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  1. So I've put off getting FM13 so far (got FM 12 with a 12/13 transfers user patch) and was wondering just how different the new game is? I've had a quick go on the demo and it didn't feel too different. Not sure if £29.99 is worth spending for what I've noticed so far.
  2. Well the Yeovil job is also available although not really considered them, they also were relegated from league 1.
  3. Fair enough, guess I've been unlucky with my save - I guess that being a Spurs fan kinda rubbed it in
  4. It's the reason I'm undecided - usually I would have done a few seasons at my starting club before moving one and been more of an established manager - but at the same time I want to move up the ladder as quickly as possible - ARGH
  5. Did you change any of the club reputations much in the EPL? as I have started a new save and holiday'd to get to the end of season one as a test and had the following: QPR 4th, Sunderland 5th, West Ham 6th Arsenal 7th, Spurs 9th and Liverpool 12th Everton relegated in 18th
  6. Just had a strange English Premier League season on my game (I was playing as Kettering in BSN so didn't affect the EPL) West Ham finished 2nd?!?!, Stoke 4th and QPR 6th with Arsenal 9th and Spurs 11th :-S Any one else have strange final positions?
  7. Could do with some opinions on where I am at with my current save - basically should I stay or should I go? I've started a new career game on FM12 using an update to correct transfers, promotions etc for the new season. I've started as an unemployed nobody and quickly ended up in the Blue Square North with Kettering and have won promotion to the Blue Square Premier in my first season. HOWEVER Crewe, who finished 24th in League 1 have offered me a job which is a very tempting offer at this stage in my career. So do I jump at the chance to go up the leagues quickly to a bigger club -or- stay with the club that put faith in me?
  8. Excellent - was only thinking earlier if anyone had done this. Could even stop me from getting FM13
  9. Got back from holiday for the last award at least Congratz to the winners so far
  10. I usually end up getting it in disk form too, just seems like the right way of doing it. Only reason I didn't do that in Fm12 is because I didn't want to get the game and then changed my mind on release day in the evening once shops were closed
  11. I do know how they feel at times, I remember the old days of CM where I could manage a season in a couple of days whereas now it's over a week and I do enjoy getting through the seasons quicker. For me it might depend on what jobs I don't like which can be given to the new director of football or assistant manager. Won't really know for sure until the demo comes out.
  12. Am still planning on doing a career game, starting as an unemployed no-body in the English league and working my way up to win the CL and League with whoever will employee me and then going on to see how many European leagues I can win as different clubs Although I like the idea of doing this under classic mode now so I can get through the seasons at the better speed.
  13. Agreed - he looks damn good for the amount you paid
  14. Well done on a good first season, lots of goals (scored and conceded) so least it was also entertaining for you. and Swaibu has been a rock in defence for me too
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