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  1. What about Elano? Playing with him with Kimz 8.0.2 and he was the best player of Serie A. I think he should do pretty well in right wing. I bought him for about $28 millions. Sorry for bad english
  2. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    I'm Juve in the final of the second season and my prefered first XI is: GK: Buffon DR: Clerc DL: Chiellini DC: Fazio DC: Pasanen DM: Miguel Veloso DM: Bodmer AMC: Elano AMC: Matías Fernandez AMC: Luis Jimenez FC: Guilherme And I have some good backup players to cover positions like Adriano(ST), Nocerino(MC), Alfaro(AMR), Sakho and Giovinco. What positions do you guys think I need new players?
  3. Currently in 2026 with Siracusa. Juve went bankrupt for a year and Inter have just been relegated.
  4. The Who are you Managing survey

    Siracusa - Italy
  5. Football Accountant?

    That's was interesting too. Recent Form
  6. Release: Flex Skin 1.0 for FM08

    Ooops just realized that it was already here. Sorry for not reading all the thread.
  7. Release: Flex Skin 1.0 for FM08

    I have downloaded the skin and IMHO it's just great but I really miss the appearence column in the selection screen just like in the fm2008 skin. SmurfDude could you show me where and how to modify the code for this ?
  8. If you mean during the beta patch then yes the speed has improved and appears to be back to what it was before any of the patches. Sure its in the changelist as well. Hope that helps </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yes, I realized that before the first beta patch the game was much more fast but then I installed the patch and it became really slow so I decided to stop and haven't installed the beta "2". I'm looking forward to leading Brackley Town to european and world glory And thanks for the info sergent21
  9. Can anyone confirm if the overall speed of the game have improved? Because I really want to give it a new try.
  10. Besides the U23 matches looks like Pedrinho is losing her magic KUTGW
  11. BTW my game with Wimbledon was so slow that I have left them, maybe after the new patch and with a medium database I could try and lead them to glory again
  12. Dorchester had 9-0,5-0,5-0 in a row while trying to catch me up back in the first season. But that was pre-patch.
  13. Great job as usual with the updates Bad month for Pedrinho Looking forward for a big move to Italy KUTGW Loked