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  1. It could be worthwhile to take another glance at the kits and stadium colors in Norway. It has been many errors in previous years which it took some Editor work to correct. Played just a few matches last night, and immediately noticed stuff like Rosenborg playing in black socks at home, not the white they have always used. In addition, Lerkendal Stadion had all red seating, which of course is very different from the black/white seating they have IRL. Another match at Marienlyst Stadion (Strømsgodset) showed the seat color to be grey, not blue as they actually are. Small stuff, but there has always been a few of these to fix every year, particularly kits where items like socks and shorts often are missing in the database and therefore turn out to be wrong colors in-game.
  2. I have the same problem as you. After the latest update, the match feed button is unresponsive. Doesn't matter what skin I use. If I click it once, it turns grey end "active", as if the menu is open - that stops all the popups until another button is clicked at least. But still slightly annoying, and I can't be bothered to reinstall the whole game to see if that helps.
  3. Played 10-12 matches yesterday after making the change in the file, and it is fine now it seems. Very nice, and thanks for your efforts
  4. Did any of you find a solution to the "left panel shrinking"-problem, since this was mentioned earlier this month? I agree it's a very minor issue, but I would still love to have the panel width set once and for all.
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324120-Team-Player-Stadium-specific-backgrounds-are-not-working
  6. Doesn't work. The long and short names are always set the same for Portuguese clubs. This, for example, makes both names "Benfica": "CLUB_LONG_NAME_CHANGE" 1487 "Sport Lisboa e Benfica" "" "CLUB_SHORT_NAME_CHANGE" 1487 "Benfica" ""
  7. Someone tried, but thread was locked and he was referred back here. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324120-Backgrounds-in-match-screen.?highlight=background
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