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  1. Hi everyone. Very excited for the full release later tonight. Do you think the major issues people are discussing will be fixed for the full release, or would it be better to wait a few days before starting a long term game?
  2. I preordered the game on Steam. Under "pre-purchase" offer, Steam states that the full version will be released to pre-purchase customers on Monday, 4 November. Is this accurate? Will I have to wait until Monday, or will I be able to play the full version when it comes out on the 31st?
  3. Thanks. Do you (or anyone else having success) simply have player roles set by your tactics or do you change them depending on who plays to suit the players? I have the beta but I'm going to wait until the full version comes out before I start what I hope to be a long term game at United
  4. Guys - few questions: For United's Possession Football philosophy, how do I go about this? Would simply playing attacking football and dominating most games be enough, or should I look to set specific team instructions like shorter passing, etc.? Also, would you recommend setting up a tactic with set player roles - for example using a DLF as my ST no matter who plays or when Chicharito plays using him as a poacher, or otherwise changing player roles depending on who plays?
  5. Horrendous decision. The past 2 Euros have been first class in quality and entertainment. No need to change it. And 24 teams just doesn't work logistically 3rd place team qualifying is stupid. 16 (perfect for Euro)or 32 teams (works for CL and World Cup
  6. Casillas Debuchy, Hummels, Kjaer, Cole Schweinsteiger, Pirlo Silva, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta Welbeck
  7. What an idiot. Carrick's been Ferguson's first choice midfielder for the past 6 years. Out of all United players in that time frame, only Evra has made more appearances. In that time United have won 4 League titles, 1 Champions League + a few mickey mouse cups. Money to spend? erm, United spent close to 60m last summer.
  8. The mentality in England is just wrong. They will never win anything as long as players like Carrick get overlooked. Martin Jol: "Carrick, who yesterday signed a new four-year deal, is United’s master-mind because he often wins back possession with his interceptions and gets the ball upfield quickly, passing into areas where his attackers are moving. He makes the hardest pass in football - the forward ball - look easy. When I had him at Spurs, every attack started with him and he was the reason we should have got into the Champions League after holding fourth place for seven months in 2005-06. Since he went to United they have won the title twice. Ferguson shares my opinions about his quality, even if others in England underrate him. He sees, he passes, and hits the ball with the right speed into the right area for his teammate. It’s a sudden flash of inspiration in his brain. It’s genius. United can play in all styles, but their most effective is the fast counter. Moves often start with Michael Carrick making an interception and playing a quick ball forward. The quality of Carrick’s passing helps him exploit the movement of Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez." Xabi Alonso: "s. In English football sometimes it seems hard for people to rate those who instead of shining themselves make the team work as a collective. For example, Michael Carrick is a player who makes those around him play, regardless of the fact that maybe he is not the player that shines the most individually. 'It is more important to find players who can build a team rather than simply finding two very good players and putting them in the team even if they don't play so well together." Xavi Hernandez: ""Carrick gives United balance and can play defensively, too, He passes well, has a good shot and is a complete player."
  9. Player of the Season: Michael Carrick Goal of the Season: Rooney vs Athletic Club (Away) Best Match of the season: Arsenal (Home) Worst Match of the season: Basel (Away) Player(s) you felt overachieved: Jonny Evans. Did not expect him to regain his 2008/2009 form in such emphatic style Player(s) you felt underachieved: Javier Hernandez. For a Manchester United player, he's shocking technically. I like him a lot, but he really needs to refine his game if he wants a future here. Rate the season out of 10: 6.5. Horrendous, complacent/arrogant mentality and team selections in Europe. No shame in losing the title on GD though, Unlucky, 89 points is a great tally One player you'd like us to sign: somewhat realistically, Javi Martinez (or a dream signing but not the one we need or ever will make: Neymar) Players you'd like us to sell: Park Ji-Sung. Sorry, his time's up.
  10. Can't believe Park started ahead of Welbeck. Apalling decision from Fergie yet again
  11. This guy has been an enormous flop for me so far, just coasts through games without doing much, and missing easy chances and getting robbed of possession easily. I signed for 21m from Sao Paulo in summer 2013 for Man Utd. How should I play him?
  12. This game hates me too. My Man utd side have gone 45 games unbeaten in the League, and then I play Leicester at home... They are 20th place and already relegated, and they beat me 1-0. I am so angry. Of all games, I lose this one. To make matters worse, one of my star youth team regens has just picked a 9 month injury on the same day.
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