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  1. When my staff get poached by other teams, I have to replace them. However, the delegated responsibility then needs to be manually reassigned to the new member of staff. Having the delegated responsibility assign to the role (Under 18s Assistant Manager, for example), would mean that when I sign a replacement, the delegation immediately carries over.
  2. Hi Dan! Just wanted to note that Clapton Community in Middlesex Countied (Clapton CFC) is a members owned club with elections. In the editor right now they are listed as an LLC. Thanks for all of the work!
  3. I often click on a player in-match to follow them around... has there been discussion of enhancing that feature to show trails behind a player in order to track his run, or similar features? Something akin to the 'touch screen' that Sky Sports uses.
  4. I seem to remember English non-playable lower division teams had their 'roll of the dice' end-of-season result generated when we got the 'preparing for new season' inbox news item, but the lower division team I'm watching seems to be a year behind in their 'history' graph. Does anyone know when they might get their information populated? I was hoping I could save the day before and reload until they get promoted!
  5. Always have so much respect for everyone who creates these things. Thanks, Dan. I've been coming to this forum for about a decade now to grab these files, and it still baffles me that with view counts/downloads like they have, SI continue to have a 'hands off' approach to this stuff. I dream of the day that they give advance notice, work with creators or something similar — even minimal — so that it makes the task easier. Having to craft this stuff from scratch every year seems like a madness when you'd think the developer could ease the pain even just a little bit! Feels like the on
  6. Thanks Ronny, will do. I think I only have the very first release though as the new download links aren't working!
  7. Not sure how easily adaptable to FM13 this is, but would love it if you could do it!
  8. What's the deal with the international retirement bug?
  9. Well I could PM you if I make a cut out for myself?
  10. If everyone had decent headshots, I could probably give it a go.. I just don't know how to put them in game.
  11. Sounds great. Thanks for doing this, by the way.. really adds to the experience of the game. If you need any help (I'm not that experienced with editing) let me know! Is it difficult to add in a cut-out photo for a player? I know that is something that we would have to do on our end - but it's down to the Unique ID right?
  12. How many are you looking for before you release? Would love to play this as one of my first games on FM12! Also, if I were to change my contracted club to a USA team... how would being 16 work? Would you add me as a Generation Adidas player, or to a smaller team just about to be entered into the draft? N.
  13. Player Information First name: Nathen Last Name: McVittie Nickname (optional): DOB: 31/07/1995 (16yo) City of Birth: Penrith, Cumbria Nationality: English Second Nationality (optional): American Height (CM): 195 Weight (KG): 70 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Light Brown Favourite clubs (optional): Newcastle (90), Carlisle (80), Blackpool (50), DC United (50) Disliked clubs: (optional): Sunderland (70), Wolves (70), Bolton (50), Preston (50) Favourite personnel (optional): Andy Carroll (100), Charlie Adam (80), Charlie Davies (50) Disliked personnel (optional): David V
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