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  1. So I've put off getting FM13 so far (got FM 12 with a 12/13 transfers user patch) and was wondering just how different the new game is? I've had a quick go on the demo and it didn't feel too different. Not sure if £29.99 is worth spending for what I've noticed so far.

  2. I'd stay on at Kettering. At this stage, you've only got one good season behind you and, if it was me, I would want to prove myself in the Conference before considering going into the Football League.

    Just my opinion, of course. I'd stay with Kettering for a little bit longer if it was me.

    It's the reason I'm undecided - usually I would have done a few seasons at my starting club before moving one and been more of an established manager - but at the same time I want to move up the ladder as quickly as possible - ARGH

  3. Could do with some opinions on where I am at with my current save - basically should I stay or should I go?

    I've started a new career game on FM12 using an update to correct transfers, promotions etc for the new season. I've started as an unemployed nobody and quickly ended up in the Blue Square North with Kettering and have won promotion to the Blue Square Premier in my first season. HOWEVER Crewe, who finished 24th in League 1 have offered me a job which is a very tempting offer at this stage in my career.

    So do I jump at the chance to go up the leagues quickly to a bigger club -or- stay with the club that put faith in me?

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