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  1. You can also use them in some league games, those games were your at home to those proping up the table. Using them off the bench when a win is in the bag. 96%... Big ask for players in my teams, i only ever tend to make the rule 90% and will stay on until they hit 70%.
  2. I play Snodgrass and Miyachi in the same role and they have been unstoppable. The only reason i put them as defensive wingers is because i want them tracking back with the opposing full backs. As far as it goes with my side, it ain't broke so i'm not going to try and fix it. Only thing i would change with his team tactic's is having the forward man as a target man in the support role, have Keogh in that role and he's my top scorer.
  3. I always tend to use them in cup games where a win is nailed on, bit of big player insurance on the bench. Most of the time it's just a case of throwing them in, having faith. Had a player come through my youth set up in FM11, slowed brought him into the first team picture over the course of 3-4 years in cup games, some league games and by the time he was 19 he was keeping a 29 year old Javier Pastore on the bench, scored 23 goals from the AMC position. It's about picking the right games, getting them in the side and used to the system (though you can set them the youth sides to use the same tactic's as the first team i think) and slowly bringing them into bigger and bigger games. Also i set my own youth team training programmes, which kinda helps. Also when a player had to go due to age or just not being good enough i'm looking at the reserve team first rather than the transfer market, if you put yourself in a position where you have to use the younger players it'll be easier, least it was for me.
  4. I do that myself but i'm still trying to find a balance where they are not getting caught high up the pitch when a break is on but also are still willing and able to over-lap the winger and provide crosses from deep. The crosses i manage but they never over-lap, i know they have been set in the defensive mentality but i play full back in a very defensive manner but if that chance comes i'm flying past the winger. The other thing is when they do over-lap in FM i never really see the winger dropping in the cover them.
  5. He went to Peterborough on my game as well.... But for alot less.
  6. I doubt it, i mean if your 20k off what he wants he'll walk away more than likely i reckon or seek to get cash out of you in other ways.
  7. Brilliant, thanks. Though i'm still hoping for a patch which will add a 'Punch agent in his smug face and choke him with a phone cord' button. Fear is a good negotiating tactic lol
  8. How do you lock the wages? I heard about it in the FM blogs but i just thought they were on about the non negotiable tick box again at the bottom (which isn't new).
  9. Leicester City have something along the same lines in terms of budget for the first season but that's the challenge of it, beating the big spenders on a shoe string budget. The thread is without doubt brilliant though, had no idea they were now owned by a billionaire. Always made me wonder why no one with plenty of cash ever bought Leeds, the club is massive and was going for pennies on the pound if what i read was true, awesome training facilities and a massive world wide fan base..... I don't see a down side, apart from the old debt we had but for a billionaire the debt amount we had was a weekend in vegas to some.
  10. Because i really like Clayton and Nunez and from what i've seen so far Bruce ain't too bad and Connolly is so far keeping Parnaby out of my side which is sat in 3rd. Besides i like to build with what i have, in FM11 i didn't get rid of Beccio until i'd won 2 F.A. Cups and a Premier League title with him as a first team regular, Snodgrass left after the 2017/18 season with 4 Premier League titles, 3 Champions League titles and 3 F.A. Cups to his name and Howson is still my first choice MC in the 2018/19 season. Same here, he'll bottle his fair share of chances but with the amount of chances the team tends to create he could easily get himself 20-25 goals in all competitons in the first season.
  11. Try a 4-2-3-1 formation with box to box midfielders in the centre, defensive wingers on either flank, the AMC set in attack and a striker set as a target man (support). Works for me, but you will need to tweak certain things which i can't remember off the top of my head. The one i can remember is setting the mentality for the MC's to be a bit more on the defensive side as you can get caught on the break when they both decide to push up. Cool. Sadly i doubt i'll be letting Clayton, Nunez, Bruce, Connolly or Kisnorbo go. Bromby, Sam, Paynter and Somma when he's fit will be the only ones i ship i reckon.
