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  1. Hi I think what is a waste of time is that 3D engine, and after a few games the appeal is lost, i think they can fit better algorithms and larger database without it, much better to have a larger database so i can search for talent around the world, Yes you are right there was a game like that but it was an old Fifa football game, not seen it in a management game like this, i think you have misunderstood the concept, i do not see how this idea would hinder the game, i think it would help to make it more dynamic.
  2. there is no reason why they cannot improve all that within budget and improve stats on the game. The players can start from whichever season they want, and re-live the old ways of football. I believe this is something that will be really cool, and never seen done before.
  3. It would be really cool to have a Football Manager game from the earliest possible point where football was recorded so we can create teams like they were in the early football days. For instance if you were managing teams from the 40's there could be updates in the game saying something like 'Pele' has been born and you have to wait for another 16 seasons to nab him, like a football manager game from the beginning have to advance all the way to present day and beyond with all the rule changes that have happened over the years. I don't know what it will be like having a manager over 100years of age, but maybe you as a manager can leave a legacy of top managers behind so you have a son who is a great manager and so on..... do you see what i mean, the greatest football family manager legacy hall of fame. And a chance to collect money to help you build up your own team with your own team name to manage etc.. which will take many years and decades to achieve. Sounds like a lot of work to me but i think it will be extremely playable to go through all the greatest players in the world, and see them play or manage them, you could also include video clips of their famous games. You could call it Football Manager 'the birth of football' There will be a lot of research to go back to the early days, I have loads more ideas, this is just a small bit, but i would definitely like to play it. let me know what you think or when you are thinking of making it hehe?
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