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  1. And how many times have you experienced the TNS scenario and how many times the CL final scenario? In my experience with the game(not just FM18 but all of FM's and CM's since forever) it would be something like 1 TNS to 10 CL final..
  2. It's not that I agree with Tajj in regard to AI cheating. Obviously it doesn't work like that but I do agree that I as a human player need to create more chances to score than the AI. That is a fact which I can back up with the stats from my save and from every game I play. My players missing easy chances, having much more clear cut chances than the AI etc. What I will not accept is your claim that my players are missing chances because my system is not good when it is that system that put the players in the goal scoring situation in the first place. So if my team makes 5 clear cut chances and scores one or zero goals, how is that the fault of my tactical set up?? And how do I not understand what is happening? If you are right, than I will say that the representation of the match in the ME is completely messed up.
  3. So they want to win so badly that they are missing easy tap ins? :rofl:
  4. Played a game yesterday, Juventus vs Sassuolo. I'm playing as Juve and after 90 minutes of football the stats showed I had 38 shots, 16 on target, hit the woodwork 6 times, had 5 ccc and won the game 1-0. This is just one example how my games look. I see huge ammount of chances missed from point blank range via headers, players missing one on ones all the time, hitting woodwork few times per game...I have a feeling I have to create 10 chances to score one goal. Unbeliavably frustrating ME. I played vs Inter away and got a red card in 8th minute. Ended up losing the game 2-0 from two shots on target while I created 3 one on one chances with a man down and missed all of them of course. Most of my shots are long shots and I think I saw maybe one or two goals scored outside the box the whole season, just perfect. And yes, I specifically forbid every player to shoot from distance. But what can I do when my winger recieve the pass 60 yards from goal and decide that the best thing to do is just blast one towards goal..
  5. Has anyone from SI staff acknowledge that there are issues with mindless and stupid long shots in this ME? Or is it just my tactics? It is quite interesting watching my player try and shoot from impossible angle and 40 yards from goal and the ball goes out for a throw in on the other side of the pitch. And when it happens like 10 times per match with all possible instructions given to avoid such an idiotic thing, I think we have a big problem.
  6. This ME build is by far the worst one on FM18. I am sorry but this is a long shot orgy, totally frustrating and unrealistic. Players shooting from most stupid of positions, shoots going 50 miles off target regularly, players with PPM of "shoots from distance" or "shoots with power" are useless. These to PPM are stupidly implemented since they came in to the game because players with those traits will shoot like 90% of the time instead of passing the ball even when givne PI to not shoot as often. Also, for some reason they are unable to unlearn those traits which to me is just ridicilous. I can't play Bentancur as a SV because the guy will shoot every time he has the ball and is 40 yards from the goal. And yes, he NEVER scores and almost NEVER hits the target!!! So I have to bench a very good player because his player trait makes him unusable in this game.
  7. No preference. Just some names to check out, I need to buy some Italians pronto!
  8. I took over Juve at the start of 4th season after 3 year spell in Sporting. Can you give me a list of young italian players who should be Juve quality by now. I have a few Italian players of quality in the squad so I'm looking to bring more in.
  9. I've been playing on flexible always. I can change formation,mentality,roles and duties but I always leave shape on flexible. It's perfectly playable like this and I am not a master manager but I can say I had a lot of success playing like this. also failures but I just wanted to say that you don't ever need to play anything other than flexible to achieve good results.
  10. Finished my 2nd season with Sporting with another title. I have won 2 league titles, league cup and supercup. My squad for 3rd season looks like this. Only I am considering maybe to buy one more player but I'm not sure should I do it or should I trust my young players. I still have 100mil in the transfer budget. GK - Rui Patricio DR - Fagner (27mil from corinthians) DC - Domagoj Vida (3mil from PSG,absolute steal!) DC - Joao Palinha DL - Jonathan Silva DM - Cheikou Kouyate (4mil from West Ham) MC - Daniel Braganca MC - Jean Michel Seri (8mil from Bayern) AMR - Malcom (32mil from Bordeaux) AML - Marcos Acuna ST - Maximiliano Romero (5mil from Velez) S1 - Pedro Silva S2 - Malang Sarr (13mil from Nice) S3 - Danilo (1.5mil from Braga) S4 - Francisco Geraldes S5 - Iuri Medeiros S6 - Ribamar (6mil from Santos) S7 - Bruno Paz
  11. I just started the save with Sporting. Very good squad except defenders. I had to sell Coates. So now it's even worse. Bought Danilo from Braga for 1.8mil. Very cheap considering his attributes. Anyway, there is so much talent in Sporting B and u19, it's crazy.
