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  1. I did change the roles a bit. I have now a regista and DM/D in midfield with AP/S-AM/A-DLF/S as front three. I've tried CF/S but I felt DLF/S is having better performances. I did only play quite bad teams in my pre season though. We'll see how all this will be holding up once the season starts. I switched also to Control/fluid (much higher line,shorter passing). I'm having a lot of possession, without ball the two wingbacks are more full backs,so it gives me 5 players in defence which is good, in attack there is a square with two DM's and two AM's in the middle, and wingbacks as options on the wings, lot of passing options. It looks good. I only wonder how will this look against better teams and will the high def line be too much of a risk. Maybe I should put keeper on SK/A so he sweeps long balls over the defence.. Anyway, I hope this team could make some noise. If it all doesn't fall apart once the season starts, wouldn't be the first time everything looks good in friendlies and turns to crap when it matters.. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=s318f
  2. Actually I'd like to play more of a possession based game. when I think about it, maybe it would be better to use fluid shape without more expressive instruction, so that the players would be more tighter on the pitch, without big gaps since I have 4 players in DM strata. I'm not home right now, I'm just thinking at work about tactics since I had total meltdown with my 4-2-3-1 in the second half of 1st season. Like after 15 wins in a row, the same system had a complete epic collapse, I've no idea why. So I want to try something different..
  3. Something like this: http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=s314s I was thinking standard/flexible..much higher def line, short passing,close down more,be more expressive and roam from positions. What do you think the front three roles should be, I'm not sure about that. And how do roles I assigned look in general, did I do some big mistake somewhere, what do you think?
  4. What I hate the most in this version is..finish the season on a high, everything's nice and good. In offseason spend loads of money and bring two world class players to boost an already good team, play friendlies where the team is looking good, scoring, playing nice football. And then, official start of the season..all of a sudden my team looks and plays like ****, barely win home game against newly promoted minnows, scrape a lame draw away to mediocre team and get blown away at home by top half team. And my team scores like 2 goals in 3 games. So now, it will be like this for couple more games so that rivals have a nice cushion in points advantage before my team starts playing good on a regular basics and it's like that in every damn save I play. I loose will to play and then play again after few days,can't help it but it is soooo frustrating..
  5. Are the finances in Italy OK? I feel, the clubs are too rich. I'm playing as Milan and at the start of new season I have 140 mil in balance. Projection for next season is 300mil! I really doubt that Milan has that kind of money in RL..
  6. To be fair, Benfica is way overrated in FM16. They won CL in one of my saves 2 times in 3 years which is just crazy. And I'm talking about first three seasons. And I've seen them coming to semis way too often in all my saves in general.
  7. I can't tell him what I want because the game does not allow me to. The kid is a wonderkid, great potential but pretty far from the quality of the player who plays his position (Ivan Cavaleiro). There is no way he can be first choice when I'm fighting for league title and CL trophy. But I also have players who are not wonderkids and probably will never be first 11 players for me but are very good backup players with "backup" status and they are also moaning despite signing a contract that says they are..well, backups!! So the guy has like started 8 games and entered12 from the bench and he is complaining! I'd say he plays quite enough for a backup player,no?
  8. Seriously, this player moaning about of lack of first team football is over the top. I agree that it should be implemented in the game but the way it is now is beyond a joke. How can an 18 year old player who was promoted to senior squad demand first team football when he plays the same position as a 60 million worth best player in the club and possibly division?? And btw this kid plays quite often coming as a sub or starting easier matches. Also players with "backup" squad status..if he signs a contract that says you are "backup" player, how is he not satisfied with coming of the bench?? All my young players(18,10 years old) and "backup" players constantly moaning..It's really frustrating.
  9. I have similar tactic which I like to use away from home. I can see you are struggling in away matches. lower your MC's to DM slots. Leave one on DLP/S and make the other one DM/D with "close down less" PI. Make the wingback on his side WB/A. Leave other wingback on FB/S or WB/S. Up front leave it as it is, although I'd switch TM/S to CF/S. TI: close down less, play fairly narrow,pass to space and retain possession. See how this works for you, I created a machine of my Dortmund team playing 4-2-3-1 deep. Home version is slightly different ,though.
