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  1. So, I presume if you manage a big club with lots of money (or just any PL club), nothing really changes because you are able to buy all packages that are available. But for clubs with limited resources it will be a smaller pool from where you can search?
  2. Totally agree. They should get rid of "twitter" which is so badly implemented anyway it is a joke. I honestly have no idea who even bothers to check this in the game. Generic and completely unrealistic. Also press conferences. Tedious, boring, unimportant...just a huge waste of time. Not to mention, they have been the same for years now. I did preorder though, of course. Can't understand moaning here of people who are playing the game every year and now don't want to buy because they don't know what they will get..really? The core of the game has been the same for 20 years now, so to say you don't know what you will get is just a massive load of crap, I'm sorry.
  3. does anyone even read those posts? who cares about that kind of features anyway?
  4. What I wanted to say is whay is the mentality called counter when it is not made for counter attacking football. Therefore it is confusing the user who thinks that playing counter will produce counter attacking football which is simply not the case. Rashidi did great when he changed the mentality to risk. But you shouldn't have to search for people on the internet to do that accurate description. It should have been done by SI in the first place.
  5. I say a fundamental change would be a completely different TC. The one in which if you play "counter" actually does that. If it wasn't for this forum and people like rashidi,cleon,ozil and some others, I would be totally lost and would do things that are completely illogical in the ME due to the wrong descriptions in TC which led you to believe you are doing one thing but in reality play out completely different. Making TC absolutely clear and not confusing as it is now would be a nice start.
  6. In my 5th season with L'Pool. Bought Lemar and play him as an IF on AMR. The guy scored 27 goals and added 19 assists. What a player! World class.
  7. English players in the game are overrated. It is a fact and you can't tell me that Delle Ali's attributes are realistic. The guy is like top10 player in the game from the start. Is he a top 10 player in real life? And not just english players but players in PL in general. Schniederlin is a clear cut starter in FM when you play with United, you have no reason to sell him or buy better player because the guy is amazing. In RL he couldn't sniff the first team in 2 and half years he was there. Come on. There is just so many examples like this. And then you take Gladbach and Dahoud looks like na average player when in RL every top club in Europe wants to buy him. He is almost the level of Lewis Cook ffs. Just watch in three years time where will Dahoud play and where will Cook play.
  8. Okay..wow! this is amazing, I 've tried this with my team and we have been transformed, tearing teams apart. it's unbelievable!! can you tell how would you set up pressing for players in a 4-2-3-1 system?
  9. I just took over L'pool in my save, been playing with Bayern for three seasons so I don't know if Brexit had happened or not, and if it did what kind of is it? where can I check this?
  10. HEy guys! I started my save with Bayern and had nice three seasons there but I needed new challenge and accepted Liverpool's job offer. So it's the start of 4th season, Liverpool had finished last season 8th and have been average in previous two finishing 5th and 7th place. My prefered formation that I have used with Bayern and will use with Liverpool is 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1. So basically I need 4 CM's for two CM positions. The players I have in Liverppol for this positions are Pepelu, Henderson, Ajer and Grujic. So my dilemma is do I buy one new player ( I have Lewis Cook as no1 target in this case) or do I stick with this guys? Henderson is for sure in the first team but this trio of Pepelu,Grujic and Ajer..I don't know are they good enough, should I force and play Pepelu who is 4.5stars potential? Is Grujic good enough? What do you think?
  11. So, just finished my season and went to see penalties conversion because I am missing so many pens that I really am not even happy when my team gets awarded one. It is ridicilous. Anyway, in the league there were 66 penalties awarded and 42 scored. I don't know the real world percentages but to me this seems to many misses.
  12. For me, a player who takes 4 pens in a row, and misses 3 of them is not a strong penalty taker. Btw in the season my team has shot 8 penalties and missed 5. AI also missed at least 3 that I remember. So that is 8 missed penalites. That's just to much, I'm sorry.
  13. Just to reply on this. In the coach report of Berardi it says under PROS: Strong penalty taker So, maybe I don't know my players.
  14. Because I have big problems against park the bus teams. I have 10 draws and 7 of them have been home games.
  15. Yeah, maybe. I am just so mad and angry. I have one defeat in last 38 league games counting last season games and I am still -6 points behind Juventus who are going for their 4th staright title. They are just unbeliavable consistent. And then I have this happen to me..understand my fury!!
  16. what do you mean ..pressure attribute? His composure is17. He is a world class forward but has now cost me the title with this misses. I understand if he miss one out of 4 but 3 out of 4 with this attributes is just a travesty. What do you mean close..they were 0-0 games and penalty for me in last 5 minutes after having 20,30 shots and AI having 1 or 2. Absolute domination.
  17. What the hell is going on with penalties. I'm fuming here. Domenico Berardi (finishing 16, penalty taking 18, composure 17..) he shoots 4 penalties and misses 3 of them. And all 3 were in the 85-90th minute period of an even game. I have lost 6 damn points over this stupidity!!...The guy has almost perfect attributes and misses 3 out of 4???..Ridicilous!
  18. No, players rather tend to shoot direct at the GK. Unless they are AI managed, in which case they just score easily.
  19. playing with Roma and at the end of the season, I have 24mil in sponsor money and 56 mil income that goes under "other". What is this "other" that gets me that kind of cash? Maybe chairman injection or what? It happened after season 1 and season 2.
  20. I'm playing with Roma and they have quite a lot of players who may be quite good. Pellegrini, De Santis, Bordin, Tuminello, Cappa, Marchizza and some others. I'm starting 2nd season and have Pellegrini as my 2nd choice left back, Bordin as a member of 2nd choice midfield three, Tuminello as my 3rd choice striker and Marchizza as 2nd choice centre back pairing.
  21. I use CF/S, DLF/s or DLF/A and F9. But I rarely use any other roles for strikers anyway..
  22. It seems there is lot less idiotic long shot attempts on 17.2. Finally
  23. Is it ever possible to build a new stadium like Juventus did? For example, playing with Roma on the Olimpico (70000 capacity) but having average attendances around 35000 and also sharing stadium with Lazio, I would live it if it would be possible to build just my Roma stadium. smaller one, like 40000 let's say. Have anyone ever seen something like that happen in game?
  24. I've played 6 seasons with Gladbach and didn't notice one issue with german players. I've signed and sold german players, what was the issue about??
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