  12. Couple of things: 1. when awarded a penalty there is a green bar at the top with the change player option(change penalty taker). when I click on cahnge player I get a menu with players on the pitc, I select player X and confirm, but the penalty is still shot by player Y. Is this a bug? 2. Why is there no scout & shortlist option? Only scout OR shortlist. Doesn't make any sense. If I want to shortlist him, then I have to again find him and scout him or vice versa. Not practical and quite illogical. 3. Inability to bypass the horizontal tactics pitch when playing a game and get to the classic vertical one is really a pain in the ass. I'm sorry but it just is. Terible design decision IMO. 4. Koscielny is homesick and wants to go back to France. I don't want to keep him unhappy and agree to sell him. After he was sold, I have Cech coming to me and asking why did I let a team leader go? From there, I have NO option to explain that he was homesic and wanted to go. I have to say something totally untrue and hope I don't upset Cech and with him half the team. So, no proper context option to defend my actions. 5. High injury risk for players playing 3 games in 14 days. I'm sorry but isn't it totally normal for top level teams to play 3 games in 14 days? If it was 3 games in 7 days, I would understand but this is a bit over the top. 6. Players asking for new contracts when it's only couple of months pass since they signed the new one. Other than that, I'm enjoying the game.
  13. I've tried all kinds of stuff playing 4-2-3-1 deep and wasn't happy with any of it. So, I decided to go back to regular 4-2-3-1 with two MC's and "back to basics" roles. And the imrovements are immense. https://imgur.com/a/d9Epz TI: Standard/Control-Flexible pass shorter close down more higher line work ball into box
  14. How do you set up your wingbacks and 2 MC's?
  15. I am sorry mate, I'm playing with Arsenal and Rob Holding is crap.
  16. Ozil played only one of this five games and scored two goals. He got injured though.. Main reason was that AP or AM/S drop too deep for my taste and therfore leave front three a bit isolated. And RMP is doing fine with bringing the ball up to the final third. And with AM/A and DLF/S I have some more movement upfront. Anyway, we will see in the upcoming matches...Man City, Chelsea, Barcelona, ManUtd, Barcelona, Everton.
  17. OK, so I made a few changes. Now it looks like this: https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5a0a92408dd5dd25d4d26fc5 TI: Control/flexible - short passes,close down more,work ball into box,play wide TI(away games): standard/flexible - short passes,close down more,work ball into box, play fairly wide Also when away, right full back has FB/D role. Played five games and won all five, 23 goals scored and 3 goals against and the quality of football on display is very impressive.
  18. So maybe I will try then to put DM/s as DM/D, make the forward CF/A or AF/A and remove overlap. Maybe also I should play segundo volante as support, that should make my two mids defensively more solid.
  19. But the winger is getting enough crosses even with work ball into box instruction. I did remove more expressive TI but it didn't make any notable difference. Also I'm using segundo volante on attack duty, isn't his job to take the ball and bring it to attack. And advanced playmaker in AM position is dropping deep anyway so bringing the ball into final third shouldn't be a problem. Sometimes I remove overlap instruction, but then I'm even more impotent in attack. And finally, standard is just mentality I start the match. Often I will go more aggressive but I just can not make enough chances when playing away. even against mediocre teams. I find it easier to play away against top tems, I can go counter and pass to space and I can be quite dangerous. But against a team like Watford I don't create enough, Watford also doesn't create much, often it's like 5 shots me, 4 long shots Watford at half time..and then I concede some stupid goal from a counter or a set piece and then I go overload with maximum aggression and get an equilizer and create chances..also sometimes I concede the second goal and it's game over.
  20. Ok, so basically as the title of the thread says, I am having huge problems playing away from home in the league. It's 27 games into my 2nd season with Arsenal and I won only 4 away games, with two of those coming as a lucky 3-2 wins. I wasn't happy with a performance even though we won. It was the same bad football we've been producing the whole season. I want to say that I won the league in my 1st season, and at the Emirates we are very good. I think I lost only one game since the start of the save when playing at home. My sytem is this: https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5a0952e58dd5dd25d4d26ee3 TI: standard / fluid, play out of defence, prevent gk distributing, roam from postitons, be more expressive, work ball into box, look for overlap No player instructions. My IF, and my AP will often have bad ratings. I've tried to put them on attack duty, or switch AP with AM..but no difference. I don't know why are we playing lukewarm football at best. Even my home games, I don't really like how we play even though we are winning. It is also true that the season has been riddled by injuries, almost no in form players other than Lucas Moura at right wing and Lacazette (who missed 5 months of season and is now again inured for 6 weeks). So I don't know if it is the system or just the fact players are not in form at all. Also ,I did try playing control,counter...I do change things when I feel the change is needed but in general I am not happy how things are looking and I am out of ideas as to what would be the reason for our ****** performances. Input is very much needed.
  21. I have a Brexit with all non UK players have to get work permits except the ones already playing in the UK. That's the hard Brexit?
  22. Right now ,I'm averaging two injuries per game. Poor Danny Welbeck is forced to play every game, just a matter of time before he breaks down I reckon.. can't remember I managed to put out m strongest 11
  23. When I press continue button and the calendar shows up, I no longer have the circle that shows the game is processing..is this intended to not show? It showed durong the beta.. it's kind of strange like this,not a big deal but still..
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