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  1. I am using this in Argentina 2nd division with Argentinos Juniors. Since I switched to this we have been absolutely on fire! 19 games, 13wins and 6 draws and 12 points lead already. It is just brilliant system. The problem is when going against 4-3-3, but I find that just placing wingers as wingbacks does the job. Anyway , I just love how the team playes offensively. Beautiful.
  2. Quick update. I decided to play 3-1-4-1-1, one of threads here got me trying with that and it just clicked perfectly for now. Still undefeated after 16 games and have a comfortable 6 point advantage already in the league. Smashing rivals All Boys 6-2 away also felt good. I have a first 11 also decided. Lanzillota-Torren,Freire,Mosevich-Rolon,Marchesin,Silva,Batallini,Cabrera-Rodriguez,Lenci. I'm also trying to give as much playing time as I can to Vera and Alexis Macallister.
  3. I started my save last night also with Argentinos juniors. I disabled the first transfer window transfers so my squad is as it comes. Played 9 games, won 4 and drew 5, and currently sitting on 2nd place with 4 points less than 1st Almagro. But I have a game in hand and next match is away at Almagro. So, this one is pretty important not to lose. I've not yet decided on formation. I started with my classic 433DM, but it just doesn't work here, the front three were constantly getting very low ratings and in general the level of our performances were quite ******. After I switched to Andy's tactic that he posted here, we got better, but this formation I just doesn't like and don't feel comfortable with. Now, I am thinking of switching to 4-2-3-1 or even 3-5-2. Kevin MacAllister broke his leg in preseason and is out for 7 months. Alexis also got an injury that kept him out until now, and in preseason he was maybe my best player. The third one, I don't think he is good enough. I noticed huge improvements for Vera and Gonzales, really rapid improvements only a few months in the season which is great. I expect both to be my key players going forward. Anywa I'm in a bit of a rough spot now with not knowing which system I want to use and already playing catch up in the league I should win so hopefully we manage to find our prefered style while putting points on the board at the same time.
  4. OK. So, I had a lot of help from guys here on the topic of fixing names and title bar/side bar colour. but if I apply that fix which fixes names and title bar, do I need to amend the kit colours too, or will they stay wrong even if title bar is ok colour? This is so tedious...
  5. I would try something like this with Barcelona. 4-3-3; Standard/Fluid. Starting strategy as standard, and switching to control when needed ( I find that when playing bigger teams at home I always play better with control) TI: roam from positions, close down more, pass to space. prevent gk passing gk - GK/D dr - FB/A dc - CD/D dc - CD/D dl - WB/A dmc - DLP/D mcr - CM/A mcl - CM/S amr - AP/S aml - IF/A st - CF/S Maybe I would give Messi AP/A on the right and Neymar as IF/S. But I'm using this system and roles in ManUnited and it works wonders, I think you have perfect players to pull it of in barcelona.
  6. I did but didn't find any solution. So, if anyone knows how to fix it please send me a private message.
  7. No, I know all this. I mean the club colours of brazilian clubs. Like you click on Santos and I have logo and real name Santos instead SAN but the colour is blue when it should be white. i dont need original kit pics to have bit only the normal club colours. Corinthians is yellow instead of white, Gremio is red instead of light blue etc... how do I fix this?
  8. Hey guys! I'd like to start South American career but I want to make brazil teams to have real club colours. How to do that?
  9. Finished the 1st season. Won the league comfortably and also won Europa League with a stroll in the park performance against Fenerbahce in the final, winning 3-0 in the first 30 minutes. I bought only Kalidou Koulibaly in winter transfer window for 45mil euros. During the summer I built the squad the way I feel comfortable, bringing Dele Alli for 69mil euros, Brendan Galloway for 13.5 mil, Milan Badelj for 16mil and Saido Berahino on free transfer. Mensah was retrained to RB and is now natural in this position. I sold Daley Blind, Wayne Rooney and Pereira. Out on loan are Januzaj, Depay, Wilson, Williams and Brothwick-Jackson. Carrick retired. We started the 2nd season furiously trashing Chelsea in CS, beating Real Madrid in SuperCup. In the league we have 5 wins from 5 games, destroying Liverpool 3-0 and Tottenham 5-1 and we opened our CL season by demolishing AC Milan 4-0 at San Siro. We are playing phenomenal football based on quick transition and deadly counter attacks. The first team looks like this: http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=d212 Most notable bench players who are in standard rotation are Zlatan, Mikhitaryan, Schniederlin, Fosu-Mensah and Badelj.
  10. ManUtd has grass/synthetic mix pitch. Is it possible to somehow change it to just grass?
  11. Idk, but I am seeing so few draw games it's quite ridicilous. After 34 games in the league I have only one draw game. Three draws in the entire season?! Surely there is something odd about that. Also the pattern where almost always when playing away at ManCity,Liverpool,Tottenham,Chelsea..I get destroyed by 3-0,4-1,5-1 when this result is absolutely out of context when I'm in superb form and playing ManCity who are midtable in apalling form but they still smash me totally, no matter what tactic set up I decide to play, always the same. Really annoying.