  12. Nice but how did you raise the £3m for Sanogo? Who did you sell and what kind of deal was it, installments, straight cash, incentives?
  13. Name: Thomas Cruise Postion: DL Age: 20 Nationality: English Work permit needed: No Level of team: League One, maybe low end Championship from his current stats but i'm not too sure. Name: Jerzy Dudek Postion: GK Age: 37? Nationality: Polish Work permit needed: ? Level of team: Not entirely sure as i haven't seen him on my English DB demo save however wikipedia has him down as a free agent. But well worth a look i reckon.
  14. Oh what i meant is if you start a new game and wait until January you may miss out with him going in the summer.
  15. Actually i don't think Gimpel is over-rated... Liverpool and Chelsea were in for him before we snatched him up so he's defo got something about him. But he is very very short for a DC, on my game he is only 5ft 9in but i think i saw a height bug mentioned.
  16. Still going with the demo here, so far i've played 9 (7 league games, 2 cup games) and only lost once (Reading away). Currently sit in 3rd with 14 points (scored 12 and conceded 8). Played 7, won 4, drawn 2 and lost one however the two draws and the defeat have come in the last 3 games. Beccio came back in for one game, scored a belter and then got injured, out for 3 weeks, Keogh is top scorer with 6 goals in 8 games (only 2 have come in the league though). The keepers have struggled with silly mistakes in the last couple of games which doesn't help so that will be an area i'll address in the full game. Yaya Sanogo for £2.6m.... Knowing how good he was 10 years down the line in FM11 £2.6m is probably bargain of the century! Also, i just saw Kevin De Bruyne go to Rangers for £900k so he's another i think i'll defo be looking at when i get the full game at x-mas.
  17. They aren't in the youth team's according the wikipedia... First instinct was Ricardo Ravanelli would be related to Fabrizio. I'm having the same problem, Jame McFadden was also available on a free but wants like 35K a week and he's about as good as Snodgrass who isn't even on half of that. Also i have a small list of players i know are available on a free transfer. Marco Materazzi (DC) James McFadden (AMC/L i think) Thomas Cruise (DL) (former Arsenal player and mission impossible specialist lol) Stuart Parnaby (DR) Jerzy Dudek (GK, not in the DB but he is available in real life)
  18. I have actually looked at buying a new PC but the one i have now is great, just needs a better graphics card. But in order to have one i need a new power supply unit, £80-£90 quid that i could be spending on annoying my Leicester City supporter brother by dressing his kid in a Leeds United kit lol
  19. Such a pain in the ass for one god damn game. Oh well, thanks for the advice anyway, i'll keep looking.
  20. Yeah, i've been using McCormack as a winger also and he isn't bad, decent back up for both Miyachi and Snodgrass, plus all 3 can play on either side which is a big advantage and saves me having to get another winger in.
  21. I looked at Hateley but his lack of pace put me off and i always want alot of pace in my sides, it's the primary attribute i try and build my sides around.
  22. So i may as well just get the new PSU (seen a 550w for £40) and the 1GB graphics card mentioned above (needs 400w PSU to run it and my systems meets the other criteria). I'll only ever be playing FM12 on the computer, any other games go on the PS3 so i doubt i'll need anything more than that. May spring for another GB of ram while i'm at it, treat myself lol
  23. Well if you need cover on the wing defo look at Ryo Miyachi from Arsenal, they are happy to loan him out and as i said in an earlier post, he can play on either side so playing him with Snodgrass, having them switch.... Could be good. Flanagan (RB) and Robinson (LB) from Liverpool, again i was able to get them on loan. Stuart Parnaby looks pretty good, will perhaps make the RB position his own on my save and as he comes on a free, you don't really have to touch the small amount of money you do have.
  24. Monty Gimpel, 17, looks very good, young German central defender. Tom Lees, 20, English central defender, again looks promising. Aiden White, 19, English LB/WBL/ML. Bags of pace and good along the left. Zac Thompson, 18, has been good in real life but not sure if he has the same talent in the game.
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