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  1. NOOOOOOOO, my face, my epic epic face!
  2. What exactly did i do to get sent off? I'd hate to become the Lee Cattermole of the team...
  3. Any chance we could get some match ratings as well?
  4. Nice double against H&W... Would it be a bit too hopeful for a Ballon d'Or come January?
  5. Not picked... For Potters Bar?!!? I smell a transfer request
  6. First Name: Matt Surname: Warner Common Name: Date of Birth: 22/08 City of Birth: Leicester Nationality: English Second Nationality: Irish Height: 182cm Weight: 76 kg Stats Position: Note that if you want to be a keeper, you cannot pick a second position. Preferred Position: ST Second Position: AMC Footedness: Allocate a total of 22 points towards your feet, with a maximum of 20 for each foot. Left Foot: 5 Right Foot: 17 Technical: Allocate a total of 84 points for technical stats, a maximum of 20 on each one, and you must put at least one point on every stat. Goalkeepers are allowed 35 points in this area. Corners: 1 Crossing: 3 Dribbling: 16 Finishing: 15 First-Touch: 14 Free-Kicks: 1 Heading: 2 Long Shots: 2 Long Throws: 1 Marking: 1 Passing: 10 Penalty Taking: 4 Tackling: 1 Technique: 13 Mental: You can allocate a total of 90 points for mental stats, a maximum of 20 on each one, and you must put at least one point on every stat. Goalkeepers are also allowed 90 points. Aggression: 1 Anticipation: 10 Bravery: 3 Composure: 10 Concentration: 6 Creativity: 11 Decisions: 11 Flair: 5 Influence: 7 Off the Ball: 10 Positioning: 6 Teamwork: 5 Work-Rate: 5 Physical: You can allocate a total of 60 points for physical stats, a maximum of 20 on each one, and you must put at least one point on every stat. Goalkeepers are allowed 70 points. Acceleration: 11 Agility: 3 Balance: 3 Jumping: 1 Natural Fitness: 12 Pace: 15 Stamina: 12 Strength: 3 Goalkeeping: If your position is goalkeeper, you can put 90 points in total into these stats. If you are an outfield player, you will automatically receive 1 for each stat. Aerial Ability: Command of Area: Communication: Eccentricity: Handling: Kicking: One on One's: Reflexes: Rushing Out: Tendency to Punch: Throwing: Hidden: You are allowed to choose two out of the list below as strengths, and two as weaknesses. Strengths will be set as 20, weaknesses at 1 and everything else at 10. To avoid confusion, please use the words STRENGTH and WEAKNESS in the appropriate places. Versatility: 10 Injury Proneness: 10 Important Matches: 20 (STRENGTH) Consistency: 20 (STRENGTH) Dirtiness: 10 Adaptability: 10 Ambition: 10 Controversy: 1 (WEAKNESS) Loyalty: 20 Pressure: 10 Professionalism: 1 (WEAKNESS) Sportsmanship: 10 Preferred Moves: You are allowed to pick a maximum of three preferred player moves. The master list can be found in the FM2013 Data Editor. PPM 1: Places shots PPM 2: Rounds the keeper PPM 3: Argues with officials Relationships Allocate a maximum of two for each category. Please note that this area is not required. Favored People: Cristiano Ronaldo/David Beckham Disliked People: Lionel Messi/Sir Alex Ferguson Favored Clubs: Leeds United/Real Madrid Disliked Clubs: Manchester United/Cardiff City
  7. It's been said before but damn this would have made an awesome story... Still could. Good luck with the new season and bouncing back hopefully!
  8. Getting the same issue on firefox making any updates to my story near on impossible even when splitting posts. I've not changed anything and i've had some mammoth posts up before this started happening and the mods are at a loss in the stories forum as to why this is happening.
