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  1. If you care about the looks, you're playing the wrong game. sorry.
  2. You are playing the wrong game. Who cares about training and tactic changes? Really? In a game called Football manager? Go and play Fifa little millenial.
  3. The menu list on the left with tactics,training,dynamics etc. should be in the colour of the team. Like Watfrod's should be yellow, Chelsea's should be blue etc..
  4. Feels like groundhog day. I just wonder how will this new tutorial explain the tactical aspect of the game which we, die hards, know is totally counter intuitive in the TC.
  5. Well.."awaiting paperwork" means he applied and is waiting for passport,no? It's just that it takes ages in this case. When a player doesn't want it I think it says in his profile.. "sees no benefit" or something like that.
  6. I'm playing as Atletico in Spain. I have 3 south american players who are considered as FGN. You can only register 3 FGN players in the spanish league. So I bought another one because I saw that one of my FGN players will be eligible for spanish citizenship at the end of the season so I thought he would not be considered as FGN at the start of the new season and I could register another one instead. But, the player who is eligible to get spanish citizenship never got one. On his profile page it says "citizenship: awaiting paperwork". And the whole summer passed, the new season started and he still has that status. Ususally this is automatic and fast, I have no idea why this takes ages to get done?? Because of this now I could not register the new player who I bought from Colombia..
  7. I've changed to flexible. In my 2nd season, again we conceded 44 goals which was again too much. I then sold my entire defence and spent 150mil on new defenders an in 3rd season won the title with 87 points and conceded only 21 goals. Also changed a bit roles..like this: https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5abcd68c138c092e24ab0ac3
  8. it was the wrong formation, now i have written roles and duties. formation is 4-4-2 with one cm in dm position.
  9. Ok, I'm not playing this variant of 442, but I am playing a 442 formation looking like this: gk -GK/D dr- FB/S cd - CD/d cd - CD/D dl - FB/S ml - w/a dmcl - DM/s mcr - AP/s mr - WM/s STL - dlf/s STR - cf/a TI: standard-structured, play out of defence,prevent gk distribution, work ball into box I am playing with Atletico Madrid and finished my 1st season in 5th place which is quite bad. My problem with this, and I can't figure out why, is taht I am conceding way too many goals. I have conceded 48 goals in the league in 38 matches, this is really bad. I don't see this tactic to be overly offensive and I have no idea why am I conceding so many goals?? I also tried to play with DM on defend or put one fullback on defend, or just play counter but nothing changes. Can anybody see what is the issue here, I am going totally insane with this...
  10. I know it can't be disscused here but please send me solution in private msg who knows...How can I fix brazilian club colours, names I fixed but the colours are still wrong. I want to play south american save and this is a game breaker for me..can't find solution anywhere!
  11. I didn't get a golden generation but I did get four players in the span of 3 years who are all 5 star potential, plus two more players who are my rotation players in Juventus. So now, I have 6 academy players in my 1st team roster with trhee of them contributing seriously for the team. I believe this can be qualified as a golden generation of talent..
  12. Is there a problem with BVB finances? I am asking because after the end of my 1st season, I had 320mil in balance with 190mil transfer budget without selling any of my key players. This surely can't be true, I don't believe that BVB have this much money to spend. I did get to the final of CL in my 1st season and earn a lot of prize money but still this is not realistic I believe...
  13. I have wanyama but would like someone with more skill on the ball. CB i'm thinking Laporte, he has 61mil release clause. Donnaruma I know, but I'm afraid he could be too expensive. I will try,we'll see. How much is the price for Brandt?
  14. Enetering my 3rd season. I just made a deal to sell Dele to ManCity which my friend is managing for 200mil. Also sold Lloris for 80million. I hqve 360 mil transfer budget. i need a defensive midfielder,not a playmaker type,more of a enforcer. I need a player that can play AML and AMR. I need a goalkeeper and I need a central defender. Money is not an issue, any suggestions?
  15. I was playing similar roles as you and had good results but nothing spectacular. And then I did a few adjustments that proved to be a big hit. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=fy644 TI: standard/structured. prevent gk passing,work ball in the box,higher def.line,roam from positions. The key for me was switching from IF to the AP on the left, and going structured. These two changes made a world of difference. Then I have options where left FB/A will be WB/S and AP/S will go to AP/A. Usually at home against weaker teams I will do that switch. Also sometimes we go counter/structured with right FB/s to FB/D and left FB/A to FB/S. Usually when we need to see the game out or when playing against stronger opponents away. I can also put AM/A to DM/D if I want even more of defensive stability. Basically I have a lot of options with this little changes and the system as a whole is working great for now wheter we are going more attacking or more defensive. Mentality and duties can change but shape is always structured. Hope this helps.
