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  1. The data thread is a waste of time. I've brought up Robinson's height in there multiple times since fm12. They haven't corrected that despite it being black and white wrong.
  2. Suso on 170k. Did you change him in the editor? I'm tempted to if I start a new save he should be -9 PA based on this season.
  3. Aye, his physicals are utter gash. Its a shame really he has decent potential in game but is not worth even trying to develop him.
  4. We need an interaction option to request players sack their agent. Once they dislike you they are impossible to negotiate with. You do sometimes see players sack their agent when you are trying to buy them but am yet to see it when they don't get extensions
  5. Nice one. When he signed for Man U in my save I got seriously fed up was one of many who knocked me back for less bunse elsewhere.
  6. He normally goes to Fulham but you have taken their money for Skrtel, good luck.
  7. I'm gonna start a new save now the tax is fixed. My save wasn't ruined but I just lost interest a little bit and hadn't loaded up for a good while.
  8. Wage demands are a joke a couple of seasons in. I'm also missing out on players left and right who demand 100k or more only to sign for way less elsewhere, only seen it once the other way when Walcott agreed to 45k with us and after I cancelled he signed a new deal with Arsenal for 60k.
  9. I got a 5 star potential striker end of season one but his attribute spread is poor.
  10. You just need to go through the menu to the option you picked and click again to remove availability for reserves. It should be highlighted or checked but for whatever reason is not this year, had me stumped at first too.
  11. He has been mediocre for me too in the half season I've had him for. Gotze has been poor too both comfortably outperformed by Nem and Sterling, bit confused by it tbh.
  12. Mandanda's second season stats for me: He has been a good shot stopper for me, seems to perform above his attributes.
  13. Season 1 League 3rd Europa Finalists FA Cup 5th Round League Cup Winners Season 2 Main transfer business was Weiss in on a free followed by Gotze for 40m. I added Ben Arfa for 26.5m in the January window. Carragher left on a free along with Cole, Pacheco and Spearing for small fees, the only significant fee coming in was 9.25m for Assaidi. In season 1 I struggled out of my Europa group playing the kids so was relieved to be handed a straightforward CL group with Bayern, Standard Liege and Young Boys. We dropped points 4 times after the group games so the squad is probably still not strong enough to compete on all fronts. Anyway we fell at the first hurdle defending the League Cup but went all the way in the FA Cup with 2-1 win over Everton in the final. Our return to the CL saw us go out in the semi-final to Valencia and we finished 2nd to City in the League but were comfortably clear of the chasing pack. To push on and win the league in season 3 I think I have some big decisions to make. Aside from replacing Reina with Mandanda and bringing in Schneiderlin as cover for Lucas I have the original defensive unit. In midfield we have good strength but no obvious best 2, Gerrard and Allen had a good run when we had 12 consecutive wins but then both got injured. Funnily enough I think Gotze missed almost that entire good period and returned to fitness when that good run ended. For 40m I seem to have signed a crock who so far has been thoroughly underwhelming.
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