  9. The team assembled a few days later for the final team meeting ahead of the season's opening game against Man City. The players all settled in as the manager and oddly enough, the chairman, walked in and took a seat at the head of the room. "Ok guys settle down. First, lets thank Mr. Bates for joining us, he's got some news for us but lets get down to the nitty gritty before hand.... Squad numbers for the new season.." Redknapp went around the room, confirming old numbers or handing out new ones with a couple of the clubs promising youngsters such as Byram, Poleon and Dvorak getting their first squad number until Matt was the last one left. "Ok and lastly... Matty, you've got the number seven this season alright?" Matt nodded with a smile. He'd always wanted to have the number seven at Leeds or at any club he'd played at, something about that digit had always seemed special to him. In his first stint at Elland Road he'd been playing in the number twenty-five while at Arsenal he'd had the number twenty-three so to now gain the number seven shirt he was over the moon. Next though Redknapp ran through the rest of the business which included the conformation of the Carling Cup draw which saw them get a home tie against Charlton Athletic along with introducing new staff formally to the entire team before he handed over the Ken Bates for his announcement. "Ok gentleman, i know your all keen to go home so i'll be brief. When i first came here my aim was to get the club into a stable footing financially so we could build, move forward and return us to the Premiership. It's been hard work, it's taken a fair few managers, Jamie being my sixth and that doesn't include caretakers.... But now were there i feel the time for me to step aside, sell my stake in the club and move into retirement." Alot of the players seemed a bit stunned, anyone who'd ever heard of Ken Bates always got the feeling that retirement was a word he'd never get a full grasp of until he was on his death bed but it seemed everyone had their time to call it a day and Bates' time had arrived. "So for those who were here last season i thank you for helping us get back to where we are now and for the new guys i have every confidence that you can help keep us here." There was a slight tear in his eye as he gave a fairwell, each player taking a moment to shake his hand. He'd always been a very crude man who spoke his mind but now he'd come to the decision to retire it just seemed like a weight had been lifted, that guard he always had seemed to have dropped. Soon Matt got his turn to give him some thanks, "Ya know, i always regretted having to sell you in 2006.... But i'm so glad i had the chance to bring you back.." "Well like i said, there's no where else i want to be right now.... Who know's maybe i'll finish my career here like you..." "Well your a long way from that. Get us back to where we belong, at the sharp end..." Matt nodded as Bates departed along with the rest of the squad....
  10. "So.. Whats up?" He asked. "Ok well first off this is my partner, Inspector Richards... I'm just going to cut to the chase..." He said, pulling out a photo from the file he'd been carrying, "Do you know this man?" Matt looked over the picture for a moment before shaking his head. "That is Michael Morris, a pretty serious crime boss. Known to operate in various illegal ventures through multiple cities including London and Leeds." "Okaaay.... So what's this got to do with me?" "When was the last time you spoke to your agent, Rory Matthews?" His mind drifted back to the aftermath of the game away to Millwall, "Not since i fired him after our final game last season... Why?" "Well... We'd been monitoring Morris but, up until roughly three months ago, we'd see a lot of contact between him and your agent. Now this man is known to be involved in match fixing and other forms of illegal gambling..." Matt's eye's narrowed, "Are you implying i've been swinging games?" "Oh no no. Like i said, up until about three months ago we'd seen alot of contact between the two of them. Are you aware of Rory having money troubles, did he seem on edge the last time you spoke?" Matt shook his head for a moment before stopping, "Now that ya mention it... Ok basically the reason i sacked him is he witheld an offer from me while trying to push another one through. The one he witheld was offering him a lot less in terms of agent fee's than the other. He said he needed the money but... By that point i had no interest in hearing what he had to say." "Well from what we've managed to gather, Rory had got in pretty deep with this guy but like i said, we haven't seen him and the office space he leased looks like he hasn't been used in months including late payment on the rent for it. Not to mention the fact that his car has been in a police impound since May. Are you sure you haven't heard anything from him?" Matt nodded, "Yeah, like i said i got rid of him and the last time i saw him was at Millwall." The two policemen nodded, "Ok well that'll be all i think. If you here from him or can remember anything at all call us straight away as were very concerned about Rory's well being at the moment." The three of them left the room before parting ways in the corridor, Matt heading towards a flurry of camera flashes outside the courts entrance....
  11. Matt_no_7

    Four games.

    I've read quite alot of stuff on here but this, just hit my top three hard. I demand more Little Rock!
