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  1. I'm getting this as well with Farlsey.
  2. Thanks. It still doesn’t explain why the injuries aren’t showing in the medical centre.
  3. Hi @Ed Hewison I've made some screenshots for you. First one is the squad view that shows the players as unavailable. Hover over the icon and it says for both unavailable from undisclosed injury until 1/1/2020. Second set of screenshots are the medical report for both players. Both show no injuries. Final screenshot is the medical center which shows no current injuries. So this is either a bug with the injuries not being recognised, or it's a data issue. The Farsley Celtic website does show both players are recovering from long term injuries so it looks like the data is correct. https://www.farsleyceltic.com/teams/82132/player/lewis-turner-1966451 https://www.farsleyceltic.com/teams/82132/player/nathan-turner-1706457
  4. Not sure about their current injury status, I can have a dig around though. In the game though none of the injury tables show these two. If you look on the game save and go to the home screen you’ll see there’s no injuries listed. Not at home right now so can’t do a screenshot for you.
  5. Summary: 2 players with "Undisclosed injury" Description of Issue: I have 2 players that are showing as being unavailable because they have undisclosed injuries until Jan 1 2020. But if I look at their medical record I can't see anything that suggests they are injured. Is this one a bug? Thanks. Steps to Reproduce: N/A. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: LH2020 Farsley
  6. Restarted my laptop and it's now using the nvidia card. It still only gives a 1 star rating which might be right but it's at least using the right card now
  7. I'm having a similar issue, have an integrated graphics card and a dedicated nvidia card. I've gone into the nvidia control panel and set it so FM should use the nvidia card, but seems to always use the integrated card. I used these same steps for FM19 with no issue.
  8. Hi all. Now the dust has settled on the release is there anything known about this? Thanks.
  9. Hi all. Query about the system performance check and whether it's working. I'm playing on a Surface Book 2 which has both an integrated graphics card and a dedicated NVidia GeForce driver. I've at the moment got the Steam and GamesPass versions installed and both are set to run using the NVidia graphics card. On the Steam version, the graphics capability is ranked at 3 out of 5 stars and runs on high with no bother. On the Gamespass version it's ranked at 1 out of 5 stars. I've run it on high quality and there doesn't seem to be any issues, just wondering if the check is working. Thanks.
  10. Hi Kubi. I can add other training sessions on those days so it's not that. Plus the match review has to be the day after, doesn't appear as an option any other day. I suspect I need a specific staff role filled which I'm trying to figure out at the moment. I don't have a data analyst or a sports scientist (do have a head of sports science but no chief data analyst).
  11. Hi all, I haven't put this in the bugs forum as I think this is more than likely me being stupid, although not 100% sure it is the case. So I'm amending my training schedules. We're in pre-season at the moment and I've selected the pre season template that I want. I'm now altering it to include match reviews and match previews to sit around the friendlies. I can select the sessions that I want, but when I select confirm the additions I have added aren't retained and are replaced with Rest. I figured this might be a capacity thing (although I'm York they are all full time) so cleared the schedule and added the sessions in again. There are 2 friendlies in this week so it looked like the Monday a match preview, the Tuesday match day, Wednesday was a match review and a match preview, Thursday match day and then Friday match review. That didn't save either. Finally just having a match preview on the Monday and a match review on the Friday also did not work. Bug or am I missing something? Thanks.
  12. I have a Pro 3 and have no issues. Yes the fan comes on when playing but I don't believe it is as loud as many make out, and it doesn't get as hot as a laptop I used to have.
  13. I never got a chance to play last night (it took ages to sync all of the graphic files etc) but the more I think about it the more I reckon it should work. The only files that should sync now are related to the game save, and they will be synced by the time FM is launched. FM will access that file when it needs to, and as it's on the harddrive there should be no speed difference saving. That's if I've understood everything correctly. Will see what happens tonight.
  14. If it turned out I had to drag and drop then yes that's the route I would take, but if it can run picking up the files direct from Dropbox then that would mean it's a much simpler idea with the files ready on either machine.
  15. The other option would be to disable the sync until i've finished playing. Will let you know how I get on.
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