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  1. Looks very interesting, thank you for your work on this.
  2. Thank you for this! I wondering if you were starting a new save, where would you begin? Would you start with college level and work your way up, just jump right into MLS, I'm just curious.
  3. What kind of impact does this have on the game? More or less goals? Just curious.
  4. One point I noticed when the champions of the divisions were announced as National champions instead of group champions.
  5. Just a thought NICEman, how about a logo update for this file. If its possible.
  6. Excellent news, I am looking forward to the update! I didn't play Brooklyn, I started unemployed and only San Francisco City would hire me. Now after going through a season with them I feel obligated to see how far I can take them.
  7. Just finished my first season, I really enjoy this database. Found some other mods I want to try and will start another save with SFCFC and see if I can get out of the bottom. Thank you again and are you working on anything else?
  8. Not super important but Inter Miami logo doesn't load. Not a big deal...
  9. Looking forward to playing this, I'll download it when I get home. "Brooklyn Italians" lol! Don Vito Corleone is the owner? lol
  10. I cannot get the game to run using the nvidia graphics card. Everything is up to date, but the game crashes every time I set it to the GPU. Help....
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