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  1. Wigan - Onwards And Upwards

    It should get better for you, i had the same bad first half of the season with Fulham. But then i started playing really defensively to grind out some draws and here and there i won with 1-0. Nice read, keep it up!
  2. From Young Men to World Beaters

    So frustrating when the other teams in your division aren't doing good in Europe. Nothing you can do then.
  3. From Young Men to World Beaters

    Very nice read! I was wondering, how are the facilities of the other teams in the Carling Premiership doing? Are they being upgraded a lot? And how about their stadiums? Thx, keep it up!
  4. Steam Problem?

    They are doing maintenance, shouldn't take too long
  5. Yes you can Just log in on your own account on his laptop
  6. Great idea for a thread. I played 0-0 away in the second leg of a Europa League qualifier after already winning the first leg 3-0 at home. I rested a lot of first team players and let some young players go for their professional debut
  7. Editor

    Steam-> Library-> Tools
  8. I think you can use maestro using a card reader on steam. As paying method choose directebanking.com
  9. maestro

    I think you can through steam using directebanking.com
  10. C/program files/ Steam/ Steamapps/common
  11. Newly Rich Clubs

    Standard Liège
  12. I find Tactical knowledge the most important because then they help you with which players should be marked tightly etc
  13. I'm gonna buy my copy on http://www.g2play.net/store/ . Transferred money to paypal yesterday so its underway. It's €25 here. You pay, you get a code per e-mail which you activate on steam. (Games-> Activate a product on steam). So it's a digital download. I just bought Starcraft II for a friend of mine on this website, they are reliable. Just make sure your account on the website and your paying method (paypal, or visa or w/e) are registered to the same name and surname. If you don't believe me it's reliable, look it up on teh interwebz.