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  1. Please bear in mind that every game has to take into account different systems - it is what Windows is all about! For security, I run MSE. And when it comes to QA; help us help QA! Develop a decent logsystem and system that fetches these and whatever else you need to know (DX, drivers, installed apps +++) to solve things like this. Having do do a long forum-thread with questions and answers is NOT very 2014. Regarding respect, yes, perhaps I could moderate my tone - but you, SI, should respect that people are actually buying your software (over and over) and IMO you have an obligation regarding QA - not only tweaking and tuning the game a couple of times before you release another version. In software terms, I'd say that the last years FM never got further than what should be expected by a beta-version; feature complete, but full of show-stopping bugs.
  2. Oh... And to the main Q: Can you - pretty f#%%ing please - with sugar on top, point me to the foolproof and final solution to this problem! (NOT a 30p forum posts!!!).
  3. So... I try to never, ever exit FM, as whenever I do, I can't %¤ restart it. NEVER! Every %¤&% time I need to exit steam, find a stupid %#&¤ folder and delete it, restart +++ - just to get this thing working. IS THIS THING STILL BETA!!! Why do you even bother releasing every year when you never seem to be able to catch even obvious bugs! I've been buying FM since "CM2"-days (even begore I think), but now I'm so fed up! This is 2014 FFS - you can't expect ppl to follow a 30 step procedure, which takes hours ("try re-installing gfx, try this, try that..). WHY DON'T YOU FIX IT, CAUSE WE BOUGHT IT! If you can't fix it, then create a help tool or something... ARGH!!!! (OK - a bit better now - but you QA still sucks .... big time!).
  4. Game very sluggish!

    1. league (ENG - 3 div) - large DB Computer per.: 5/5 Estimated per. (w/English league only): 5/5 DxDiag: http://pastebin.com/2N0V3a7e
  5. The game is really sluggish and eats just about all the res. on my computer. Computer is fairly good (last gen i7 mobile + semi good AMD gfx), but still it seems to suck everything... Can't see why this version, opposed to FM13, should be so res. hungry from time to time (even not doing more than browsing team!). I'm no expert, but this smells code bug to me....
  6. Long time player myself (from CM2!!!). My biggest wish: DON'T RELEASE ANOTHER BETA AS FINAL VERSION! Lately QA has been ****. Sorry, but it really has.... Even now there are still a lot of bugs... Some you know about, but never bothered to fix... Due to the "one year cycle" nature of the games, we, your customers, are seemingly supposed to accept having a buggy product, and just hope for better release next year.... I know FM2012 was a big step, and hopefully it will be what Vista was for MS; new tech w/lots of quirks.... Then came 7 and did a lot better. I'm getting to old to report every mistake the game has.... This is what we pay you for.... Do QA right... If it is not done, then don't release it until it is. This time I even gave CM a shot... sadly it was not my cup of tea. I sincerely wish you good luck with the release.... And happy bughunting! (PS: Please tell my promising striker not to be to unhappy for not getting first team play like I promised... I really haven't had the chance, as he has been either suspended or injured every match since I promised him....) ^ Yup - that needs fixing as well.... Hope you catch 'em all!
  7. Damn.... Found this via google. Bg thx. Been wondering for some time
  8. Oh my - I often feel like I bought a beta.... So many non-essential (but annoying) errors, and now this.... Guess I'm getting to old and demanding for this game (I think CM2 was my first version of it):
  9. Well, I'll change to "very f***g close to impossible", then
  10. Cool. *Uninstalling demo and waiting a week* (Btw, the demo should offer "real" play for the period, so that ppl actually would know what they're up for).
  11. IMO, this is one of the strange things about FM. Often players change position during their time on the pitch. If this is done in advance of the game release, player is often set as "natural" in FM for that position, but getting a player to be natural afterwards (in game) is impossible. IMO a player that is trained a in a new position - and also plays in that position - should be a natural within reasonable time (one season - maybe two?). Thoughts?
  12. IMO only players that actually are in the club at the start date should be at the club in the game at that date. Period!
  13. That is why I wrote "just in case" . If it is dropped, I'll just continue my 2011