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  1. Funny you ask that. I came onto the forum today to ask why this tactic doesn't get more recognition. I switched to this tactic 6 games into my second season (14.3.1) with Schalke. From that point on I went undefeated the rest of the season, won the league, cup and champions league whilst dominating every game. Didn't look like losing to be honest. I was initially using Roslers DOM set, same formation as this, but was never getting consistent results. The impact of my decision to change tactic was immediate. Scoring loads with all positions chipping in, and what really impressed me was how defensively solid this tactic is. Was getting groups of 6 to 7 clean sheets in a row, and when I do concede it is rarely more than 1. Admittedly, I had signed Ter Stegen which no doubt helped the defence, yet I was still struggling with him until I switched to this tactic. I should note, I have tried almost all the popular tactics on here and FM base. This one is head and shoulders above the rest. For me anyway. Thanks TFF.
  2. What has changed in v4? Having great success with v3 at the moment.
  3. After playing 2/3rds of a season with these tactics, it became clear very early on that the tactic is quite vulnerable to counter attacks...at least in my experience. Particularly noticeable against weaker teams that sit back and try to hit you on the counter. It could explain your results against the poorer teams in the premier division EvanPrevett. As an earlier poster already suggested, try removing the 'push higher up' team instruction and see how you go. I had already removed it for both home and away games and my team doesn't feel as exposed at the back now. After making the alteration I've had 10 clean sheets from 16 games, which was an improvement for me.
  4. I just started a new game as Wolves (v4.3) using your tactics. Won first game away to Preston 6-0, 26 shots to 2. Quite impressive, needless to say I will stick with these tactics for the foreseeable future. Cheers
  5. Moon88 may be onto something here. I just took an international job and all of a sudden the report box disappears. As a test I started a new game managing a country, the report box is visable until I get hired by a club, at which point the report box disappears immediately. One of the things I find most enjoyable about this game is scouting for good young regens, the report box is very important and useful for me. If this is a bug I hope we can get it fixed quickly.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. No, no background skins have been changed. Everthing is default and updated to 12.2.2. My profile page should look exactly like Wasp's, but the report section is replaced by player status, and I can't change it back with the drop down menu. I just started a new game and it's doing it to me again. I don't know why the report shows for some of my games and not others. I don't change anything, it just seems to happen randomly and I can't get it back. It really is very frustrating.
  7. Sorry to necro a month old thread, but I came here to start one up asking the exact same question. In the picture provided by Thomasmc135 above, the report box should be seen instead of 'player status' below the players personal details. Why has the report box dissapeared? The report option isn't available in the drop-down menu. However, the report box is still there for the players in my national team. How do I get it back for my club squad players and players on my shortlist?
  8. Getting great results with your tactics mate. Was just wondering which PPM's you would train your players with? Any plans to create a set of player search filters to compliment your tactics?
  9. Used your tactics with great success in FM11, looks like you've improved upon them for FM12. Defensively your tactics are awesome, and the football is great to watch, far better than any other tactic I've downloaded, and I've tried quite a few. It's a shame this thread isn't getting the attention it deserves, IMO your tactics are superior compared to other more popular threads on here. I would like to get the AM/L & AM/R contributing a few more goals, but other than that your tactics are very effective, even with the poorer teams. Using these tactics are the only time I've ever got the opposing manager tell me I was 'tactically spot on.' And my fans regularly 'enjoy the entertaining football on display' or 'enjoy how often we tested the opposition goalkeeper'.
  10. I'm still using Bakermush's (sp?) version in FM12, out of all the tactics I've downloaded it's still given me the best and most consistent results, both with good and poor teams. Defensively the tactic is amazing, I always concede the least amount of goals in whatever league I'm in. Usually dominate possesion as well, most of the game is played in the oppositions half. The only criticism I have is I sometimes struggle to score goals and create lots of CCC's. Excellent post Headcoat by the way, I took a few of your suggestions on board and they seem to work well. I'd love to know how to tweak the tactic to make my team more threatening in attack, especially when I'm behind and chasing a goal or two.
  11. Not sure how everyone is getting this tactic to work as per the screenshots. Trying the tactics with Wolves after seeing your impressive results and I simply cannot replicate what you are doing, despite following the instructions in the OP to the letter. Some of the counter attacking goals are nice, but the defence is quite shocking (like Wolves in real life if I'm honest ). Regularly concede 3 or more goals per game, almost always get out-shot, out-possessed and never dominate, even at home or against weaker opposition. Teams with fast strikers in particular are tearing me to pieces with lots of one-on-ones, Hernandez just got his third hat-trick against me in as many matches.
  12. Only played a few games as Dortmund so far but results are very promising. Most notable result was demolishing Schalke 10-1 in the German Super Cup! Crazy game, scoreline was 4-1 after 17 minutes, dominated shots and possession. Tactics seem relatively straightforward yet effective. Looking forward to further testing the tactic when I get the time. Thanks for sharing RTHerringbone.
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