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  1. I'm looking to get my side playing in a way which gets them to the byline to cut the ball back for the striker or incoming midfielders. I currently play a 4231 with 2 inside forwards as the wide men and attacking full backs but have noticed a lot of overlooked crossing opportunities which I would like to put an end to. I have been using retain possession, look for overlap and work ball into box commands. In order to try achieve an increase in cut backs I plan to change the wide men to wingers asking them and the team as a whole play with more width. I will drop the retain possession and work ball into box commands and switch the overlap to underlap as well as ask my full backs to cut inside with the ball. Does those changes and instructions make sense to you guys given what I'm looking to achieve or am I missing some important ideas that I need to get my team playing high and wide?
  2. Just finished 1st season, won the league, fa cup and league cup with a 4231 formation. Playing Firmino up top but struggling to get much out of him. Mane and salah as inside forwards are doing great, both got about 20 goals and numerous assists for the season. Coutinho as AP behind Firmino is doin ok but nothing special, wouldn't be heartbroken to get rid of him. Question is how are people getting goals out of Firmino, he's only got 14 all year for me in my side that is dominating games. I've been negotiating to sign kane, Icardi or dybala this summer and can get whichever one I want but would rather spend the money elsewhere if there's a way to get Firmino firing?
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