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  1. Always play with my home town club Hartlepool and see how far i can get them. Some seasons are a lot more frustrating than others though but its all fun! I managed to get into the premiership on FM2014 thats my biggest achievement so far.
  2. Thanks for the reply, do you plan on starting a new save when the game releases or has your "long save" already started?
  3. I really want to start a long game but i can't find it in me to start if i think a new patch will alter how my players already play with my tactics, it just ruins the realism for me. Any 1 have any idea if they did last year?
  4. I have 2015 and i put 4hrs into it, i just couldn't get into it, the interface as it was in 14 etc just seemed right for this game. We had the sidebar in 2007? i think, and it was removed due to people not liking it so why bring it back? Steam user reviews are the best way to judge a game IMHO real people with honest opinions (apart from the odd few who try to be funny) and not biast in anyway. I will try 16 and i hope i like it because i love the FM franchise. But it feels like its appealing to the more basic user than hardcore Football sim fans in recent years and i find my self hoping we get a new franchise HECK even LMA manager is welcome!
  5. With all due respect i won't be wasting my money on the full game at release, i will wait until reviews are out etc. Football Manager 2015 on steam had 76% positive feedback from user reviews. Im pretty sure the year before it was higher. And IMO i think it will be lower this year.
  6. Please give us a more professional looking UI (like <=2014). The reason i didn't play 2015 was because of the arcadeish look and feel of the game. Edit. Or please allow us to switch between the older looking UI compared to this new one.
  7. So people shouldn't voice their opinions/thoughts on a potential game they will purchase?
  8. Did we not get rid of the sidebar in previous versions of Football Manager because people preferred the top bar. I played about 2 hours of last years FM because i felt the UI was to arcadey. I prefer FM 2014 UI please please please allow us to switch between 2 user interfaces. I prefer lots of data on my tactics screen than it being dumbed down, feels more management simulator than fifa simulator. If nothing changes with the UI i will once again be passing on FM this year
  9. So, this has never happened to me EVER since playing a FM game. I ended up losing the game 2-1 thanks to this amazing match engine keep up the good work SI! P.S. Any ETA on the next update?
  10. Ah so my FBs shouldn't finish with 4s? When was this update applied. Thanks
  11. Ah okay thanks. any other major flaws in the ME other than FBs? If not i'll just play 3-4-3 for now
  12. In the 2 save games i meant which are both about a season long, not 2 single games
  13. Can any body tell me if full backs have been fixed yet, in the 2 games i played my CB's would receive ratings in the 7s but full backs no matter who it was would end up in the 4-5s maybe 6 if i was lucky.
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