  16. 2mil net profit for a club like RM is really a drop in the ocean.
  17. It's also fantastic when you combine this incredibly idiotic shooting decisions and balls beeing shot to the corner flag and shoots beeing taken from totally stupid positions like this Coutinho's above for example, with the situations when a player has 3 defenders standing in front of him, like 1m in front and he still decides the best way to go is to shoot at the defender..ffs! It doesn't matter he has options right and left and even pass it back to the defender..no, he will power it straight to the defender and sometimes the ball will come back to him for another one which goes to another defender or is just blasted 359 yards left from the goal. Fantastic. And I am talking about world class players here.
  18. Would like to see this guy with Lazio to post screenshot of his transfer history..loads of insanely expensive players there after 2 seasons...smells like cheating.
  19. It only happens in comprehensive highlights
  20. I have a weird thing going on with Dele Alli. He refused to sign a new contract and wanted a transfer. I couldn't do anything so I promised to sell him even though I don't want to sell him. After a week he said that he wants a new contract. I offered and he signed and I thought taht was it. But after I saw he still has "unh" icon..I checked and it says I promised him he will be sold. So now I'm in January and if I don't sell him the whole team will be unhappy and morale will plummet to "okay" as best. I know because I already have the same situation in my other save. Is there any way to do something so my teams morale don't fall off. I don't want to sell him for less than 150 million and no team can afford him right now. He has 5 years on his contract and I don't want to sell him cheap..On the other hand I can't afford to have my whole squad unhappy.. My friend is playing as ManCity and wants to buy him but has only 90mil budget right now..Does bonuses come out of budget immidiately..For example,he pays me 90mil in cash plus another 90 after Alli plays 20 games?
  21. Maybe give them "play fewer risky passes" instruction and short passing..maybe it helps. Is there a problem playing without any DM players and defend duty in your midfield? I find it to be a big problem for me when I try to create any system without defensive duty mids or player in the DM strata..
  22. I'm playing 4-2-3-1 looking like thiS: http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=f32vx3 TI: play out of defence,prevent gk distribution,work ball into box,higher def.line Mentality: Standard/flexible I am having high possession in most of the games, dominating. Problem is that I am seeing a lot of off target shots. Game after game I will have like 15 shots and 5 on target or something like that. Sometimes a lot of long shots. Most of the goals scored are by my striker Pellegri who is on fire, he has 14 goals in 11 apps this season. When he is not playing we can't seem to score anything. Also my whole team is in bad morale because of my broken promise to one of my players so I have 22 unhappy players and this is also probably the reason we struggle. Sometimes I switch mentality to control against stronger teams who will push a bit higher. I tried to play counter with high def.line against weaker teams to make me some space to run into and we have quite a lot of chances then, the problem is we also suffer in defence then. Standard mentality gives me the most balance, we attack and dominate even though we squander a lot of shots stupidly but also we are quite OK defensively, we don't allow much chances against. I just need to make some tweaks to make us more ruthless in attack, DLP/D and CAR/S as two pivots looks fine to me, I'm happy how they control possesion and also defensively they are quite solid. Inside forward on the right is dangerous, I'm not sure with AMC..should I go for AP or Treq..Should I go also for IF role on the left wing too?
  23. This is what I alos talk about. This horrific shots from great players and their stupid decisions to shoot instead of just run in to the box and score easy 1-on-1.. And you can see this all the time. also I've noticed quite a lot wieird results in CL knock out phases..results like 5-2,6-3,3-4,etc..very high scoring games are dominating which is a bit strange. I had PSG smashing PSV 8-1 and 7-1 in two legged tie.. I know PSG is awesome but still....
  24. This is my first attempt to create a 3 men defence system. Usually for the last few FM's I used only 4-1-2-2-1. This year I managed to create 4-2-3-1 deep based on Cleon's thread and had some success with it but now I have a good roster of players for this 3-5-2. Problem is I have never managed to make 3 men defence to work for me, so I'm looking for some input. https://imgur.com/a/hhBT6 TI:standard/flexible, play out of defence, much higher def.line, use offside trap, use tighter marking,work ball into box I'm just looking for advice about my midfield role distribution, are the two mezzalas too offensive and should I switch one of them to a more static role like DLP or CM/S (hold position)? And should I then release one of the WB to an attacking role? I'm not sure there is enough penetration from midfield and wb positions, I'm not sure if mezzala on support is enough attacking and if I switch one to attacking role, I'm worried I will lose balance in midfield.. Any advice and thoughts?
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