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  1. Idk man..I don't keep track. He ddid score a couple of pens for sure. But my 2nd scorer is Pogba and 3rd is Maddison. One is MC and other is AMC. So that's 3 top scorers all play through the middle. I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying my centre players are scoring goals.
  2. btw NK Sesvete? Interesting choice. I'm from Zagreb so it's a bit funny to see someone chose Sesvete to manage.
  3. On FM19 it was for sure possible to go from accomplished to natural.
  4. Lucas Digne is a beast for me at left back. Cost me only 23mil which is a bargain for him. Now I'm not sure wheter to go for Sancho, he has 88mil release clause or do I save money and go for Mbappe in the summer who "wants to move to a bigger club". Pogba doesn't want to sign a new contract so if I sell him there should be enough money to bring Mbappe I hope but not sure if he would consider ManU as bigger club.
  5. I don't know if this is just a placebo but my team is performing considerably worse without Pogba on the pitch. So I'm thinking is it finally the FM in which the difference between the star player and his sub represented as in real life. I'm hoping it is..
  6. Anybody did a few seasons already? How is Mejbri doing? Haven't given him a debut yet, I'm only half of the 2nd season but I'm planning to start to give him some games, he is looking very good with only 17yr old.
  7. Liverpool had 56 games unbeaten run in the league in my save. I don't think I've ever seen AI manager doing that well before.
  8. But my talents are improving very well..I don't see anything wrong with them. Greenwood, Mejbri, Garner, James..all of them are imrpoving rapidly in a good way.
  9. I'm playing my save from the 1st day of beta release and I have no idea what bug you are talking about. So to say it's gamebreaking is a bit of an overstatement.
  10. Finished the 1st season 3rd place and also won EL. 2nd season, played only 12 games so far, won 11 and lost 1. In CL secured knock out round with 2 games to spare. I've cleared almost all of the deadwood (Jones, Smalling, Matic, Mata, Young,Lingard,Fosu Mensah..) . Unable to get rid of Sanchez due to his large salary but I find him as a useful bench player. My team currently: GK's: De Gea, Henderson, Russo (brought in from Sassuolo for 3mil) DEF: Wan Bissaka,Dalot, Tuanzebe,Maguire,Lindelof,Ake (40mil from Bournemouth), Shaw,Digne(23mil from everton) MID: Fred, Bruno Guimaraes(38mil from Paranense), Pogba, McTominay, Florentino Luis (75mil from Benfica), Garner ATT MID: James, Brooks (31mil from Bournemouth), Maddison (34mil from Leicester), Pereira, Sanchez FWD: Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Belotti (40mil from Torino)
  11. Anyone remember CM01/02..or was it 00/01? The one where Roma was practically unbeatable with Batistuta and Totti and Capello as manager? Well, enter Liverpool on FM20. Lost 0 games in my 1st season in the league and 8 games into 2nd season they are again with 8 wins. That is now 46 games unbeaten. I know they are supposed to be good but this is getting quite scary now. At least it is a challenge to beat them to the title I guess.
  12. Played some games and have to say that Digne is an absolute class.
  13. When registering players for champs league there comes news to register players for PL even though PL already started and deadline for registering had passed 3 weeks ago.
  14. Ok ..first game on 20.1 won 6-1. 3 penalty goals, 3 goals from crosses and one gk mistake goal. Also another penalty review which makes it 4 VAR penalty reviews. not good signs for 20.1 i'm afraid.
  15. Ma United board are a bit too demanding. Winning the europa league and 3rd in the PL and it's only a C+. Also I'm required to increase commercial revenue? How is that the job of a manager and what am I expected to do exactly? Also to ensure we have the best youth academy in the world? The facilities are state of the art, what else is there to do?
  16. Bought him too for my United side. Haven't started the 2nd season yet but he played great for Everton in the 1st season and I expect him to be an upgrade on Luke Shaw who was pretty average for me and Brandon Williams is not developing as good as I expected him to. For 23 mil I think I couldn't have done better than Digne.
  17. He couldn't break into my team in the 1st season. I have Belotti who is indestructible and played almost every game of the season in attack and on the right I bought Brooks from Bournemouth who is developing brilliantly. With that said Mason had developed very very good with playing only about 10 games(mostly europa league and carabao). This season I plan to use him more. I also received a bid of 72 million euros from Norwich for him.
  18. Ther is no legal way they can put pressure on the SI. So what pressure are you talking about?
  19. And why would they do that? They are not breaking any laws and can code as they want. They are perfectly aware people will not play the game with fake names, logos and players. Because it will get to that.
  20. There will ALWAYS be a way to get all the graphics no matter what anyone does. Have you been living under a rock? Music, movies, apps...you name it. You can get everything for free if you want so I don't see a way they will be able to stop people get to their files one way or the other. There is always a way people. BTW there is absolutely no way I'd play this game if I couldn't rename ZEBRE or any other fictional club name.
  21. AI is constantly making perfect touchline shouts with their whole team being green always. Not once do AI **** up with their shouts. A bit on a cheat side if you ask me. Also let's tone down on the cross field balls pretty please. They're a joke.
  22. The whole interface of contract negotiations is a mess as far as I'm concerned. Complete disaster as there was absolutely zero need to change it from what it was.
  23. Is Almeria a sugarddady club of the type that will throw money at the club to spend?
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