  10. So, am I right the issue where full backs run like idiots towards the middle instead staying and defending wingers is not addresed? Really? :facepalm:
  11. I took over in the summer and I don't think they sold HG players, seems they were operating like that.
  12. AI squad building is really not good. After 5 seasons in Germany I've taken ManCity job and they don't even have enough english players to register for the season. I think you need at least 8 and they have 4 and that if you count a 3rd choice keeper who wouldn't cut it in conference leagues. Really bad and illogical squad building. Now I must buy only english players who I don't even need to replace foreigners who I already have.
  13. In game, I don't think so. But prize money for league position is huge. Champion gets 106 million I think. Second place is around 80mil and so on.. Plus my Dortmund has about 130 mil per year in sponsorship money. So,it's basically every june 200 million at once in your account.
  14. This is so true. I'm playing with Dortmund too and I can basically buy whatever I want. I spent 120mil euro on William Carvalho and still had like 80 mil left in TB
  15. Why did Cleon write all those articles/guides in the first place? Did he do it beacuse of SI or because the players who play the game? If it was for the SI than I can understand his decision not to do it ever again. If it was for the FM community then I don't really get the point of his quiting.. Anyway as far as official guides , I think they are really bad and without Cleon and the guys like him I personally would struggle and quit the game long time ago. Especially FM16.
  16. He also has "close down more" locked in if I remember correctly. So when you give him to "close down less" PI what happens then?
  17. He is great. I also brought him for free after first season. He's worth 27mil now and I have to fight off PSG and ManCity who are both offering me 55mil. But I dont really need money and I cant bring better keeper atm anyway so no way I will let him go.
  18. It's my 3rd season with BVB and finally I'm having nice success with 4321deep. My home system: My away system: So hopefully we can keep this up: My biggest difference maker if I can say that is switching the striker role from CF/S to AF/A. My strikers became much more dangerous ,chasing through balls and connect on crosses. They are scoring majority of my goals.
  19. Would you guys give me your opinion about playing the AMC in 4-2-3-1 deep on attack duty. I'm asking because of the gap between AM and DM positions. Now I'm playing AMC on support, but the thing is I have this player Lincoln, who's got just amazing attributes for a 18 year old player and I think he could be a monster player. But I think he could be a creator and a goal scorer so I was thinking AP/A but I'm not sure about the gap. I'm playing DM's as DLP/S and A/D.
  20. I still haven't managed to get any consistent performances in away games. Even when I do win, it's mostly luck. 4-2-3-1 deep: Rulli Passlack - WB/A Laporte - CD/D Hummels - CD/D Schmelzer - FB/S Weigl - RMPL/S Kongdogbia - A/D Zivkovic - W/S Lucas Lima - AM/S Mikhtaryan - IF/S Lukaku - CF/S TI: control/fluid, play out def,prevent gk,stay on feet,close down more,deep def line,pass to space I also tried standard/fluid with the same TI except deeper line and inside fwd on attack..nothing better happened. I can not score..I have 13 goals scored and 17 conceded in 14 games. I always concede some stupid set piece goal or a counter. Teams like Bayern and Leverkusen just blew me away with like 25 shots on my goal.. I mean my squad is really good quality, I should be able to do better! Home record, same system without deeper line is 15 played, 13 wins and 2 draws. I'm afraid I am out of ideas totally. I don't know what to do.
  21. But why would you want for players of Barcelona's quality to be more disciplined?
  22. well,I have no probs with all 4 support duties at home..
  23. But why then they can score 3,4 goals at home with this roles and away they can't score nothing?
  24. Ok, so I went back to 4-2-3-1, but this time with two DM's. GK - WBL/S-CD/D-CD/D-WBR/A - DMCL/RGA-DMCR/DM/D - AML/IF/S-AMC/AM/S-AMR/W/S - CF/S TI: control/fluid, play out of def., prevent gk distr.,work ball in to box,lower tempo,close down more So, I still have massive issues playing away games. It's just so frustrating. After 17 games, home record is 9played(8wins and 1draw). Away record is 8played(2wins,2draws,4lost). Anytime I play away and dominate, I will have massive trouble scoring but AI will ofcourse always score form a set piece or a counter attack. I can have a million chances but no way I'll score. It's crazy. I've tried deeper line, I've tried lower mentality, I've tried overload...I've tried different formations. I have tried absolutely everything but away games for me are an absolute enigma to solve. It is so frustrating because with a little better away form I would probably win bundesliga. I'm only 6 points behind Bayern even with this catastrophic away games form.
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