless of which of the two it is, I think it's a brilliant add-on and improves on one of the main things I think the Scouting-system lacked. Instead of starting over at every new club (and wasting a big part of the 1st transfer window if you arrive in one) you can now dive straight in.
  5. Was wondering about the scout reports - would they be of the players you scouted whilst at your previous club, or would it be the scout reports made by the scouts at the club at which you've just arrived?
  6. Hey @MatthewT, thanks for the quick response. Good to know I'm not seeing things that aren't there . Glad to hear the last part about the AI swapping the fees is a bug, because it was almost impossible to sign a player in my previous transfer window due to that without having to spend my entire budget. I agree it's more challenging and more 'real-life' as well, gonna make things more interesting for sure!
  7. I'm not sure if this is a bug, if it's intentional or if I'm just imagining things. It appears to me that clubs want more money up front and will accept less money through monthly installments. And, unless I'm mistaking, this wasn't the case when I started my career (immediately when FM18 Beta came out). Could this have something to do with a change in one of the new patches? For example: if a player is listed for 20 million, in previous version of the game (and I think also in the beginning of the game this year) I could offer 5 M up front and 15 M through monthly installments and they would usually accept. Now however a club won't accept much less than 15 M up front and 5 M in monthly installments. This is really frustrating for two reasons: I can buy players less easily when with a club on a smaller budget and I can't spread transfer costs to help me pass FFP-regulations. Anyone any thoughts on this / noticed this as well?
  8. Stevenage So, my first season in control of Stevenage started when the season was already half over. We were in 18th place when I took over, with already 26 of the 46 matches played. The gap however to mid-table was only a small one, so I knew I had a chance of at least achieving my goals. Tactial decisions: The season: The Play-offs (if applicable): Keys to the season: Progress UFMC:
  9. Short update: it's Stevenage for me ?. Took over on January 20th 2017, so still have 10 days to get some much needed loans! Currently in 18th place and expectations are mid-table, so I'm up for a challenge!
  10. Really depends on your team, my Ajax side only had one negative en only positives...
  11. Well, I'll be restarting as well, might as well since I just got started in FM16 (managed to win Germany with Hoffenheim since my last update, no more progress after that). Loaded same leagues as in FM16, curious to see what job I'll land this time around, I'll keep you guya posted. @vikeologist: Lahti is not bad at all, birth place of the magician Jari Litmanen ?! Good luck there!
  12. RCD Espanyol (2021/2022) After playing some very decent friendlies, I was quite confident I could make this team work for an entire season. Oh how wrong was I. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but nothing went according to plan from the very first game. We started against some of the tougher opponents, which didn’t work well for my squad’s motivation, and never quite picked up the pace after that in the league. After 11 games, I found myself just two places above the relegation zone, so I knew that there were no prizes to be gained there. The Europa League did work out well, topping my group after 4 of 6 games. I decided to focus on the EL and the Spanish Cup, hoping to get at least one prize. After losing my first Spanish Cup match again Gimnastic, however, I started looking around at job openings a bit. My intention was to wait until after the World Cup (as suggested by some, since jobs always open up after that), but 3 weeks before the start of the winter transfer period came an opening I couldn’t refuse… Hoffenheim (2021/2022) Somehow, the manager of Hoffenheim managed to get the squad just above the relegation zone almost midway season. After looking at the squad (Milik, Rolan, Arias, to name a few) and looking at the finances (Rich!), it was a no-brainer for me. I accepted and got thrown straight into battle: only 3 days after my appointment we played Stuttgart in the Quarter Finals of the German Cup. I decided to take a risk and immediately implement my own strategy which I thought suited the team best (a 5-3-2, with 2 real wing backs and 1 attacking midfielder). My luck was the team was already used to playing with wing backs, so they were at least a little familiar, which showed on the pitch as well. We beat Stuttgart 3-2 after a real thriller. The winter period gave me a little time to improve the squad. My focus would be on getting 2 good central defender for my back 3 (only Schär was near the quality I demanded) and a good midfielder (either all-round or very attacking). I managed to buy Jóse Giménez for only a fraction of his value and snapped up a young Brazilian regen. For my midfield position, I ended up splashing some cash on Youri Tielemans. Still playing at Anderlecht at that point, I was quite surprised honestly, because I know the lad has great quality. After these 3, I decided on something I rarely do: I bought a young goalkeeper, with almost the same