  12. Best of three sack race held on consecutive tuesdays!
  13. Ahhhh right (seems simple now). Would they go into the same graphics folders as the other kits or somewhere else and would i be able to download the FM2013 kits into my FM2012 game as i'm running with this season's kits in my save? UPDATE: 3D kits work great however, the championship kit packs i've seen don't have the 3rd kits which is a problem.
  14. I recently downloaded a FM 2012 kit pack for the Championship and Premiership (can't recall where i got it from) which gave me all the new 2012/13 kits. Now i got them in and loaded alright but the wrong colours show up in the 3D match engine. e.g. Recently played against Blackburn as Leeds, now with the new kits both the home and the away kit clash with Rover's home kit so it reverts to the third (black, which was originally the away kit) kit which shows up fine in the match information screen as does the correct colours in the commentary bar BUT the kit in the match engine shows as the new away blue kit. When playing Fulham in the next game it was the opposite, with the blue kit showing up in the match information and commentary bar but the black kit on the pitch. Now fairly naive when it comes to the meat that is editing of a game's graphic's so can anyone see a solution or where i'm going wrong. I spent a fair amount of time amending kits in FMRTE with no success, other teams suffering the same problem with the amended away kits. I know there is a way of doing it via the lnc files but ya talking upwards of 40 teams that need various kit colours changing. Is there another way of doing it or are there lnc templates that can aid with this issue? Do kit packs come with something to change the actual 3d kits or is it just a visual thing in the club profile and match info screens? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. So i need Benteke to grab 16 points tomorrow to seal a place in the final... or in other words, a miracle!
  16. As you go on with your story you will get better, i look back at a couple of my earlier attempts and have improved, even with my current story where i'm at now in my writing compared to what i'm posting (roughly a gap of about a season) there has been an improvement. Reading the other stuff that is posted (Tina's Super Saints is a huge favorite of mine and source of inspiration) will also help you improve in the long run or at least it did for me, see how other's go about describng things. But it's been said above, write because you enjoy it because if you don't then... Whats the point in the end? And there's always plenty of help here from the FMS guru's as it were.
  17. It just doesn't seem to flow, only reason i managed to get my last post up was there was a nice drop off point which i could use to split it. If i stop a match report after 33 minutes and pick it up again in the next it just won't feel right or have the flow i'm looking for. Besides, it'll give me time to press on with the game and increase the nice buffer i have between posts and where the game actually is. Now ya mention it, i had my last post up and previewed just to see if a long post would go up... It was only after adding the bold and italic side of it that the problem emerged. I split it, as i thought i may have gone over a certain text limit but the second part also wouldn't post despite being shorter. May be worth tenthree pointing this out to the powers that be, may be the source of the issue.
  18. Tried the refresh multiple times and it didn't work for me... I tried to get a match to post as a test... Couldn't even get a full first half to post let alone a full match. I don't get it, why has this suddenly appeared? I've put up some huge posts in the past with no issue... Means the story updates will grind to a halt until it's sorted. Any idea on timescale?
  19. Three spring to mind... Sergio Ramos was utterly useless be it at centre half or right back after a £40m transfer. Spent roughly £22m on a double swoop for McGeady and Arteta from the old firm... Both dire in league but they were immence in Europe, helped me to my first Champions League title in that particular FM!
  20. :O Hugo Alves got booked?! Well there's ya problem right there
  21. The room stood as the judge returned to his seat, "Be seated." He said in a blunt and stern tone of voice. "Has the jury reached a verdict?" He asked. The lady on the end nodded as Matt watched on, the trial of his two attackers taking up most of his day but he'd been keen to see justice served. "It is the view of this jury, due to the overwhelming evidence presented, that we find Kyle Morgan and Jacob Jones guilty of all charges." The judge nodded, "In that case i sentence you both to a minimum sentence of five years in prison. Not only have you shown blatant disregard for the law but your disgusting actions, along with your previous crimes give me no option. Sentence will begin immediately." The pair protested, throwing various insults the way of the judge before being led away directly past where Matt was sitting. Despite the rational part of his brain saying otherwise he couldn't help but smile at the both, giving a slight wave while aiming one last insult their way, "Don't drop the soap bi**hes!" The pair kicked off again while Matt was given a warning over his conduct before heading out of the court room. He'd just about made it to the door before he was stopped by a familar face. "Mr. Warner..." He said, approaching with his partner. "Inspector Phillips... Whats up?" "Mind if we have a word in private?" He asked, motioning towards a room to his partner. Matt agreed, curious if nothing else before heading into the room that the other officer had held open....
