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  1. A vote for Warner is a vote for progress... And awesomeness!
  2. Kinda hoping i don't get called upto England now... I want a Wembly hat-trick!
  3. Never under 90% for me, no exceptions.
  4. Was starting to worry i wouldn't get my daily fix... Goal drought, another England squad missed. Think i may go play for Ireland!
  5. It would be nice to have downloadable stadiums, i mean we can download kits, logo's, balls, boots and god knows what else. Would be nice to be able to personalise the match view experience further
  6. Hahahahahaha... The ramblings of a mad man lol
  7. I want the head of whoever is picking these England squads! Top scorer and still not a dickie bird!
  8. As long as ya don't touch the face or the hair i won't be too annoyed
  9. Perhaps this would be of interest then? http://www.mollymaid.co.uk/career-opportunities/job-opportunities.aspx
  10. And the leading scorer.... Blankley out, Blankley out, Blankley out!
  11. I am not a Belieber! Tranfer request incoming for this most disgusting of insults! lol Can't argue with the stats bro
  12. As deadly as a Justin Bieber right cross? Sounds oddly like an insult to me :confused:
  13. I always end up with some big free transfers during each game but the two big ones that spring to mind are, FM 10: Yohann Gourcuff on a free from Bordeaux and he was pretty much the last piece in the jigsaw, won the Champions League the season he joined. FM 11: Javier Pastore, again was the final piece in the jigsaw and my team became world beaters.
  14. Yeah thats what i call a keyboard breaker. This has always been in FM since the 3D match engine, players just forgetting how to be footballers for a few seconds which of course ends in some of the most stupid goals you could imagine.
  15. Barely six months of superb goalscoring and i'm NOT nominated?! This is an injustice i cannot and will not ignore!
  16. I'm feeling the love right now... I'd smile but my face hurts :|
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