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  1. The official FM GENIE SCOUT 12 Thread

    The tool is awesome as ever. Thank you Eugene for your hard work man.
  2. Ironically you've made yourself look like one just by posting that comment.
  3. If all of your points are true then FM is totally unrealistic then? And there would be no need for me to ever buy players to improve my squad.
  4. That's what happens when you play on a 12" screen.
  5. They cheated. You are foolish to believe they didn't.
  6. No tactic in the world can legislate for individual brilliance from an opposing player when that opposing player is leaps and bounds ahead of any of your teams players in terms of quality.
  7. That is the whole point. What you have said there is not true, Swansea could play tactically perfect for 90 minutes and one moment of genius from a top Premier League player would result in them losing the game. The players they have are no as good as the players they will be playing against every single week, even more so when they play the top 6 teams in the league.
  8. Less of the attitude please.
  9. Apple? Are you serious? I want a gaming PC.
  10. I'll give you that. There's a 0.01% chance then.
  11. No they couldn't. You could get your tactics absolutely perfect for every single minute of every single game but Swansea would not be able to win the league.
  12. They can try all they like lol, the greatest FM player in the world wouldn't be able to do it without cheating.
  13. Where's the best place to buy a gaming PC online?