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  1. Schoo-rluh is a close approximation. The ü is pretty hard to pronounce correctly if you don't speak german. It's like a double o sound, but with more lip rounding. Also, unlike english, the e on the end is not silent, so there has to be a schwa on the end, which is like the 'er' in sister or poster.
  2. England were #1 from 2014-2019 on my game. 5 consecutive years.
  3. Fair point. I must have misinterpreted your last post; I agree 'we' the British players mustn't be so culturalcentric and assume what is prelevant with 'our' football stadiums is the same across the world. Maybe when a new stadium is constructed, the generated name could be a 50/50 split between former star/district, with the additional option to rename it to whatever suits the player? Or if SI had the time to do the legwork, research which countries really do have geographical names and which have names named after people. With the additional option to rename.
  4. Which is why naming a stadium should be an option and not an obligatory function.
  5. To reiterate the post I put earlier, I agree with having the option to rename a new stadium; the district method is very appealing. Just thought I'd upload this screenshot of Vauxhall Motors' new stadium. By pure chance, this name works as a sponsorship stadium, even if it is just 'Team X Stadium'.
  6. Gary Borrowdale without a club for 8 years Game history says he's never left QPR...
  7. A 3 year old post, but I agree with this. Avenue too. To the OP, yes, I like this idea. It would/could be a touch that those who like it can tinker with, and those that don't like it could ignore. Not too keen about sponsorship stadiums; York City's KitKat Cresent is far too haunting. I also don't like 'Team X/City Y Community Stadium'. I can't explain why, but I really hate the phrase 'community stadium'. In general, I think street names make the best names for stadiums. Wrexham currently play at the Racecourse Ground, but if it was renamed after a road, then it would become Mold Road. (Amusing to some, but Mold is a genuine town in NE Wales. And in welsh, the name would be Stryd Yr Wyddgrug. Easily rolls off the tongue). Another possibility is that Wrexham could relocate to Coronation Street (!)
  8. Thanks very much! English pronunciation: Chish-le-vytch. I think that's right... Any German or Welsh names, give me a shout.
  9. Looks like Vfer-bow-huh-der to me. The 'hede' is throwing me. Double e, 'ee', in Dutch/Flemish is the english 'ay' as in Hay/May/Bay but I'm not definite on the correct pronunciation here.
  10. What's your reputation? 4 successive promotions in England gave me a 'national' reputation, and Australia offered me a job. Surprised they'd know about me halfway around the world.
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