  22. "It don't get any better being on this side of the penalty shoot out i tell ya that.." Matt said as Hulk made the walk to the penalty spot. The ball was placed carefully as Hart stretched his arms out wide before setting his feet. The referee received a nod from both of them before blow his whistle, Hulk taking off in a measured run before sending Hart the wrong way by placing it in the bottom right hand corner. Next up it was the Team GB captain's turn as Rooney passed a still celebrating Hulk on his way to goal, Renan doing the same as he replaced Hart between the sticks. The same process followed before the referee gave Rooney the go ahead to take the spot kick, Matt and some of the other Leeds player's covering their eye's slight as he ran up and smashed it into the top corner, leaving Renan stood static. The room erupted in a chorus of cheers, as did Wembley while the next man stepped forward, scorer of the opening goal Leandro Damiao. Again there was a moment spent in placement of the ball before he took a few steps away. Hart prepared himself for a few seconds, the referee checked the placement of the ball, took a few steps back before blowing the whistle, releasing Damiao to fire an effort low the Hart's left and though he guessed right the pace on the ball was enough to see Brazil again into the lead. The nation gave a collective sigh before returning their eye's the screen, new Leeds signing Sinclair caught the ball before placing it on the spot, the noise around Wembley grew while at Elland Road there were more than a few there were more than a few shouts of encouragement aimed at the TV. Sinclair was no stranger to scoring penalties at Wembley having bagged two of them during the 2011 Play Off final win over Reading. The noise grew as he ran up and tucked it low down the middle, Renan leaping right in vain before batting the ball away in frustation while the home crowd celebrated. Ramires recieved words of encouragement from his manager and team mates before making the long walk to the penalty spot, the ball already there waiting for him as he passed Sinclair. Hart stared intencely at the Chelsea man as he set the ball the way he wanted it before taking just three steps backwards. The whistle blew once more before Ramires completed his short run up, his standing foot came loose from the turf, his right foot pushing the ball tamely goalwards for Hart to collect with ease leaving the Chelsea midfielder with his head in his hands. The fans once more erupted, sencing a chance for Team GB to wrap up a second tournament in as many months. But as many of them looked up at the action once more, Matt included, was left in a state of confusion. Hart, still holding the ball placed it down on the spot before taking a few steps back while Renan prepared again. While a keeper taking a penalty wasn't unheard of in a shoot out, the fact that he was taking the third penalty left many wondering but soon enough the choice was being praised as Hart hammered it into the roof of the net, Renan once more guessing wrong as he went to the left side. The was a quick switch over as Fabio moved from where he'd been stood to take the next penalty, his brother and team mate Rafael watching on as he set himself. The referee made his replace the ball twice before he was happy with it, the Man Utd full back ready to go against his cross city rival Hart. The noise once more rose and rose, the whistle blew and the run up began, the defender choosing power over placement but Hart was equal to it, palming it away as it looked destined for the top corner. The nation rose again in celebration, Team GB now standing just one spot kick away from a gold medal. The chance to clinch glory was handed to Glen Johnson, the last of the senior players. He got more than a few pats on the back from his team mates before making the walk to the penalty spot. Renan was stood waiting on the goal line when he got there, the ball also sat on the spot with the full back making a slight adjustment before walking away. Johnson set his gaze on goal, looking over each option as the nation held it's breath when the whistle blew once more, there was a pause before he began his run up and struck the ball with the inside of his foot. Renan once more pushed himself to the left, the guess being correct but his lunge was over shot as ball squirmed under him and into the net to seal a first gold medal in football for one hundred years....
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