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  1. I did exactly the same thing of aiming to finish my 2019 save and stop playing that 2 weeks before I anticipated the beta...so I'm having a couple weeks longer cold turkey than I was prepared to handle! I've kind of appreciated it though- my house has never been tidier and I've alphabetised my bookcase. Never been so on top of things.
  2. This guy from fm2019 is my favourite newgen ever. On first glance it might not look amazing in terms of stats...but that's 167 league goals for my club as a 'keeper. I bought him for 2.5 mil from Brazil as an 18 year old on a bit of a punt. I noticed his freekicks were already 13 and penalties were like 10. I put him on a personal training thing which was very freekick-focused and at his peak that rating was 17- his penalties never made it above 12- but he was taker for both for his entire career for me. He scored in every single league season- and on two occasions scored 16 l
  3. I'm finding the last couple of updates have dramatically changed the match engine I was unbeaten for 2 season and the update coincided with the first gam of a new season- lost all the first five games having changed nothing about the set up and personel.
  4. I am certainly looking forwards to the release- perfectly happy with the announcements. I'm just a bit gutted the game is released a week later than last year- it means I don't have the beta for half term this week! This probably sounds more like I am a student as opposed to a teacher....hmmm
  5. steam tells me... FM09- 732 FM10- 1469 FM11- 1110 FM12- 1657 FM13- 625 FM14- 854
  6. I've got a newgen keeper who is my second choice free kick taker. his freekick's were 12 as an 18 year old...but I...almost certainly stupidly...gave him the specific focus of freekicks for about 5 years. He's 33 now and his freekicks are on 16 and he has about a dozen goals for me...and never caused one from it going wrong- the system does track them it is just not viewable on their default stats history- I always just read the biography as it is one of the first things it says. I've often wondered- because you do get the odd newgen keeper who is great at freekicks (rightly rarely but it ha
  7. spirals of bad form/morale do seem to be difficult to get out of. Although that isn't what the OP's problem was. My morale solution seems to be plough through with the bad form until you see a run of 3 or 4 easy games...then go all in for team meetings and private chats with players...then just go at it with your absolute strongest 11
  8. I experimented with this...in my first save I tried- I got arsenal banned from Europe for breaking FFP by signing neymar with some ridiculous add-ons to the transfer deal, On a different save I was heading to just miss out on the FFP and the board did bail me out ... but what the board can do is limited like it is in real life
  9. I am over my meltdown from yesterday...it took me 24 hours to figure out I needed to change my wing backs to fullbacks and drop a striker back into midfield whilst increasing the pressing and playing a higher line... now I am fine again..playing better football than before ...but......those ...dozen or so games could easily see me out of the title race....that is why it is annoying It would be great if there was some warning as to when the patches were going to come out so I could try to synch it with the start of a new season and play lots of friendlies....
  10. the idea that 'real tactics' are immune to ME changes and only 'bug exploiting' tactics will get found out by a changing in the ME is a nonsense. FM is one reality...which bits are and are not similar to real life are not separate entities...
  11. that's not about tactical systems being solid...a solid tactical system is one that does well against the match engine ..if it also does well against another match engine...that is a different issue. I really feel there is some value in saying "look here is your game...have it"...then that is my reality to play in and my world that Ithat corre have to conquer...flaws and all long term saves are being completely derided by this patching...and I think that is a way a lot of people play this game... it causes these regular and wildly unrealistic peaks and troughs in form that correlate with th
  12. I am getting slightly frustrated. I am having to restart my whole saves every time a patch is released. The tactical/match engine stuff being saved game compatible means you are playing a new game every time you are unexpectedly forced to use the next patch. I really enjoy doing long saves from October until the next game comes out but it is impossible- such significant changes are being made- not once has my existing tactical set up been viable moving from one patch to the next. And there has been so many...this is already the fifth update in a month and a half. I cant get any consistency
  13. I have a fully updated game with a large database and all the major European leagues loaded but half these players are not in my save... I've tried saves with a variety of different English clubs and the databases are lacking the same players...strange
  14. I was having all kinds of problems with the ME/ratings stuff in the end I decided that basically the game is always about exploiting the ME to get the best out of it...so I'm doen with full backs or wing backs...3CBs and defensive wide midfielders....everything is going fine ...ratings are higher so morale is higher so performances are better so results are better so ratings are higher and so on...it's a cycle of success that is reversed if you play with full backs or wing backs in this ME.
  15. i'm finding the full version a lot less playable than the beta transfer values are really weird which didn't come up too much in the demo for me but mainly this issue with the fullbacks where their slight over-rating has been slaughtered and now come out of every game with appalling ratings i'm also finding it much more difficutl to get positive reactions from teamtalks or keep moral up in any way- again wasn't an issue for me in the demo some of this might be coincidences....but I sailed through my beta games and just finding my new save on the full version very frustrating
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