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  1. Hi, Where do you set the players squad status now? This player is one of my stars yet is set to surplus to requirements? choose files... Click to choose files
  2. I dont seem to see tactics from the workshop to add after subscribing. Are they saved to a certain location? Always worked simply in the past.
  3. As no one knows what will happen with Brexit as it hasnt happened or been decided what it is no one can make an accurate decision.
  4. CAn the league table widget be changed to allow it to show 24 places. I have managed to get it to do it on a couple of occassions, but no idea how, it cant be expanded normally
  5. Not really, I want to be able to check up on the squads, move people in and out, but I never want to take control of training. Its not about being second nature, its about good UI, having to click twice and move the mouse to get through a screen you dont want, when one click did the same thing isnt something getting used to new UI features, its about having regularly used screens hidden behind other screens when theres no real benefit. Ive raised it as a feature anyway.
  6. You have changed the way you access U23/U18 and added a mouse movement and extra click to get to the U23 squad when it used to be one click. This screen is one of the most used screens for me and to have to navigate via Dev Centre (which doesnt seem to give me a lot that I care about) is irritating. Could we either get links put back like they were, or allow access from the Senior squad screen, or optional ability to add the shortcuts back on the task bar. As you can see screen space is not an issue for some of us!
  7. I can already tell you qhy on this one and it wont change, I go in and out of the U23 screen all the time, the extra info doesnt give me anything I want to see so its just poor UI for me. Having the option to have all your squads on the sidebar should at the very least be optional.
  8. 2560 x1440 and no offence its a very suitable one, I have lots of screen estate and in match I can get tons of info on there. Rather than focussing on people who cant fit much on their screens you should also be considering those of us who have larger monitors who can include more. Posting a feature request for something that existed in the last game seems a bit of a pain.
  9. Didnt realise you didnt have to click the title, but even so, its two clicks and having to move mouse when we could just click once. You are doing a Microsoft here and adding clicks and complexity where not needed. Going in and out of the U23s is something I Do all the time, having to do this is just a pain, and as you can see from the screen grab I posted, I have less than half the side bar used so its daft.
  10. CAn they be added manually by those of us that have modern monitors. AS you can see I have a bit of space left
  11. Very poor UI on that one. To get to the U23 now requires three clicks rather than one simple click, and having to take control of the team just to dip in and out is not a solution.
  12. See what you mean with Anfield. Technically it is 4 stands but its still fully enclosed. Id rather it was just a bowl in game as looks naff at moment. Lucky I dont play as Liverpool
  13. Licensing doesnt stop them using a bowl over a 4 stand stadium. Im not saying the stadium should look exactly like the real world version, but to go to Anfield and play in a stadium without corners is poor. It was never like this before.
  14. Not sure why this has happened in this version but why have stadiums been changed from "bowl" designs to 4 stands? New White Hart Lane for example is 4 separate stands, no one builds stadia like that anymore and kills the suspension of disbelief a bit. I really think its time we were able to design stadium in the game. I know its always been a no no as the manager doesnt design stadium, but a tool to allow the community to design and amnd stadiums even if its just an editor. Would really add to the realism.
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