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  1. I'm not 100% sure, it's possible. Will that mean I won't get the achievements? Thank you
  2. Hi, I recently took Stockport from the Vanarama Conference North to the Premier League and I didn't unlock the English Hero achievement, I'm quite disappointed as it is the 1st time I have managed this, also I believe I should have unlocked the parked the tank Achievement also and this hasn't appeared Are Achievements not registering at the minute? Thank you
  3. Basically what I've been thinking is a challenge for a really long term goal and have decided on the following: Instead of trying to make a single team the best in the World, how about trying to make a League the best in the World?!?! What I'm planning to do, is take over a team in, lets say in Wales, spend time getting them to a decent standard with a bit of money behind them and then leave for another team in the league and do the same. I plan to do this for every team in the league getting each side better and better and get the league moving up the competitions ranking. The reasoning for this idea came from a save I had on FM12 with Neath AFC (R.I.P) where I led them to 14 league titles in a row and to the Europa League final once (Drilled 4-0 by Atletico Madrid) I always struggled to get good players to come so I could make the step up to compete with the big guns due to the League reputation. I know this is going to take a long time but I think it will be quite enjoyable, What do you guys think? Cee
  4. I was just wondering what is the most goals anyone has scored after having a player sent off? I was playing last night with my Neath AFC team and was 3-0 up after 30 minutes, I then had a player sent off and thought the worst but my team proceeded to decide 10 man was no hinderance and scored another 8 goals to finish up 11-0 winners. I have never seen any of teams score so many after loosing a man (don't think I've seen one score more than two!)
  5. My Neath AFC side lost 0-9 to Man City in my 1st year in the Champions League
  6. Attendance Issues

    I don't think the league rep will make a difference, Its League attendances that are low. I have the best reputation in the league but I'm getting the 3rd lowest average attendance, It makes no sense really
  7. Hi Guys, I have been playing in the Welsh League (determined to win the Champions League with a Welsh team) and even though my reputaion now far exceeds any of the other clubs in the country I am still averaging the 3rd lowest attendances in the League, only just over 100. My stadium has a 12,00 capacity but no matter how well I continue to do my attendances never improve. Its the same with Season tickets, I have sold 30 every season (I'm into my 6th) never more and never less. It is starting to annoy me a little bit. Anyone know why this is happening? Cheers