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  1. Hi all, Doubt this is a bug at the moment, more me not doing something right. Every season the team gets an influx of new potential youth players on trial. For at least 2 seasons now my team haven't signed any and now I pretty much have no youth squad. I'm managing Tamworth in League 2 so could really do with the kids. I believe I have left it to my Head of Youth Development to pick up the signing of youth players in the responsibilities section. Is there something I am missing or is he just rubbish at his job?
  2. Yes it's the one I uploaded for the earlier example in this thread. Happened at the end of the same season.
  3. @Neil Brock what are the chances of future FM titles coming onto the Microsoft store with achievements like FM19 did, but from launch?
  4. @Michael Mallia I've just got a similar message in that same save. Just got Tamworth promoted and in the end of season team meeting it mentions "comp#3" instead of National League.
  5. Hi @Michael Mallia Sorry forgot I responded to this thread. I've just noticed it again in the same save but managing Tamworth now, so still in National North. Save file has been uploaded and is called LH2020 Farsley
  6. Actually I've realised that's something different but cannot for the life of me find it
  7. That's what I'm using, but correct me if I'm wrong, that's still only available if you take control of the assignments?
  8. Am I wrong in thinking that seems a bit backward with the setup of it?
  9. Hi all. First of all apologies if this has been brought up before, I'll be honest I didn't search. Is there a way with scouting assignments for me to tell my chief scout the position I want him to scout for, and then he decide who to assign that request to. From playing around with this, it seems it's an all or nothing approach. I can either completely manage the scouting element and dictate what I want scouting and by who, or I can hand over to my staff to handle assignments but that also removes my ability to state what I actually want. Am I missing something or is that correct? Thanks
  10. I'm getting this as well with Farlsey.
  11. Thanks. It still doesn’t explain why the injuries aren’t showing in the medical centre.
  12. Hi @Ed Hewison I've made some screenshots for you. First one is the squad view that shows the players as unavailable. Hover over the icon and it says for both unavailable from undisclosed injury until 1/1/2020. Second set of screenshots are the medical report for both players. Both show no injuries. Final screenshot is the medical center which shows no current injuries. So this is either a bug with the injuries not being recognised, or it's a data issue. The Farsley Celtic website does show both players are recovering from long term injuries so it looks like the data is correct. https://www.farsleyceltic.com/teams/82132/player/lewis-turner-1966451 https://www.farsleyceltic.com/teams/82132/player/nathan-turner-1706457
  13. Not sure about their current injury status, I can have a dig around though. In the game though none of the injury tables show these two. If you look on the game save and go to the home screen you’ll see there’s no injuries listed. Not at home right now so can’t do a screenshot for you.
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