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  1. Hi everyone, I currently have the Acer V3-771G https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aspire-V3-771G-Blu-ray-Graphics-Windows/dp/B00AYC7MC8 I’ve noticed that it is beginning to lag whilst playing FM17, normal web browsing and using Microsoft word and excel. Would this laptop be able to play FM 18 at a decent speed? Usually I I like to play with 8 leagues (England, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Brazil and Argentina) Do you know if it’s possible for me to update my intel processor to the latest one? I think it’s the 7th generation now? If I changed my hard drive to a SSD one, would that increase the general speed? Thanks for reading
  2. Hi wkdsoul,thank you for your message. Could you please tell me where i find lines 110-115? i have opened the " tactics overview panel.xml " using the notepad but i cannot find the lines. Many thanks.
  3. Hi pikawa94, thank you for designing the skin. It's the best i've used this year. Could you please tell me how to increase the tactic pitch size as i find it too small. Please see the imgur link. Thanks! and sorry for my english
  4. Did this and now its working. I tried this and its not working for me... any ideas? thanks
  5. i've tried that. still not showing... Would it be possible for you or someone to upload the file? I can't be the only person who is having problems downloading him
  6. Sorry eple it's not working... i can not get it to show under custom db. Can someone help please
  7. Hey cabbjunior, what background packs are you using? they look beautiful. thanks buddy
  8. Hey buddy, beautiful skin but i have two questions 1) Would it be possible to have the personal details the same as in V4 i.e. on the left hand side showing the details wages, weight, size, foot, squad status etc my screen is 19200*1080 2) is it possible in the tactic screen to move the green formation board to the right hand side like it is in the default skin? Thanks Gabriel PS sorry for my bad english
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