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  1. So, now my TI's are: Shorter passing Be more expressive Counter press Urgent presing Higher def line Standard LOE I've changed left wing role to raumdeuter and right wing role to IW/S and striker to AF and my left full back to WB. It's much better team performance on the pitch all around and we started scoring goals and making lots of chances. This is what I was looking for. Tnx guys!
  2. At the moment I'm in a 27/28 season, managing Bayern Munich. This is my 2nd season at the club, they had a rough patch getting 5th, 7th, 7th in the league before they took me as a manager. We won the title last season , and this season I decided to change my formation from 4231 I was playing the whole career to a 433. I want a possesion style football with high press after we lose the ball. So this is a formation and my roles: https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5e4fafec138c092e24af0596 My team instructions are: Positive mentality (sometimes balanced or attacking) Short
  3. Does anyone except me thinks that player who is "natural" in AMR position should at the very least be acomplished in a MR position. To have a guy natural at AMR and not even awkward at MR..like nothing at MR, no spot at all...this to me is totally stupid and unrealistic and should be fixed for FM2021.
  4. Not really. I don't have a screenshot but the guy is a world class player even for Real Madrid or at the very least is a 4 star player for them for sure. I'm managing Schalke btw.
  5. I added the spanish league in my save before my 5th season and I noticed a lot of players from spanish teams I never ever heard of have brilliant stats. And I'm not talking about newgens but real players presumably from spanish teams reserve squads who developed brilliantly. For example I bought a guy Martin Calderon from Castilla which is Real Madrid's B team and he , according to my scouts, is a world class player. I got him for 13mil. And then I noticed at least 6,7 more players,still in reserve squads, all are around 23,24 year olds with amazing attributes. So there is some kind of we
  6. If you don't choose your team to play "regroup" or "counter press" and just leaving both unselected, what does it mean?
  7. You have 100 goal highlights, I'd say around 70 will be ball over the top for a 1 on 1. 25 will be set pieces or crosses and 5 will be nice chance created by passing the ball between multiple players.
  8. So no club in europe wants a guy who scored 43 goals in 46 apps and is valued 9mil euros? Right...
  9. There is something very weird with AI logic considering transfers. I'll give you my example. So, 3rd season, I just took over FC Basel. I have a striker Arthur Cabral who scored 14 and 16 league goals in the first 2 seasons and his value is 9.75 mil. There comes transfer offers from RB Leipzieg, BVB and Atletico Madrid and I am refusing them and the player is not interested in leaving, so final offers come in with around 45mil euros worth with bonuses from all 3 clubs. I refuse them all and I am thinking..I'll keep the guy for a season and maybe he will be worth even more if he has a good
  10. Who is better..a coach with great attributes but 2 star rep, or a coach with ****** attributes but 4 star rep?
  11. I was given 4.5 mil transfer budget at the start of the 2nd season after promotion. Sold some players and had 9.5mil budget for players and also board decided to upgrade youth facilities for 8.5mil. I think 4.5mil transfer budget for newly promoted side in the Swiss league is quite ok budget to be honest. I bought and loaned in almost entire new first 11 for the 2nd season. Loaned Chong, Garner and Levitt from ManUtd. Bought Martins from Young Boys for 4mil, Pusic from Grashoppers for 950k, Blas Riveros from Basel for 2mil, Jan Kronig from Young Boys for 250k, Patrick Burner from Nic
  12. Mentality: Positive TI: higher tempo, work ball into box, play out of defence, distribute to playmaker, urgent pressing, prevent gk distribution GK - SK/D FBR - WB/S FBL - WB/S DCR - CD/D DCR - CD/D DM - DLP/D MCR - AP/A MCL - BBM AMR - W/S AML - IW/S ST - DLF/A Working fine since the beta. No problems.
  13. Welcome to the FC Lausanne-Sport thread Club Details Status: Professional Reputation: National Nickname: Les bleu et blanc Founded: 1896 Owners: Ineos (private limited company) Stadium: Olympique de la Pontaise (due to move to Stade de la Tuliere /12000 all seater/ for the start of 20/21 season) Capacity: 15 850 FC Lausanne-Sport is a Swiss football club based in Lausanne in the canton of Vaud. Founded in 1896, it plays in the Swiss Challenge League, the second highest league in the country. The team has won seven league titles and the Swiss
  14. I'll say that Mbappe plays totally ****** for me as a lone striker. Could as well put some random guy and will have the same effect. Put him on the wing though and guy wrecks everyone.
  15. I managed to buy Mbappe after all, sent another bid few days before the deadline, 225mil and they accepted. Nice start to the season also, 3 games and 3 goals and 1 assist. :D I play him as IF on the right. Now I have too much AMR/L players..Mbappe,Rashford,Brooks,Martial,James,Sancho. Will have to sell in January. Probably James and Martial.
  16. I didn't manage to get Mbappe. Offered 220mil but all I got in response is "the offer is unacceptable". :D So, I brought in only Bruno Fernandes for 46mil which I think is a bargain price for such a quality player. Managed to sell Chong,Jones,Pereira,Fosu Mensah for combined 55mil. Also I got rid of Sanchez who I gave for free to Fenerbahce but I'm still paying half his wages though. I've sent Laird.Williams, Levitt, Mejbri and Omeragic(young CB I brought from Zurich for 12mil) all on loan. Now my 1st team squad looks like this: https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5ddcd20a138c092
  17. We lost our CL semis against PSG. 1-0 in Paris and then managed only a 1-1 draw at OT. We were better, I felt we deserved a win at least. The finish to the PL season was a little nightmare, losing against West Brom, scraped a win against Brighton and then fineshed it off with a deafeat at Southampton. It was only a continuation of our ****** form since March in the league where we managed only 5 wins until the end. Very bad. I think I will switch from 4231 to 433 as my primary formation next year. Also we have a budget of 325mil euros to spend. Mbappe is our number one target. Also
  18. Maddison is very good for me. Brought in Sancho,took a few games for him to adapt but now he started to be great signing. Liverpool run away with the title,it's back to back titles for them. We were in title race with 4 points behind them and going at OT against them in week 29. I opted to go with my started offensive system instead of more cautious one I use in europe amd tough away games and they blasted us 3-0. We never recovered after that and went on a 4 game winless streak in the league. In CL we managed to go through Monaco and then in the QF against Barcelona we produced
  19. No. I've paired him with BWM on defend duty. Pogba is immense ,rocking 8.14 avg/rating in late January so no complaints there.
  20. I'm thinking Anderlecht..never managed in Belgium.
  21. It's always difficult to resist the urge to just buy quality in instead of playing young players in ManUtd. Like, do I believe in Dan James or shold I just splash the cash for Sancho? Do I believe in Garner or should I just buy another midfielder. Especially with all that money in the bank.
  22. Is the game going too slow if it's 3 stars performance? Would like to load more leagues but I have always only load so my performance is at least 4 star ..Is it big difference in speed?
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