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  1. Nidster

    Match feed in game

    I have the same problem as you. After the latest update, the match feed button is unresponsive. Doesn't matter what skin I use. If I click it once, it turns grey end "active", as if the menu is open - that stops all the popups until another button is clicked at least. But still slightly annoying, and I can't be bothered to reinstall the whole game to see if that helps.
  2. Nidster

    [FM13 Mod]: Match in Between Highlights Mod *Updated v2*

    Played 10-12 matches yesterday after making the change in the file, and it is fine now it seems. Very nice, and thanks for your efforts
  3. Nidster

    [FM13 Mod]: Match in Between Highlights Mod *Updated v2*

    Did any of you find a solution to the "left panel shrinking"-problem, since this was mentioned earlier this month? I agree it's a very minor issue, but I would still love to have the panel width set once and for all.
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324120-Team-Player-Stadium-specific-backgrounds-are-not-working
  5. Nidster

    Benfica & Porto

    Doesn't work. The long and short names are always set the same for Portuguese clubs. This, for example, makes both names "Benfica": "CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 1487 "Sport Lisboa e Benfica" "" "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 1487 "Benfica" ""
  6. Nidster

    Background Images in FM 13 - fix on the way

    Someone tried, but thread was locked and he was referred back here. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324120-Backgrounds-in-match-screen.?highlight=background
  7. This makes me wonder if you know what the "tactics problem" is. There are in fact several problems, and no ways to get round them without disregarding the tactics phase of the game almost completely. Which in turn makes the game redundant.
  8. Actually this patch made the game pretty much unplayable for me. Can't save set pieces instructions properly, and loads of other stuff going on with tactics and match preparations. Silly how you always have to wait half a year for 3 patches before being able to enjoy this game, but gotten used to it over the years.
  9. Nidster

    Pre Load Your Shouts

    Shouts do nothing more than adjusting the sliders and settings you see in the normal tactic module. Stay on feet, for example, sets tackling for almost all players to easy.
  10. Nidster

    Pre Load Your Shouts

    I fail to see what the point would be. If you already know which shouts you want to start all games with, wouldn't it be easier just editing the tactics the normal way?