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  1. Being able to pick and choose who you promote to the U18's. I mean most that come through are right dogs. Maybe having a minimum number of players you have to select then you could at least shape the future of your team alot more rather than having to work with players who you have no hope or are just there to make up the numbers. Also more in depth reports on the youngsters up for selection to U18 level.
  2. Put a fist through the door once. It was only a flimsy bloody door and it hurt more pulling my fist out than it did going in lol
  3. Once i binged on football manager so much that when my brother came in to wake me up i asked him (in a sleepy daze) to call Beckham's agent and find out his birthday, i needed it for the contract lol. Also i think your addicted when in May you start plotting signings for the next FM game... Already got my eye on the capture of Charlie Austin and Connor Wickham lol
  4. Actually i got 987.431.... but i'm stupid. Still liking this story although i have to admit i kinda saw the... lets call it free transfer move of Cassie coming lol
  5. Read this whole thing, awesome story. Thinking about maybe writing my own for FM11 thanks to this.
  6. I think your really addicted to FM when you see it's 11pm, say one more game and next time you see the clock it reads 4am... but you don't give a crap and just keep on playing. Or, and this is a true story. I was with this girl and ya know one thing leads to another and so on. So there i was, at it, and at some point i was starting to become a bit bored and began plotting out my summer transfers in my head lol
  7. My last result was the last game of the 2017/18 season with Leeds. The Champions League final in Cardiff... Marseille 2-3 Leeds Utd. Massive result cause it sealed a 3rd straight Champions League title and bagged the 7th and last trophy of the season. Won everything. Community shield, european super cup, world club championship, carling cup, f.a. cup, premiership and champions league. Think it may be my last result for the game also, nice long wait until FM11 lol
  8. I've just finished my 2017/18 season with Leeds and this guy was a royal thorn in my side. He was at Ajax, played them in the champions league group stages and then again in the semi final. He was the toughest player to keep quiet last season. Would buy him but i've got a couple of awesome regenerated players bagging me 80-90 goals between them a season. Either way he's worth a punt i reckon.
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