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  1. Wish i could narrow it down some more for you guys but it's been seemingly random across different saves. Im running maximised border less window. Im not getting any crash information or not responding, the game just completely locks up and does nothing until i end task via task manager. Attached my dxdiag. DxDiag.txt
  2. I haven't played with DLF so much I'm mainly switching between my youngster F9 and wood TM because I need to play wood to have a hope of selling him in jan. I dont have a left footed winger atm and I really like an inside forward. My squad is currently a bit away from where I need it with injuries and bad transfer moves (my inside forward i bought doesnt have a WP..) So im exicted for January to raise funds and properly have a look now my scouting is setup! I've gone with the DM(D) and CWB(A) change which im going to run for a while and see how we do.
  3. If I put AML(S) with get further forward will he still have the defensive workrate of a support aml?
  4. Hey guys, thought I would get involved in this thread also as it relevant to my game. Here is my current setup https://gyazo.com/0a228891ca553ec89482d77b47dee129.png Team instructions: Higher Tempo, Explot middle, Play out of defence, Work ball into box and fairly narrow. The good: Obviously very sound defensively with only one heavy 4-1 defeat that I need to analyse. The Wide Playmaker(S) with CWB(A) combo is deadly both averaging 7.5 a game since I made the switch to that. Try it out guys. The CM(A) makes some terrific runs in between the CB and FB. I have "move into channels" on him but not entirely sure what difference thats made to him tbh. The bad I don't like the play between the WM(A) and FB(S). Im thinking of either moving the the ML to AML IF(S) with WB(A) or changing DM to defend and also make the LB CWB(A). Despite the shorter passing we have a tendency to play it quite direct to the long striker leaving him either isolated or just losing the aerial challenge. Think thats to do with higher tempo need to play around with it. Thats it for my first post. I look forward to helping you guys and develop my own tactic with discussion
  5. So in my 4-1-4-1 setup im using WB(A) and they do almost everything i want except they cross the ball way too often i'd much rather they look for the cut back to my IF's but with WB(S) they dont "bomb on" enough and stretch the play enough. Would a WB(S) with gets further forward or forward whenever possible PPM achieve what im looking for as a WB(A) with restricted crossing?
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for some more opinions on what to do with this youth prospect I have. My thinking has been to have him as a CM(A) and run beyond my AP(S) my other options would be a DLP(S) or tweak my tactic a little and make him Regista
  7. Feyenoord would be my suggestion. They have a big following 50k average attendance, good youth prospects in Clasie, Vilhena, Martins Indi to name a few and PSV and Ajax will always challenge you.
  8. Anyone know how to fix tactic familiarity bug? I created a third formation a 3-4-3 (my home and away are 4-2-3-1 variants) and now ive lost 100% familiarity on my home tactic when i have not changed a thing!
  9. Not sure if this belongs in here but here we go. At the end of last season i managed to convince 2 key players i would get Champions league football the following season and on november the 11th they have both just handed in transfer requests. Im currently 3rd in the league and admittedly have not been doing well in Europa but it says i have failed to increase the clubs standing in the game as promised!
  10. Made the adjustments, first game he was alot more lively and second game he just bagged his hattrick. Thanks!
  11. Need a little help with a poor performing IF. He was a my big money signing in the summer but so far has not lived up to the billing! Vitolo is the man im speaking about. Is the AP getting to close to him? I could play a DLP but Drage is doing very well there. His player instructions are : Get further forward, Sit narrower and PPM'S : Play one-twos(Would this be a issue as my F9 also has this?) and Cut inside.
  12. Everytime i try to change a PPM my coaches usually tell me they cant see them being capable, i usually force them to try it. Is there anypoint in even forcing them if coach doesn't agree?. Also both my strikers im trying to use as DLF but they both have try to beat offside trap! Is it even worth playing them or stick a youngster in who has no negative ppm to what im trying to play?
  13. Unlucky dinthead and good luck in Sweden! Im half way through my season with Rodez, currently sitting 8th which im very happy with. I lost alot of players on 1st july alot would not re sign so my defence is paper thin and it shows I've been leaking goals but my direct play to a big strong target man is proving difficult to cope with so im scoring alot too! Im worried about losing my best youth as i can only offer 2 year deals, is this because im only semi-pro? Speaking of which Maury has been great with 7 goals and 6 assist in 20 for a 16 year old , hes developing quickly. Edit: My biggest annoyance is only having 5 subs, would love 7 as i could keep a couple of my lesser talents on for when Im winning comfortably.
  14. Hello everyone enjoyed reading this thread and thought i would join in. I've never done one of these challenges before so looking forward to it. I opted for France and chose Rodez Aveyron Football "Le RAF". Team profile Team facilities Manager profile Youth The youth intake was ok for us. Alban Maury The star of the intake very excited for him. Yacine Benabdellah 4 star Georges Bacoull 4 star Nolan Hernandez 4 star Messaoud Bahloul 3.5 star The main squad doesnt look too bad plenty of players at each position. Looking forward to doing this and will update mid-way or at end of season. Wish me luck!
  15. Hello all, great thread. I'm just starting pre season for my second season, I came very close to auto and the playoff final but failed. I scored plenty but my defence was rather poor despite both my CB's finishing with 7.30+ Avg ratings each. So ive decided to ditch the Anchor man as it seemed he was too slow at getting in the box to aid with crosses, and moved that position to the CB. Here is what Im going to try. My question is does anybody have experience on how the 3CB cope with counters, i chose the middle to be stopper in the hope he will close down runners who get in behind my midfield. Also will having him as stopper compromise his ability to get back and deal with crosses as he is my best aerial CB and I didn't want him dealing with tricky players too often. I've set my midfield up with +17 work rate players two of which are ok in the tackle and the third is the creator. Would having non of them on defensive duty hamper me? In my head I'm thinking with the work rate and dual B2B they will push their CMS back as they get in box for crosses and still be able to get back into position quicker than most CMS I face.
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