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  1. Hi everyone. Very excited for the full release later tonight. Do you think the major issues people are discussing will be fixed for the full release, or would it be better to wait a few days before starting a long term game?
  2. I preordered the game on Steam. Under "pre-purchase" offer, Steam states that the full version will be released to pre-purchase customers on Monday, 4 November. Is this accurate? Will I have to wait until Monday, or will I be able to play the full version when it comes out on the 31st?
  3. Thanks. Do you (or anyone else having success) simply have player roles set by your tactics or do you change them depending on who plays to suit the players? I have the beta but I'm going to wait until the full version comes out before I start what I hope to be a long term game at United
  4. Guys - few questions: For United's Possession Football philosophy, how do I go about this? Would simply playing attacking football and dominating most games be enough, or should I look to set specific team instructions like shorter passing, etc.? Also, would you recommend setting up a tactic with set player roles - for example using a DLF as my ST no matter who plays or when Chicharito plays using him as a poacher, or otherwise changing player roles depending on who plays?
  5. Me too. I won't have the time to start a game until tomorrow, and so I am very impatiently waiting to see!!!
  6. That's fair, then. de Gea had problems adapting initially, but in the past month or so I think we've all seen what enormous potential he has. Any other major changes to United players? Positional? I assume Jones now has DR as accomplished for example..
  7. 18 is great. It was actually somehow 14 on the last patch though it's been 17 for the past few FMs Shame if de Gea has been downgraded. I hope its only maybe his CA rather than potential. Please tell me Welbeck is now over a 140 PA. (should be around 165-175 IMO)
  8. When Fellaini is world class in FM and Carrick is bad enough that he needs to be sold to Everton in FM then there's a problem beyond average ratings..
  9. One of my favourite parts of FM is finding regens and developing them into ttop players. After a while real players get boring because you know all the best young talents. With regens it's random so it's always a new challenge in every game. My one problem with regens is the fact they're usually fatally flawed in their attribute distribution. Eg centre halves with very low jumping or strikers with poor finishing, etc. I don't know if its still like this on FM12 but in the past few versions since FM09 regens have always had big problems with these things
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