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  1. <LI>AFFILIATES. Suggest to the board one and what kind of affiliate you want! <LI>BOARD. The board should be more active. MAnager should say I want a Central Defender and the board say we have this 5 players who do you want. Sometimes the manager doesn't have an affordable target and he needs suggstions. Board could run the negotiations, like in real life.
  2. Suggestions: <LI>TRAINING:More Coach classes. In real life there aren't just the calsses present in FM, there are coaches who deal specifically with each area: there are coaches who deal only with the technical aspects in game and do a personalized work with every player. ex Ryan Babel is one of the players that as his own Technical Trainner. A small amout of coaches (3 or 4) should be able to deal with a 24 players squad. Reports about who trained best who is more fit to play the next game, who deserve to play and that kind of stuff. <LI>TRANSFERS. Ability to talk with players before talking with the club. Better real-time interaction when negotiating. Clubs will answer how much he wants for the player rather then just rejecting. Only in special cases teams should say that the player won't leave for any price! <LI>FINANCES. They are very unrealistic! Clubs with a negatice money should open bankrupcy or ask the bank for some money, or otherwise players start complaining to the media about unpaid wages. <LI>TACTIAL. End with sliders. Make it more intuitive. Like in real life coach draws in a board what will the formation be and tells every one what to do. Maybe reintroduce the old with the ball and without the ball board! Mentality shouldn't be mixed with the position the player is. <LI>PLAYER AGENTS: Add this feature. Agents don't need to be the same as real life just get some fake ones. Agents will always suggest players to the clubs they work more with. <LI>PLAYERS PASSES BEING HOLD BY ECONOMICAL GROUPS. Add this please. Lots of clubs in Europe like Fc Porto, West Ham, work with this groups so that they can get better player without paying that much! <LI>MANAGERS. In Real Life every Manager as his own staff. Like as Ass Man he always works with that when he leaves the club they will leave too. <LI>SQUAD MANAGEMENT. Introduce a Talk in the beggining of the official season whre manager can say to the players what he wants for them in this season. Like Mourinho is telling Drogba he wants more goals! And Alex with Ronaldo. Player could be dismissed from the squad like in the Real Life. Barcelona said Giuly to seek his agent and find a new club. So he can is still in contract with the club but he won't train with the club he will be appart from the team but he is linked with the club and it isn't us who need to find a new club is the AGENT! <LI>PLAYER VALUE. Values more real. Why a youngster with no future in Real Madrid is 1M when no one will accept him on free.
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