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  1. Hi guys! Were can I find a download link for Ashbringer v4? I can only find links for Stormcaller...
  2. Try this mate. it works!

  3. Do you think any manager just loses his memory when he joins a new club? They not only keep tracking players when they move clubs, but some also take some players with them from the previous clubs...
  4. How can using a shortlist from previous years be considered cheating? Clubs in real life have players on their shortlist for years. I want to load mine because there are players there that are still very useful and some that I really like. It just saves time.
  5. Well, that's very disappointing. As a loyal fm player, I'd expect my past efforts (I've spent years compiling my shortlist) to be useful on this year's edition.
  6. Still having the same problem. Even tried starting a new game and still can't import/load Fm2016 shortlists into FM2017.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to load my Fm2016 shortlist and it just doesn't load. I select it, hit "Load" and nothing happens :/ Am I the only one with this issue?
  8. Hi guys! Sorry my post doesn't follow the template, but I'm doing this from my mobile. Hope you find it useful anyway. Marek Cech (DL), Adriano (SC), Eagles* (AM R/L), de Zeeuw (MC), Stélvio (DMC), Eddie Johnson (SC), Hildebrand (GK), Onyewu* (DC), Schelotto (AML), Artem Milevskyi* (AM/SC), Gourcuff (AMC), Adebayor (SC), Mariga (DMC), Emanuelson (AML), Shilla (DC), Namouchi (AMC), Mazuch (DC), Gregory Nelson (AML), Sebastien Frey (GK), Rorys Aragon (GK), Marius Niculae (SC), Atouba (DL), Mensah (DC/DMC), Isaah (MC), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (AMC), Gláuber (DC), Sidi Keita (DMC), Boulahrouz (DC), Eboué (DL), Parot (DLC), Mattioni, Thiago Medeiros, Hans Martinez (DC), Gabriel, Dalton, Walter Ibañes (DC), Nuno André Coelho (DC), Franco Coria, Val, Rômulo, Longás (AMC), Acevedo (MC), Tiago Gomes* (AMC), Toloza, José Carlos (AMRL), Bismark, Diogo Rosado, Ricardo Vaz Tê (SC), Ricardinho (SC), Jobson, Ron Vlaar (DC), Ilsinho, Kevin Nolan (MC), Wilson Palácios (MC), Samaras (SC), Goreux (MR), Stephen Crainey (DR), Joseph Lopy (DMC), Marco da Silva (DMC).
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