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  1. Just click on the 2nd answer..don't even read the questions and answers. Boring and totally irrelevant to the game.
  2. I think he wants to say that Busquets is dlp/d for dm position with a full green circle but when he puts him there hr doesn't have it. I noticed the same thing in my save. One game he will have a full green and next game he does not. Same role ,same tactic.
  3. So I get this message when trying to run the game: Any solutions?
  4. To me it's just overwhelming. Have no idea how to construct a year long schedule, so I just leave it to ass man. So it's possible to edit his schedules if you want but leave the majority of training to him?
  5. Played 5 games with 19.1 and it's nice but also think that now the tempo and directness is over the top. I'm playing control possesion with slow tempo and short passing and now it's just to many direct long passes that look great but aren't exactly what I want my team to play. I did also see some nice through balls in the final 3rd which is nice.
  6. Where is the height and weight info in player profiles? Can't seem to find it..I hope it's just a bug and they will bring it back, it's stupid we are not able to see the height of a player. Also it would be nice to have a little flag next to nationality in player profile on the attributes page.
  7. Red Dead is keeping me from playing FM19(also the injuries don't help).
  8. GK__ De Gea / Horn DR__ Valencia / Fosu Mensah DC__ De Ligt / Lindelof DC__ Varane / Tuanzebe DL__ Guerreiro / Vagnoman DM__Matić / Fred MC__ Pogba / Perreira MC__ Milinković Savić / Herrera AMR__ Sanchez / Lingard AML__ Martial / Rashford ST ___Lukaku / Werner
  9. I also see lack of movement from the strikers. Never goes to channels, stays in the middle all the time. Any role, the lack of movement is the same.
  10. I'm not playing as Juve. I'm playing with ManUtd. Using 4-3-3(or 4-1-4-1 in this years game)..Control posession preset but I changed the roles a bit and mostly I remove shorter passing instruction and play balanced instead of positive against weaker teams. I find with positive mentality and short passing I have lots of possession but have trouble create chances against weak teams.
  11. Strikers seem to have weird movemet or lack of movement. when my IF runs inside, my striker never moves to the side to make space or tries to do anything to open himself up for a pass or for one-two, so it always ends with IF not having a pass option..and striker does it no matter what role I give him. DLF who hasmoves into channles instruction, he never gets in the channels..I think that maybe there is a ME problem with striker movements.
  12. Finished my 1st season in the 4th place in the league. Had to win the last game of the season to clich it and it was very good ending for our league performance because for most of the season we were between 6th and 8th position, we managed to have a little win streak in the last 5 games so somehow managed to clinch the 4th spot. We lost the FA cup final to Liverpool 2-0, a very bad performance by us. Champions League was great, finished 2nd in the group behind Real Madrid and then eliminated BVB, Napoli and Barcelona to get to the final against ManCity. Went 2-0 up in the first half an hour but then lost our composure and lost 3-2 with late goal from Stones in 85th minute. Quite disappointing but didn't expect to get to the final in the first place so after all it was a good tournament for us. As far as transfers go 1st season we brought in Victor Nelsson (9mil), Timo Werner(55mil), Mathijs De Ligt(45mil) and Raphael Guerreiro(47mil). Had a revamp in the summer , players that left: Shaw(free), Jones(free), Smalling(13mil), Romero(18mil), Fellaini(25mil), Young(free), Darmian(free) and Mata(free). New players in: Sergej Milinkovic Savic(59mil), Raphael Varane(80mil), Josha Vagnoman(11mil), Timo Horn(14mil) Now we are quite thin in DLP position with no real player there behind Matic. Using Fred there as a 2nd choice, and full back positions with Valencia and Fosu Mesah as right options and Guerreiro and Vagnoman as left backs (Vagnoman is naturally also right back). That's our next transfer goal, 2nd choice left back and DLP (although James Garner from U23 looks promising for this, we will see). Played 8 games in the league 2nd season, we have 7 wins and 1 draw, but quite easy run of games I must admit (we played only Arsenal as far as top teams go and won). In the CL we have a tough group with Atletico Madrid and Inter adn Young Boys and we lost in Switzerland but managed to win against Atletico, now we have two massive games against Inter, must not lose both games. As far as individual performances Pogba, Sanchez, Martial, Guerreiro and De Ligt are our top players. Varane broke his leg in the pre season so he is still recovering but I believe he and De Ligt will be our rock on which to build.
  13. Tweaked preset all the way, changing some roles and duties and some TI's..
  14. In the option of counter press/regroup and counter/hold shape...How does the team behave if you don't have neither counter nor hold shape clicked? Are they holding shape or are they countering? I don't get it..
  15. The game offered me induction on training at the start of my save but I refused because I didn't want to do it at the time but now I'd like to do an induction of trainig, any way I can manually run an induction and if so how?
  16. I'd say the ammount of injuries is not that unrealistic but the severity of injuries is. Rarely it's a knock 1-3 days, for me almost every injury is like 3 weeks and I had 3,4 injuries for 3 -5 months..
  17. I'm having an unrealistic schedule problem. Playing 4 games in one week! It is just not possible in real life. In a fight for a top4 with three games left and two games I must play with one day of rest between them plus CL semis three days before and after this two games and my team depleted with injuries .. :rolleyes:
  18. There is an option in trainig to set plyers with what intensity you wish based on their current fittnes. By default they will train normally but you can set players with fittness below 60% for example not to train at all or to train light or whatever. Quite easy to set up, I don't bother with training now because it's a bit overwhelming but this I did and it helped with injuries, not having so many as before I changed it.
  19. Tunnel press conf. are extremely annoying this year. I dont remember so many od them in FM18. Here almost every game there is a tunnel press conf. I let my assistant do it or just click on no comment but still sooo annoying. Wish the option to turn press conf. off in settings. The most annoying thing in an otherwise stellar game.
  20. Do you guys use the preset tactics or do you create your own from scratch?
  21. Lag in press conferences is noticable for me. Also quite a lot of injuries, not sure if it's just my luck or what but every game I have one serious injury where I have to sub a player. Also with ManUtd I am unable to create one decent chance from open play, we are sooo bad it is almost as real life. :D
  22. Yeah..considering my ManUtd managed to score 3 goals and concede 9 in the first 6 games, I'd say that statement is true.
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