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  1. This is where we differ then. I don't think we have very much control at all to influence attribute distribution. I'd go as far to say that often the effort spent in trying to achieve this is counter productive. I regularly see players improving in attributes that they are having no specific training for, set pieces is usually the best example. On the flipside trying to get a 5foot4 players strength up significantly happens so rarely that its a complete waste of training time to try.
  2. Players have a general development path, they are not blank canvases. Through training you can manipulate things a little, but if you target areas that aren't going to improve its counter-productive. Match experience is always the main driving force in development. Good training schedules and coaches can get players to their peak quicker, help prevent decline, and polish players skills - but correct levels of match practice are 10 times more important. I struggle to understand the fascination with training schedules, some players won't get near their PA whatever training you give them, s
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