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  1. Would moving to something like Electron that allows infinite customisability not revolutionise the game. Just a thought? I tried FM 2019 but none of the skins really capture me, it's just too samey after all these years.
  2. Thanks, I play on 1920x1080 but with fonts at 125%. Really the skin is fine except that screen
  3. Beautiful skin, my favorite so far except for one issue. The match report screen seems really cluttered and the stats don't show clear cut chances. Is there any way I could minimise the clutter on this screen?
  4. It's not just mouse movements but clicks as well, it is easier to press a side button than a main mouse button (requires less actuation force), a bug is a bug and this is an important and glaringly obvious bug that should not have been overlooked. Very disappointed in SI and I say that as someone that started playing with championship manager 2, usually it takes a good few hours to find something wrong with the game but this bug affected me from the first moment of play.
  5. If you are going to move your mouse to the top bar you might as well just use the left mouse button and click the arrow, for people who get fatigued by too much mouse movement this is a really unacceptable workaround. Really feel like they dropped the ball on this one, when it affects people with disabilities it should be a top priority.
  6. The side buttons are much more convenient for me due to a disability. Please fix this SI. For me it is game breaking.
  7. Please tell me this is on the radar to be fixed? I have been using the mouse buttons to navigate forward/back for years and the first thing I notice after starting a new game is I can't navigate back unless the mouse is hovered over the actual forward/back arrows, talk about a ruined first impression! For people with disabilities that limits mouse movement it is a major problem.
  8. what is the name of the skin? where do you donate?
  9. Hey, does anyone know if it's possible to get the match stats that show in pitch view to show up on the match overview screen? The stats on overview don't show clear cut chances or the coloured bars etc.
  10. Only problem with the skin is I can't click the fixtures icon on the top menu bar, not sure if that is an issue specific to the skin or the game, other than that loving it best skin I've use in the modern era of FM.
  11. please release this is exactly what i was looking for
  12. Same here, turned my defensively rock solid champions league winning side into sunday pub league defenders
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