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  1. Also remove "be more disciplined" TI. Do I need to explain why?
  2. Yes,I know..anyway I ditched 4231 for now and set up 4123 and managed to win 4 in a row with pretty dominating performances, so I'll stick to that for now ...btw Kongdogbia and Bender in midfield is what I call "solid block of concrete".
  3. So ,we continue in the second season with the same style! How can you not think the AI is biased, this has been going on forever to me. In the first leg against Inter I'm with 10 players after 20 minutes and I score two goals, second one in 72th minute. AI scores two goals after that in 74th and 79th minute Btw, I'm playing like this now, it looks much better for now..
  4. Yeah, I keep mentality on control but when i lower to standard it doesn't help at all. It is even worse as far as on the pitch performance goes. I mean you can see the away goal difference..17 goals scored in 17 games and conceded 20. So not many goals in general. But it's just impossible to get any quality performance away against even the worse teams..it's just crazy. I have no idea why..The tactic looks fine to me but maybe I'm missing something. But it's really killing the game for me, like in all my saves I will struggle away like Jesus on the cross!
  5. OK, can anyone tell me why is it that my team turn to total ******* when we play away games? Like what is the reason that they cant get a win to save their lives? I have no words for this... I mean this away games problem I have in all my games, no matter what I do. I am tired of tactics ffs..I have no idea anymore!!!
  6. It's more of how to set up the 3 AMC's to connect with the two DMC's. Would you say a Treq would be a good role for AMC? Does he drop deep enough?
  7. That is totally right. However, I have not be able to have any good results with DMC's in this system. I don't know why. Usually I pair DLP/S and DM/D, and in this system I always had AMC on support so he is not to far from DMC's..I don't know. But I will try again with two DMC's, it should also allow for more attacking fullbacks. What do you think?
  8. I won't change atm ,I'm just having a conversation about it and collecting opinions.
  9. So it would be better to play DLP and CM/D? My TI for pressing is "sometimes"..
  10. yeah, but you say it's not solid and OK, mybe not. But what are my options exactly? I can make him CM/D ant that role still has closing down high by default. I can make him CM/S but with control menatlity he won't exactly be a holding player with that role. I can make him a DLP/D but I'm not sure what's the point of having two DLP's. So that's about it. I did play CM/D and CM/S and I didn't notice any effect on my attacking play to be better. I'm watching every game on comprehensive highlights now and I have to say I really don't see the issue with BWM/D beeing draged out of position nor do I see a difference between CM/D and BWM/D, on the heat map their positioning is basically the same..
  11. I think I used the wrong phrase, I meant that I am not conceding too much goals..only 6 in 13 games in the league and 1 in 4 games in Euro league. My problem is that I don't score as much as I'd like. I never used BWM before because it was quite bad rep role on the forums, but I tried now when I read this thread and also because Sven Bender is just the perfect BWM. I don't really see the issue with my CM pairing with the roles I have. It is quite solid. I'm just trying to get the front four roles to work a bit more dangerous. Or front three because my AMR is AP/S andd he is more of a third midfielder than he is attacking danger.
  12. Okay, so after reading this thread a bit I decided to load up a new save and try making 4231, something I haven't really been able to do in the past. My formation of choice for years was 4-3-3(4-1-2-2-1 in FM terms). I chose Dortmund as the team I'll manage. The idea is to make a possession based 4-2-3-1 playing control football. I chose control mentality and structured team shape. The instructions are: retain possession,lower tempo,close down sometimes,prevent gk distribution and play out of defence and higher tempo. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=s1my6 I've played total of 21 games in all competitions this far and I have only one defeat,against Bayern away(0-1). Possesion stats are good, averaging 58%, the highest in the league. I concede quite a few goals, but also don't score too much. The problem is ther is not much penetration up front. The games are more of my team controling the ball,passing nicely but not much agressive moves when in the final third. I started with low tempo but then decided to put it on higher to get more purpose, it helped a bit but not much. When I have the lead, I've tried to implement slightly different player roles: http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=s1n1 This combines with "pass into space" instruction added to the original TI's. I tested this only two times and was quite pleased with how the SS plays, this slight change made the team much more dangerous. I didn't try this with the result beeing neutral though. I would like maybe to make my front four more dangerous, I'm not sure what to do and what to change though. I'm getting results like this but it's more that I'd like to score 2,3 goals and put the game to bed because now I usually have 1-0 lead and can never relax . Although maybe I need better players at ST and IF positions. Because I can have lots of chances but somehow struggle hard to score a goal.
