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  1. I never used them, they are irrelevant for the game I think.
  2. Monaco is just unfair with so much talent. Really, it's like you don't even know what you have until coaches tell you XY is trainig well, then I click on some u19 player and it's like..daaaamn! Another 4/5 star prospect.
  3. I'm using two playmakers since forever, one DLP/D and the other as AP/A and it worked and still works great.
  4. luka_

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    It used to be so many great team guides on this forum few years ago..last couple of years it just turned to **** with barely any guides .
  5. I'd like to see a screenshot of this. Let me guess..you don't have it.
  6. Monaco is loaded with young players, some of them very very promising.
  7. Anyone ever saw a goal line thechnology when it is actualy a goal scored? I have never seen the ball crossed a line, always no goal.
  8. luka_

    [FM19] Manchester United

    yes. selling world class level keeper and playing 3 star keeper at best because "you made a killing" is just stupid if you are ManUtd who have so much money they don't need to sell nobody never and still can splash 200mil every summer. Beginning of 3rd season I have 509 mil in balance with 350mil transfer budget without selling anyone! Why on earth would I want to sell De Gea for 80 mil more??
  9. luka_

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Selling De Gea is just weird considering United are rolling in money..why would you sell a world class keeper and then use an average keeper like Pereira is beyond me.
  10. luka_

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Finished my 2nd season, won the league with 100 points, only two losses. Got knocked out in CL semis by Atletico and won FA cup. I was planning to sell Sanchez this summer and bring right winger but no one wants to sign him. He is 31 and costs 78mil with ludicrous wages so no wonder. So I only bought Eder Militao from Porto who has 50mil release clause and is an absolute monster of a player, can play right back, central defender and def midfield and is natural in all positions, just a brilliant player. My team is: De Gea/Horn - Guerreiro/Vagnoman, De Ligt/Tuanzebe, Varane/Lindelof, Militao/Valencia - Matić/Fred, Pogba/Perreira, Milinković Savić/Herrera - Lingard/Sanchez, Martial/Rashford, Lukaku/Werner
  11. I'm scoring some goals from direct passes over the defence for Arp, or crosses. Idk, didn't really study the manner with which I score. But I like how we play in general in terms of controling the game. Arp scored 23 goals in 2.Bundesliga, but also was very good with keeping the ball and distributing it to the flanks. He was my best player by a country mile.
  12. Believe it or not, this thread is called "Gegenpressing too good" and in the OP there is an example of Liverpool and how good they are in the game. So based on my expirence gegenpresing is not overpowered. And anyway when you play with ****** team in a ****** level of football, all other teams are also **** so why wouldn't you be able to play this way and get results?
  13. luka_

    Fiete ARP . Best 14 million

    He scored 23 goals for my HSV team in the 1st season. Absolutely amazing player at 18 years old. Will see him now how good will he play in 1.Bundesliga. I hope good otherwise we're in trouble. Also put a release clause of 40mil in his contract just in case.
  14. I was playing gegenpress with Napoli and it is understatment to say I failed miserably so I don't think it's OP at all.