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  1. None of these want to come to Harrogate town :-(
  2. I usually bat away the question and say the game was won he needed a rest etc and the issue goes away
  3. Your problem might be that you only have 1 tactic. Don't you tweak it for different games and change it up to suit your available players? What about in game? Do you change depending on the score? I have found this game more than the others makes you pay if you are lazy and try hang on to a lead without changing anything to tighten things up. I've also found defensive players get underrated by your coaches leaving you falling into the trap of playing an unbalanced side to suit the scout reports.
  4. Nope, bought well first season (Romero, barbosa, embolo, horn etc) using the 48 month payment trick and came 4th. After a couple of dodgy seasons, man city had a few guys wanting out and it went from there. Now the payments are hitting me hard though! Constantly having to sell to balance the books and got lucky by having a take over that paid some debt off. The regens are getting good now, so are slowly replacing the real guys with high wages.
  5. Had similar issues and am still to an extent trying to sort them out. I would turn off the overlapping fullbacks until you get some real quality holding mids. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum with a world class Norwich City and had been playing 4231 but my creative cms were way better than my holding cms. I had been playing gotze in the am hole with sterling and Brandt either side but have since replaced gotze with a dm as I simply don't have the power in the middle to cope while I have fairly attacking full backs and the aforementioned wingers. I really want to get gotze back involv
  6. Got him at Norwich for £15m and £40k a week. Steady start from the wing. Would play him up top but have Austin there after I had to send an injured Mbokani back. Looking forward to seeing him develop though.
  7. Perhaps it's realistic though. That sort of thing happens in real life where players have their heads turned.
  8. Looks like i'll be looking at Ruben Neves when I boot up the game later then! Had to start again due to getting a new laptop but decided to get the buys in early and develop the guys myself. Got Lucas Romero, already a class act, Gaston Gil Romero again amazing, jovic arriving in Jan, Tariq bought and loaned out, same with Savitsky, Balanta is my main CB and doing well. My next buys will be Tielemans who was immense on my last save, a right winger and another striker. I'll look at the guys from Barca like Samper and Munir as well. Bought Pacheco and a promising CB from Real Madrid who's name
  9. Also, the reloading is a funny one! I too have been victim when my laptop has crashed without saving FM (always seems to be after a perfect win, 5-0, a youth player scores, a scoring drought player scores, rivals drop points) and then try as you must, it's impossible to get a result like that again on reloading!
  10. Like real life, it's sometimes the finest margins that dictate the games direction. One real instance, imagine in 96, McCallistair had slammed home the penalty versus England, 1-1, England under pressure, could easily have been a Scotland win. He didn't, Seaman got the ball up the pitch quickly and Gazza stuck it in the back of the net, 2-0, Wembley buzzing and England home and dry.
  11. I dunno with this one. Sometimes it seems daft that nobody wants one of my alright players for pittance. It might be a wages thing. Look at Bassong at Norwich in real life. Loaned out to Watford because Norwich couldn't find a buyer willing to put up with his attitude and his wages. Despite them drawbacks, there's a good quality defender in there if he's managed properly. The bit i find annoying is when a team declares interest in the players and then doesn't want to actually put a bid in.
  12. Happened to me with selling Wilshere. I offered him out again for the same fee over 48 months and they had enough to push the deal through.
  13. Had both. Clyne is markedly better. Served me well for a while before Patric the Barca Youth player, Chambers coming back and John Stones joining edged him out of the side.Given Man U are short of a right back, i'd go for it. There are a few better options, but none that are English or available for less than £10m. I ended up selling Clyne to Man City for £15m.
  14. Honourable mention to Sensible World of Soccer. The depth in the database of that game was well ahead of it's time!
  15. Well a quick update, sims got good but ended up selling him for £15m as I have sterling and schurrle. Gallacher didn't progress beyond a useful squad member so sold him for £12m. Still, £27m from my youth is a good haul. Team is now: Begovic Chambers Stones Zouma Sousa (basically a left footed danny alves, probs by best player. Got a youth guy progress though called max Forster who is coming good and on the pool of England potential, my backup cb is another promising youth) 2 from tielemans, Hughes, espinosa (the barca one) and schneiderlin Sterling, januzaj, schurrle Barbosa or Carlos
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