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  1. Yeah sort of agree with mcglede, the rest of the story is great including the off-the-field stuff but the paedo storyline doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of it. Still, you're doing a great job apart from that, keep it up!
  2. 4-4-2 is the most flexible formation there is in football. You can attack with 8 or defend with 10. You can attack any flank or down the middle. You have plenty of support up front with 2 strikers, you have plenty of crosses with two wingers and two full-backs and you have plenty of cover in defence.
  3. Just read through this thread, wow. What a manager you are, keep it up and good luck with the World Cup and Man City.
  4. Here's a real life one that Truro fans sing about Les Afful: He's short, He's scouse, He'll rob your f***ing house, Les Afful!
  5. The best story on the board, well done Scottlee and keep it up!
  6. To take my beloved Truro City, who have managed 5 promotions in 6 seasons IRL, to being the best team in the world!