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  1. steam question

    Yeah but there was no need for the 'your friend should use his own steam account' I asked a simple question didn't need a sarcastic comment
  2. steam question

    Cheers that's all I asked.
  3. steam question

    He doesn't have one? And why pay twice? Is it possible or not numb nuts?
  4. steam question

    hi all, can my friend use my steam account and play fm12 on a different computer to me but I still want to play at the same time as him? cheers!
  5. after reading this thread and not really bein able to get into a fm game this year i decided to give blackpool a go just about to play my first league game here are my pre season results; vs barnet 1-0, vs albion rovers 1-0, vs inf clairefontaine 7-0, vs glenavon 4-1, st pats athletic 3-1, vs west brom 1-2. all in all a decent pre season, wanted to build up some good morale hence why i picked low key friendlies, narrowly lost to a strong west brom side. i let go pretty much all my staff and brought my own in, here are my transfers out; keith southern (600k), let him go due to getting 600k for him and have never really rated him (sorry pool fans!) transfers in; emmanuel frimpong (brought him in to cover dm), paul pogba (brought him in to cover midfield), both of them are only loans. loving this save so far, hope to bring in a few more faces.. will update january
  6. camera views

    hi all, i was wondering can you zoom any further in on the camera angles? fof example i have the camera angle on 3d in TV is there any way to zoom in?
  7. update question

    thanks much appreciated
  8. update question

    hi is this the most updated version; 12.1.0 242761(m.e v993) ???? cheers
  9. hi is this the most updated version; 12.1.0 242761(m.e v993) ???? cheers
  10. quick question

    hi, my question is, when i have say released a player when i first started the game, the option came up when i released the player was 'do you want to ask this question again?' i clicked no so now when i release someone it just does without popping up, how do i get this feature back? regards
  11. hi all, for some reason no matter what team i start with this year on fm i just can not get into the game.. one or two pre season games i get in i get bored! anyone have the same problem? what can i do lol? also does anyone know if theres any deals on imacs? cheers
  12. sorry abit off topic, debating on the imac, the one that is 999.00, isit worth it? were is the best deal were i can spread it over say 36 months? cheers
  13. Just started a save with my home town hull, promoted a few youngsters to first team; sonny bradley (mainly because he's my cousin lol), danny east. Only sold ghilas for 350k, haven't bought anyone in yet and managed to convert my transfer budget into wages but still 4k over, in 2 minds weather to sell harper or not?! Anyone give me any advice? I'm currently playing this formation with my starting team to look like this.. Basso (GK DEF), Rosenior (RB SUP), Chester (CB DEF), Hobbs (CB DEF), Dawson (LB SUP), ................, Evans (CM BALL WIN), Koren (CM AP), Brady (LM ATT), Fryatt (ADV), Barmby (DLF SUP). Have a few players out injured, Cairney, Stewart, McShane, Olif. Sent Gulasci and Waghorn packing, wages didn't match ability. Currently have the right midfield spot with no one in it, can anyone suggest someone to play there on loan whilst Stewart is out?
  14. Adding leagues

    Am I right in thinking you can add leagues after 1st season? Does this include editing what are playable view only etc?!
  15. first transfer window..

    ok thats great.. thanks for clearing that up for me