  13. And yet the game will say that 4-2-3-1 formation is different than 4-4-1-1. You should be able to get defensive play from an AML/R player the same way you get offensive play from ML/R player. Unfortunately in this game it's not possible. Barca absolutely never plays 4-1-4-1 formation in RL, yet in FM terms they do. It's just wrong.
  14. yes, but the thing is 4-2-3-1 is not 4-4-1-1, and 4-1-4-1 is not 4-3-3, is it? And 3-5-2 is not 5-3-2.
  15. well, the philosophy they demand is "play attacking football"..and the bar is at 100%. So the team produces attacking football with defensive/counter mentality. Thats the thing with mentalities in this game. They are not what the game says they are.
  16. What I created was this: GK/D DR/FB/A CD/D CD/D DL/FB/A MR/W/A MCR/AP/S MCL/DLP/D ML/W/A STR/TREQ/A STL/CF/S mentality: defensive or counter (you can chose which one you like, I had great results with both but tend to stick with counter) TI: pass to space,higher tempo,close down more,prevent gk distribution You can also switch DLP to CM, or you can switch striker roles maybe with DLF instead of Treq. Depends what kind of players you have. Sometimes I had problems against good teams where they would start to dominate in my half way too much because of my deep defenive line so than I had to switch to more attacking 4-2-3-1 but in majority of games, this system worked perfect. I've played this with Real Madrid and really dominated the league. Lost in CL final though.
  17. Having played 7 seasons with Everton, yes he absolutely is worth the money. Plus, you can sell him for 100 mil euros. I was offered the amount several times by PSG and Real.
  18. So,what's this? An exam? You dont think I've tried bunch of variations without much sucess? As far as I can see how is the movement a problem with CM/a and BBM who will both make runs, false 9 will drop deeper,inside fwds will run to space left by him, wing backs will supply the width..where exactly is the lack of the movement here? I don't get it. Space- I've tried counter or standard to be more deeper but that didnt get me anywhere. Only thing I can do is play control with much deeper line maybe..
  19. OK, but can you give me some advice as how to do it and what to change? And do they not sit deep when I'm playing at home but there I just win without much trouble??
  20. I have no idea why this is happening. At home I'll have 20 shots and 3,4 CCC's and away I'll have 10 shots with zero or 1 CCC. Also, I have won away against Sevilla,Atletico,Bilbao and Valencia . But I have struggeld against very poor teams compared to mine. IDK...should I ditch some attack duties?
  21. Where do you suggest I start? Madrid save just goes as an example of this illogical ME. One system that will give you football that absolutely shatters and destroyes everything when playing at home and then the same system can not buy a win away from home against bottom feeders of the league. Where's the logic in this?
  22. Look, there's like 10 people here that will defend the game. I talk with people in RL and they all agree with me on this point. Developing a consistent tactic on this ME is just impossible. On top of that, AI will punish absolutely everything no matter how bad AI's players are.
  23. sure,mate. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z6pZ6juvEufbSb_3cXb90oBQj0uOoiA3XhC4s-dl3fI/edit#gid=0
  24. I think we do realize and there is no need for repeating that mantra. I also realize that AI definitely IS better at finishing, no matter what you say. And I will base this on around 15 seasons played over various saves where there is this common issue of user team with more CCC losing to AI which has less. So you can now say whatever, I know what I see in the game.
  25. I'm also having huge problems with away games, playing as Real Madrid. I don't want to change formation for away games but my tactic at home is 17w and 2d and zero lost while away is 7w,5d and 7lost. I don't get it. On top of that I've beaten Sevilla,Bilbao,Atl Madrid and Valencia away. So majority of losses and draws came against midtable and bottom table teams. I really don't know why this is happening.
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