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  1. Long balls from wing to wing are a bit tiresome. I'm sure there was something done with the ME since the release because now I'm seeing some of this passes being too short or defenders manage to intercept which was not the case immidiately after release but still...it needs to be seriously toned down.
  2. I've seen to many high scoring games. From the top of my head..9-0, 9-1, 5-4, 6-3...9-0 and 9-1 were games Liverpool-Chelsea and Chelsea vs some club in CL groups. Quite strange.
  3. Second season means three transfer windows in which you can spend hundreads of millions and buy 10 players so that doesn't mean the current squad of players is overpowered.
  4. Started a new save with ManUtd. Managed to sign Maddison for 40mil, Belotti for 40mil and David Brooks for 25mil. All of them without any problems which is a bit strange. I thought their clubs would be much tougher to negotiate, especially Leicester for Maddison. Also I don't think United are overpowered again as some people here said. If you remove De Gea, Pogba and Maguire it is quite an average side tbh.. PS. i also signed Bruno Guimaraes from Atletico Paranense for 38mil release clause. The guy looks absolute class.
  5. Well,fee was actually quite on the cheap side. 78mil euros for Pogba doesn't sound a lot at all. Wage is 1.8mil/month which is high but nothing that PSG couldn't manage.
  6. Signed Pogba for PSG and board says it's only a B- transfer which is weird. I think in RL they would consider it as A+ with his marketing value and the fact he is the star of the french national team who just came to play for the best team in France.
  7. Great job guys. Game works fantstic, ME is very good for me. Seen great variations of goals although not one through ball through the middle but not much crosses like in FM19. Very good. Managed to sign Pogba from Utd for 78mil euros which is a bit cheap I'd say. He requested transfer and they sold him for his value which was strange. He should be more expensive. Plays like a demon for me with 4 goals and 3 asists in 6 games.
  8. It just the message "the teams are warming up" takes too long. About a minute almost. FM19 was normal for me. I have i5 2.8ghz with 4gb or ram and geforce gtx950 .
  9. It takes forever to enter the match for me. FM19 was working perfectly. This is unplayable for me as is.
  10. Why would Beta be out 3 weeks prior to the release? It was always 2 weeks before, don't remember it was ever out 3 weeks before the full game...
  11. That would mean the beta is due this Friday which I doubt it will be.
  12. I did read a few days ago release date was Nov20th, can't remember where..But obviously it was fake news.
  13. You can play any mentality with counter press. At least that's what I do and I'm having quite good succes. I have to say that 90% of the time I play positive, but I also use cautious, sometimes defensive and attacking. My base TI are always the same, I just switch the mentality when needed. I always play high def. line(not the highest) with the highest possible LOE, with tight marking and extremely urgent pressing. It works well on any mentality. If leading late in the game, Sometimes I switch off counter press, but that's it.
  14. I started a new save with Milan. It's going fine, we are on a good run of form atm and sitting in 3rd place. I have to say tha Suso is really bad for me, and I think he will be the first one to be sold. With a price of 40mil and Real Madrid interested , I'm hoping to get at least 60-70mil for him. What's the financial situtation with Milan after the 1st season? What transfer budget am I to expect? My #1 priority in the summer is Nicolo Barella, but also I am lurking at Federico Chiesa. Not sure there will be enough money to go for him though.
  15. good luck,mate! Your midfield looks quite shambolic and nowhere near the PL level tbh. At least you have ok defenders.
  16. This tactic is absolutely a monster. It produces a LOT of long shots, but is absolutely dominating in every game. You will have scoring from the front 4 and BBM. I've tried to tone down the number of long shots and to produce more CCC by using work ball to box on lower mentality but it doesn't seem to help a lot. There can be games where you will concede from just a couple of shots due to the high line and fail to score enough and lose or draw but it's like very very rare. Usually it is problematic against ******,park the bus opposition where you won't suceed in breaking them. But after you score first goal it's a walk in the park. Against tougher and stronger teams who will attack you this is just insanely good. I have tried this with HSV, Real Madrid and Racing and it worked in all 3 saves like a charm. To be honest, I don't know why exactly. I would never build this kind of tactic with so few attack duties and such aggressive full back roles with basically no real DM but it works. I only switch DLF/A to PF/A. But both work fine, it's just my preference. Also I change the mentality sometimes , switching between balanced and positive usually. When failing to break down the opposition or chasing the game, you can go to attacking/very attacking and put attack duties for fullbacks and/or IF's.
  17. Hi guys! Does anyone knows how can I put Mexican and MLS teams to participate in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana competitions? I never used the editor, have no idea how to do it and if that is possible?
  18. Help! I can not decide what save to start. I have two options. One is FC Laussane form Switzerland 2.tier, a club with foreground sugar daddy. The other is Chivas Guadalajara form Liga MX. A club who can only buy and use Mexican nationality players. Lausanne save would be like a long term one club save and the other would be more of a Latin America save with changing clubs and leagues. But I just can't decide what to do and always load up my current HSV save..
  19. Funny. After the update I was not able to get any consistency with my previous tactic which worked fine on 19.2. I switched and changed, trying everything possible an still couldn't get anything to work. There was games I'd win, and then lose the next one with my team not playing very well neither while winning nor losing. And then I said, **** it, and created gegenpressing on attacking mentality and from there we went on an unbeaten run to finish the season and secure Europa League spot. Not just unbeaten run, but bossing the games. So now, I decided to stick with it for next season and see how it goes. And just to be clear, I'm not playing with some powerhouse club, I'm HSV entering my 6th season. Previous positions in 1.Bundesliga were 15th, 7th, 3rd, 6th.
  20. Can't buy an away win to save my life after the update..3 wins away with 5 games to finish the season. Nothing I do seems to make a difference..
  21. Why is HSV board so cheap? I'm in the season 2022/23, and we managed to qualify for the CL football. In the beginning of the game HSV has some big debts but all of them are paid by this point, there is only one left ant it's just 240k per month which is easily manageable. I have 120mil in the bank, wages under control below the budget, and still my transfer budget for the season is only 25mil euros?? We have a 57000 stadium with average attendance at almost full house, I'm getting tired of this to be honest. Every season 20mil transfer budget, and it was fine because we didn't really have that much cash and were not playing in the CL but now this, with big stadium, very small debt, and 100mil in the bank and still only 25mil for new players? And, the option to ask for more money is not there also. It's quite demotivating not being able to strenghten the squad properly knownig there is lots of cash just sitting in the balance for no reason.
  22. I never used them, they are irrelevant for the game I think.
  23. Monaco is just unfair with so much talent. Really, it's like you don't even know what you have until coaches tell you XY is trainig well, then I click on some u19 player and it's like..daaaamn! Another 4/5 star prospect.
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