quality as my oldie Baumann already, and rotated them throughout the remainder of the season, thus giving the young goalie time go get used to my playing style. Well, we started with only 16 points from the first 17 matches and ended the season with 50 points in 7th position. Bayern won the title with 72 points, which would have placed me only 4 points behind them if the 1st half would have been as good as the second. I’m very curious to see where the first full season will bring me… Oh yeah, did I mention we won the German Cup? (PARTY!) When I saw who the semi-finalists were, I noticed we were favorites by far to win this thing, with only Köln representing the Bundesliga. I ended up facing them in the final, which we won quite easily (3-0), thus adding another prize to my cabinet! Portugal (2022 World Cup) Somehow, even after winning the EC, CC and being 1st in the FIFA Rankings, the media predicted ‘a very difficult tournament’ for us, which we should really not expect anything from. Well, time to prove them wrong J. The group was pretty straightforward (Mexico, Japan and Morocco), which only saw me lose against Japan, sending out a B-team which still should have thrashed them, but which did see us finishing 2nd in the group (behind Japan). No hard feelings there though, since they faced England, whilst I got Sweden, who incredibly topped that group. We beat them 2-0 in a decent match, which saw me facing my old team Nigeria in the quarter finals. They had to cope without the suspended key player Musa, which made my job a lot easier. I took a little risk by sending out half of the B-team, but we scraped it 1-0 into the semifinals. There my home country Holland awaited. My heart was torn, but they hád to fall. They proved quite the test, with a score of 1-1 after ninety minutes bringing on the extra time. There, Ivan Cavailero turned himself into my savior, netting two goals on 5 minutes, creating a lead which we managed to hold on to the end. In the final, the amazing Germany awaited. Their squad was massive, with players like Muller, Goretzka and Ter Stegen, so it was a fitting opponent for the final. We started strong, with Zé Gomes netting the 1-0 in the 15th minute, only to be followed by an equalizer in the 22nd minute by Muller. The remainder of the 90 minutes both sides created chances, but neither managed to score. Extra time gave no winner either, so it was on to the dreaded penalties. Well, we all know that Germans always win anyway, so I was not to optimistic. My mood changed after Rui Patricio managed to stop Goretzka’s penalty, giving us the 2-1 lead. Both sides scored twice, bringing the score up to 4-3 and putting the pressure on my 5th penalty taker. Lucky for me, Cavailero was my 5th, and he had been on fire the entire tournament. He scored, I went mad, my wife looked at me in disbelief… We had won the World Cup!!! Club Level Season Team Competition Position Cup Notes and Achievements 2015/2016 - - - - - 2016/2017 Bury F.C. League One (ENG) 16th - Took over when 24th in Dec. 2016 2017/2018 West Brom Championship (ENG) 1st 2nd round League Champions, promotion to Premier League! 2018/2019 West Brom Premier League (ENG) - 3rd round Quit after 13 games with only 7 points - disappointing! 2019/2020 - - - - Job search - more difficult than I thought! 2020/2021 RCD Espanyol Liga BBVA (ESP) 5th 2nd round Qualified for Europa League, great season, money's tight though! 2021/2022 RCD Espanyol Liga BBVA (ESP) - 1st round Quit for Hoffenheim early december after a really bad first half... 2021/2022 Hoffenheim Bundesliga (GER) 7th 1st (!) Finsihed 7th after an amazing second half, German Cup Winners!! International Season Team Competition Position Notes and Achievements 2015/2016 Argentina U23 Olympics 2016 1st Quit after winning Olympics 2017/2018 Nigeria World Cup 2018 1st round Failed miserably in the 1st round, quit to join Portugal 2018/2019 Portugal European League 2019 1st Won this one, started qualifying for the EC 2020 2019/2020 Portugal Europ. Champ. 2020 1st Won it! My first prize after beating England in the final! 2020/2021 Portugal Confed. Cup 1st Won it! Incredible performance against Italy in the final (3-0)! 2021/2022 Porugal World Cup 1st Won it! No-one stops Portugal, not even Germany (1-1 ; 5-3 after penalties)! Challenge Progress: Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 1/10 domestic cups (GER – Hoffenheim) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 1/5 continental tournaments (EC 2020-Portugal) 2/2 world tournaments (Confed. Cup 2021-Portugal / World Cup 2022-Portugal)
  13. @numero uno gunner: what you say about Espanyol sound about right: decent squad, no depth. Any injuries to key players and I'm gone. I'm 12 matches in season atm, really strugling to find the net. Have won 1, lost 5 and drawn 6. Barely conceding goals, so defense is great, but offense is crazy... Tons of chances, no goals, every match the same story... I'm gonna change tactics tonight, play much quicker & direct football instead of my patient possession game, let's see if that helps... I'm indeed hoping for a nice club after the WC, am currently at 65% reputation already, so a good showing should see me get a good club. Your idea of a summary once you've finished sounds like fun, I would read it for sure!
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