  12. What do you guys do with Pogba? I'm finishing my 1st season, 4 games to go and need only a point to win the league. Playing 4-3-3DM, Pogba plays AP/A in midfield trio but he has av.rating of 7.08, scored 3 goals and has some assists but in general I don't have the production I thought I'll have from him. I'm thinking of making him regular CM/A, maybe then he would get in to more scoring chances. But even if he doesn't score, I would like him to have good ratings, not 7.08 ffs.
  13. I'm playing as ManUtd and he can't buy a goal to save his life.
  14. It would be nice if you could instruct your IF to cut inside occasionally instead of having them cutting inside even where there would be clear that hugging the line is logical thing to do. This really annoys me so much. So much open space on the wing but my IF will still cut inside and run himself in a wall of defenders. Why there isn't a role that mixes hugging the line with cutting inside I don't understand. Just make a player decide what is best in given situation.
  15. Selecting counter mentality doesn't necessairly mean that he wants to play counter attacking football. I sometimes play 4141 defensive with much higher defensive line. The idea is not to park the bus and sit in the GK's lap, but to be more cautious with the ball and not do any stupid rushed or risky passes, to play risk free football, keep the ball and be patient. So, playing counter with high line is not really wrong thing to do as long as you understand what exactly are you doing. On the other hand I agree the roles here are not really sensible. Make your DM a holding player using DM/D or even A/D and give your full backs support duty, no need for them to be defensive. I'd give at least one of them attack duty. Your striker is totally isolated up top, give him support duty and make one of your wing players more attacking.
  16. I started a save with ManUnited and created my favorite 433DM and 4141 formations and then I came across this thread so I decided to try this out. I must say it is great system and it works quite well for now. I don't use the "exploit the left flank" TI, although I do play Shaw on FB/A and MAta as WP/A. My question is, do you use this against very good teams (ManCity,L'pool,Tottenham,Chelsea and continental heavyweights) and how is it working? Because I started the game against City at home with this and it wasn't really good. Like I didn't create anything and they didn't create anything too. They scored some stupid goal because of Bailly blackout and we scored through an own goal. So 1-1 in first half. Then I switched to my 433 and looked much better, eventually won 2-1 through Pogba wondergoal. Against L'pool at Anfield, I started again with this but used "slightly deeper def.line"TI..I got completely overwhwlmwd and battered. It was 3-0 in 25 minutes for Liverpool. They had like 15 shots in the first 45mins. My team did played a horror show of a game with 6.4's all over the place. Second half was damage control with 433 again..it ended 3-0. Against Tottenham I used 433 from the start and won 4-0 because I didn't have confidence in this system again. But against weaker opposition I use it and the team plays very well and win. Although I'm having problems with my striker (CF/S) ..they don't score but to be honest even when they have a good chance they hit the post or miss, so I don't know if it's the tactic or just bad form atm.
  17. Complete forward (s) can play great as a lone forward. I have Vietto in this formation and he is destroying teams. Scored 32 last season and has 21 in 18 games this season.
  18. Well, if you are playing good and winning, than I will say the guy is the only one playing lousy in the team, so I will sub him. More often than not, the player who subbed him will get higher rating playing the same role in the same system. When you have 6 players below 6.7 and playing bad, then ofcourse the subs will do nothing to help you because the problem is clearly in the system or whatever. That is how I look at things at least.
  19. I feel the CD's in this ME tend to close down quite dumb and leave the space behind them and when you play two striker formations they just carve you up no matter what you do. That's why I don't play this formation anymore, or only play it when go against one striker formation. No matter what I do , the CD will always stupidly run towards the player with the ball and your MC who is on defensive duty will never stay with the player (mostly F9) until the end of the move.
  20. Well, if your team is winning 1-0 and your players ratings are all in the 6.8+ level than cleraly the guy on 6.5 or less is having a lousy game and you should sub him. And if you ask me anything below 6.7 rating for me is bad. Usually you will very rarely have a player below 6.7 if you win the game, ratings below 6.7 are almost exclusively had by players when you lose, or draw games.
  21. I know it isn't the place but I don't know where else to ask. I have a real name fix and it's all good, but brasilian teams in my game have just thre letter names and completely wrong team colours. For example Santos is blue and is called SAN..an so on..can anyone point me in the right direction for the fix for this? Real names fix that I have obviously doesn't help with brasilian league. And Betis is still Real Hispalis even with the fix I have..everything else is good.
  22. Centre backs close down very stupidly I must say. Against systems with two attackers I am always having the same issue. Both centre backs will hurry to close down the player with the ball, therefore second striker will always be open for a pass and have 1on1 with the keeper and on top of that the midfield player who is supposed to be defensive orientated will never ever stay with him. This for me is a huge issue. Playing high press and high line against 4-4-2 right now is straight suicide.
  23. It's much faster and smoother. Before the update when I exited the game it took my PC much longer and it had a slight lag upon exiting. But now it is much better. Very nice. ME also seems polished a bit.
  24. My gegenpressing tactic would be something like this.. Control/flexible TI: close down much more, much higher def.line,use tighter marking,use offside,prvent GK passing I would employ this with tactic that has high number of players high up the pitch, so 4-2-3-1 is the best. You also need a high working team with good teamwork and good intelligent passers who can think and react quickly when they win the ball high up the pitch. I am using this system with my team and the results are great. But after I go two goals up, I go back to 4-4-1-1 counter system because this gegenpressing one can be vulnerable on the break.
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