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    Name's Siepe, I'm a fun-loving guy in his mid twenties and I'm from Holland. Been playing FM since 2001/2002 and am in love with the game (sorry hun, you come in second). Try to play as much as possible in between work, study and familiy life, so challenges tend to take some time to complete :-)

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    Bloke in his mid twenties who tries to game whilst also earning some money... Hard ain't it ;-)


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    Gaming, reading, soccer, speed cycling

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  1. Perez has insane quality - he scored 27 and gave 8 assists in 37 apps in that season, he struggled (like my entire team) in my 5-3-2 formation, but as soon as I changed to my 4-1-3-2 he started firing them in match after match. I was very interested to see how much he could score in a full season with an even better squad... sadly - spoiler alert - Atletico Madrid decided it was a no-brainer to active his 21.5 million release clause, leaving me with a pile of money, but without my best striker... Very curious to see how his replacement will fare, and very excited for the European Conference Le
  2. Stefano - Casale Foot Ball Club - 2024/2025 (Season 4) - Serie A After winning back-to-back promotions, I knew I really needed to bolster my squad this time to have a shot of staying up. However, even though the financial projection was fine, my board gave me only a very small transfer budget, meaning I had to delve into the free transfer market once again. Lucky for me, I've become quite decent at that throughout my many years of playing FM. I had already secured signatures of three players at the start of the transfer season, of whom Croatian DM Dira was the finest signing. But th
  3. Stefano - Casale Foot Ball Club - 2023/2024 (Season 3) - Serie B My first season in the Serie B promised to be a very special one. But, I'm getting ahead of the story - back to the summer of 2023. We managed to win the Serie C and get back up to the Serie B, and I knew I had to strengthen my squad if I wanted to stay up. Problem was, I only had a balance of 230k to work with. Lucky for me, Crotone decided to bid on one of my talents - Mutti - and whilst they started bidding at his face value of 25k, I managed to get a deal worth 675k (+30% profit clause). I didn't want to sell him,
  4. Stefano - Casale Foot Ball Club - 2022/2023 (Season 2) - Serie C/A After a very promising first season in charge of the Nerostellati (in which we finished 6th and reached the QF of the play-offs), I felt that I would only have a shot at another decent season if I would bolster the squad and change my formation. Problem was however that our finances were in the red and declining with somewhat around 80k a month. I really wanted to switch to a 5-3-2 DM, but I needed a few decent FB that wouldn't cost a lot of bucks. Luckily for me, my scouting department had done their work and I was
  5. Stefano - Casale Foot Ball Club - 2021/2022 (Season 1) - Serie C/A So, my first season in charge of the Nerostellati. The balance at my starting point was 426k, which isn't much to work with. The wage budget was sat at 22k p/w and I still had a lot of room, since we were only spending around 10k p/w when I took over. At least 10 players however were on a non-contract, so I had to decide quickly whom to offer a new contract and whom to let go. First thing I did, was set up my Scouting-department (after hiring non other than Valencia-icon Vicente to lead it) so I could try and find so
  6. Introduction - First Post After completing the Ultimate Football Manager Challenge last week, I was on the lookout for a new challenge. I stumbled upon this challenge and decided to give it a try. I started by doing some research into the main competitions (Italy, Spain, Germany, England), trying to find a club that had dropped down to the 'lower than lowest' league but still had an interesting history. I found out that there are 3 clubs that have won the Italian Serie A whom are not currently in the Serie A. One plays in the Amateur Division 7 (Novese), one is already playing in the Seri
  7. Thanks mate. Not my first attempt, but it is my first serious attempt. I’ve tried it once before with some posts a few years back, but dropped out pretty soon. Since then, I’ve set up a save like this almost every year, but never anything serious until this one. Thanks to COVID I had a lot more time on my hands, so guess that’s part of the motivation. Other part’s just about wanting my name on that honor roll
  8. Challenge Completed! After 20 years of hard work, starting in Tilburg and finishing in Johannesburg, I have completed the challenge! The final two trophies - the South African National Cup and the African Champions League - were won in the best season in the history of Kaizer Chiefs, in which they won 6 of the 7 competitions they entered (title, cup, cup, super cup, be the coach & champions league to be precise). It has been a blast trying this challenge, I've managed clubs I never thought I'd managed (I mean, FC Ural Yekaterinburg, really?) and won some prizes I never had won before
  9. Season 19 (2038-2039) Only a short update, because it's only half a season... During my successful campaign with South Korea, I managed to land a job in South Africa. I had two choices, but it was a no contest really... Kaizer Chiefs, one of the bigger teams in South Africa, were placed 11th out of 16 when I took over, 15 points from the top and 9 points from 2nd place, both of which qualify for the Champions League next season. The 2nd cup in South Africa still had to start as well, and I was still in the 2nd Continental Tournament (Confederation Cup), so the ideal moment to ta
  10. Season 18 (2037-2038) & Season 18,5 (2038) I've had a week of vacation, so I had a lot of time to play... Get ready for a huge update and some trophies! So, after quitting Club Brugge, a job opened up at a club where I got offered the job in the previous summer, but decided to go for Brugge. Since then, they've hired and fired 2 managers in one season and finished 6th, so they're on the lookout for a coach who can bring back some silverware. Say hello to... Fenerbahce, on of the biggest clubs in Turkey, however they have not won the league in 7 years! Time to change tha
  11. Well @dkouv, same can be said about you... In 2034 I was at 8 titles, 5 cups, 3 champions league and 1 CWC. You're at 6 titles, 7 cups, 5 champions leagues (wow... that's really nice!) and 1 CWC - you are 2 trophies ahead of me, so keep up the pace! I had a 'slow' start with both Willem II and Crystal Palace (I picked up only 1 club trophy in the first 6 years...), but started picking up the pace later on, especially in the last couple of years. Internationally we're even (4 cups each), but I still have the Asian Cup to go (which I have never ever won before in my 15+ years of FM),
  12. Thanks mate - one of the things I'm 'known for' in the game right now reads "Leading teams to title wins", so yeah, I got that going for me . Have to say though I'm kinda missing building a team up for a few years like I did with Willem II, Crystal Palace and Leeds Utd (or like you are planning to do with Seattle Sounders)... Currently I'm only taking jobs with teams that have the ability to score prizes from day one (spoiler: currently at Fenerbahce and sailing towards the title - which is not even my goal, since I already have all the titles I need, so fingers crossed for the cup). All
  13. Season 16 (2035-2036) & Season 17 (2036-2037) I already dropped a hint somewhere in this thread, so no surprise where I am: Russia! For those of you that can't read Cyrillic: I'm at FC Ural Yekaterinburg. On the look-out for a new club, I stumbled upon FC Ural. Their manager for almost 15 years just retired and he left behind quite the project: having never won anything before, he managed to create a club worthy of challenging Zenit and CSKA. They won the cup in the previous season and finished 2nd in the league, which meant European Football, enabling me to sign better players.
  14. @goonergez yeah, the rules in the USA are difficult, but I think that's what makes it fun ; as compared to China, where the rules are just... annoying really... Hope you pick up the title, third time's a charm, you deserve it after coming in 2nd twice in a row! Oh and - spoiler alert - I should've taken that South Africa advice ; I'm currently freezing my nuts off in Mother Russia ;-)
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