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  1. Played it for about 2 hours, have not played BETA or Demo and the only thing that bugged me was those very low transfer bids. Have not explored the match engine enough though. But so far, good job SI.
  2. I have not touched FM since January, am I missing something?
  3. Tried this with Crewe, the first couple of games went bad but now I'm on an amazing streak. Great tactic.
  4. I've found a way to play the game and not get irritated by the ME.. Play the games with commentary:)
  5. Agree. All goals i concede are crosses. I really hate this ME, its so bad. And by the way, when are SI going to fix all throw ins going to opposition players?
  6. The game is almost unplayable because of it. I just hope that SI would fix this in a quick fix patch or something like that.
  7. After playing for several days now.. Good patch but two things need to be sorted out. The solo-goals happen to often!! The GK-errors, like passing the ball to the opposition and they score. Happens with all of my GKs.
  8. Since the Mr Hugh thread is locked I just wanted to say that Mr Hughs first tactic, the one with the lone striker is working good on the new patch. I was loosing quite a few games before the patch with another tactic, when the update came I changed tactics and now I'm in a mid table position with a bad Leeds side.
  9. So far I think the game is a bit faster and I love the fact that I can watch old results without it loading the match report.
  10. That's a fantastic skin mate. The neutral one will be downloaded straight away when I get home from work. Great work.
  11. Ah, that might have something to do with it. I've added a lot of new leagues to this current game.Surely others than just me and LFC Chups Chups must have noticed?
  12. Not sure if this has been brought up before but, whats up with all these 23-24 year old regens popping up at different clubs(Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc). Their really good to. Does not feel very realistic.
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